Chapter 15: The End of Something

Like lightening Connor moved, flawlessly cutting through the demons in his path with an almost feral beauty. Angel and everyone else stopped, and it was at this moment they realised something. They had never met The Destroyer before. They had met Steven Holtz and Connor Angel…but they had never met The Destroyer.

The Destroyer was all that the title suggested, a ferocious efficient killing machine. One that was feared in the worst Hell dimension.

Connor held no expression on his face, his blue eyes were lifeless, and his motions seemed automatic, as if he wasn't really there. However, the force behind his movements showed rage and anger- the demons never stood a chance. They went flying in all directions as The Destroyer dealt deadly blows to them, his knives slicing through them easily.

Buffy from Angel's side looked at her ex-boyfriend with shocked green eyes which also held a little bit of fear.

"Your son?" she whispered. Angel simply nodded and looked at Buffy apprehensively.

"I'm glad he's on our side," Buffy whispered and stabbed a demon that fell in front of them from one of Connor's punches.

The L.A. gang knew that Connor must have being powerful to survive living in Quor-Toth and they had always suspected that Connor never showed his full ability to anyone and Angel wondered whether Connor had any limit to his powers. Watching Connor effortlessly move any demon in his path was amazing and terrifying, even to Angel who had being in Hell. He knew that if Connor had turned evil the world would have cowered before him. Any Champion would have fallen at his feet and the world would have been plunged into darkness.

The Cullen's watched this young man force the demons back, some fleeing for the doors, others killing themselves and the Cullen's were glad that they never gave this being a reason for him to come after them. They understood that the Destroyer was someone who never lost, who loved the thrill of the games, a being which would play cat and mouse and was always the cat which let the mouse think it got away but the cat was always there, ready to pounce.

Despite the Destroyer's efforts the groups quickly found that still there were demons who were getting near to them all. As one they all sprung back into action.

Carlisle and Esme followed Connor around, both aware that with his current injuries something could happen despite the obvious power in this boy.

Willow and Tara were blasting magic out towards the demons and trying to repair any damage their friends had sustained. Xander and Anya were with Giles. Xander swung his axe and looked at Giles.

"Giles?" Xander called.

"Yes?" Giles answered as he stepped over the body of a demon.

"What are they?" Xander asked while nodding his head to Emmett who was swatting at demons.

"Vampires," Giles asked and firmly drove his dagger into the heart of a demon.

"What?" Xander asked, panic coming through. They had never seen vampires like this before. And why would they be protecting Bella?

"Different breed, Xander. They keep their souls during the turning. The eyes indicate they feed from animals," Giles answered not noticing Buffy's head spinning their way as she heard this.

Buffy looked at her sister who was watching with wide eyes as the vampire which had being hugging her faced against a red haired vampire.

Edward flashed his teeth at Victoria and pounced forward grabbing her in his steal grip. Victoria pushed her body forward with a snarl sending Edward to the ground as she gracefully flipped over him landing neatly on her feet.

As quick as they could Victoria and Edward hit and bit at one another- their pale limbs becoming a blur of moments as their snarls increased in volume. Bella stepped backwards away from the fight while watching it with wide brown eyes- her face was pale as she watched. It was at this moment that she realised that Edward was still in love with her and she still loved him as much as she did when he left- if not more.

Bella could heard the sounds of fighting from all over the room- her shocked mind registering Buffy fighting back to back with Angel while Spike and Gunn moved alongside Fred and Connor tore his way ruthlessly through the demons- her mind fearful of the now feral teen. She knew Connor was powerful but seeing him truly fighting was scary.

Edward gave a grunt as he was kicked in the gut- the sound almost deafening as the hard bodies came into contact. Edward grabbed her arm as he was sent backwards bringing the red-head with him effectively drawing himself away from Bella.

Carlisle followed Connor and noticed that with every punch and kick that the teen dealt out the stain of blood on his clothes was becoming brighter- Connor was reopening his old wounds…and Carlisle would guess that some of the demons were getting some hits in. It was the sound of a scream which drew their attention away from Connor.

"AHHHHH!" Bella screamed as the knife slid with a sickening thud into her chest. Pain raced through her body and she gasped as the shock at what was happening she could feel the warm liquid running from her body and shuddering jerks her heart was making and her breathing became laboured as pain surrounded her.

Victoria was ripped from Bella and Edward caught Bella and lowered her gently to the ground in his arms. The demons fled the room and everyone ran over.

Buffy had a look of despair on her face as she stumbled to the floor beside her sister. Tears began to flow from her green eyes and Buffy gave a sob as she looked at her pale sister with blood coming from stomach and Bella took gasping breaths.

Carlisle ran up behind them and dropped to his knees and gently pushed Buffy to the side while telling to put pressure onto the wound. Buffy did, wincing as she felt her baby sister's warm blood run onto her hands. Carlisle began instructing Bella to not panic while Connor destroyed Victoria by savagely ripping her limbs off while Emmett and Jasper started the fire with Willow's help.

"Carlisle?" Edward choked out.

"I'm trying, Edward," Carlisle replied as he continued to work.

After a while Carlisle movements began to move frantic and Bella breathing slowed and her eyes closed as Buffy's cries grew and Edward dry sobbed.

"Willow? Tara?" Buffy stuttered out amid her tears.

"I'm sorry, Buffy; we don't have enough power to heal her after the battle," Tara said as she cried. Both girls knew that Willow was crying as she helped the boys.

"Angel? Spike?" Buffy asked crying.

"Sorry, there isn't enough time for her to drink from us," Angel whispered as he held a crying Spike back not wanting Bella to be crowded.

"Edward, bite her," Buffy pleaded, knowing that Bella would still have her soul and that Spike or Angel would not be able to save her baby sister now, the demon wouldn't have enough time to push out the soul- only the Cullen's venom would work now.

"I don't know if I can," Edward said weakly.

"Oh move," Rose snarled and picked up Bella's arm and biting it forcing the venom into her veins.

Bella began to scream and writhe on the floor as the deadly liquid was forced into her body.

There was nothing anyone could do but stand there and watch as Bella died and joined the undead.


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