Look Into her Eyes

Author's note: In my universe, L doesn't die. Deal with it. Anyway, I've been very distraught by the fact that there are so few good, lengthy fics for this pair. While smut is good, it isn't everything. I beg you, if you have come across a lovely LxLight story with a PLOT that is more than one chapter long, please tell me.

Warning: Yaoi, Lx Light. If you don't like it, then don't read it.

Rated T for violence, language

Disclaimer: I own nothing.





Pain exploded like a sun burst on the back of his head. His vision blurred, his knees buckled.

He was falling.

There was a soft thump as he hit the ground. The scent of blood and grit filled his nostrils. He heard a panicked cry. Someone had howled his name, the voice filled with fear.

The air was filled with the shriek of bullets. The voice called out again, but rather than fear, it was saturated with pain.

He reached out his hand to the blurry silhouette that then fell.

No good, he couldn't remain conscious anymore. However, he continued to stretch out his hand, trying desperately to reach the fallen figure before him.

Darkness began to swallow the world. He tried to push back the shadows, in desperation trying to call out to the crumpled for ahead of him, begging , pleading with him to get up, prove he was alright in one single word.