A/N: A TwilightxBuffy Idea

A/N: A TwilightxBuffy Idea

Pairings: Canon for Twilight, SpikexAngel, CordeliaxGunn, FredxWesley

Outline: Dawn never existed; instead it was Bella who was Buffy's sister and the Key. When Buffy dies to save everyone after the whole Glory thing they don't bring her back. However Buffy and Bella's father steps in and sends Bella to live with his brother Charlie in Forks. Pretend that Twilight happens in four months and the Prom happens around Christmas, and then Edward leaves about a month after.

Chapter One: The Diary

Some would wonder how my story ended up here. Others would wonder how it could have ended here. You would think that growing up with the things I did, I would have being able to see what the Cullens were. I don't know whether I was blinded by grief or what, but I was unable to see something that should have been blindingly obvious.

Edward never knew this about me, but my real name is not Bella Swan. No, that was something Hank, my father, wanted me to say. My real name is Bella Summers, little sister to the Slayer. Isabella Dawn Summers, the Key. Nibblet, Spike's Little Bit.

After I got there, I began to wonder whether Edward was my destiny. It was his duty to protect the Key. Now, even though I'm off the Hellmouth, I'm still a favourite for the Supernatural apparently. But destiny always ends up being a bitch.

For a while though, I was Bella Swan. The Bella Swan that was head over heels for Edward Cullen. Don't get me wrong, I will always love Edward, but now I could see a future without him, even though it pains me. Now I'm Bella Summers again.

But this doesn't really help anybody. They don't know my story.

So I'll tell you.