Chapter threeeeeeeeeeeeee !

We got to the pier about 10 minutes later. We walked up all 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 stairs, and when we finally got up onto the boardwalk Johnny said, " Now what?"

Val said, " Hm, why don't we do rides?"

I said, " Let's not."

Johnny nudged me, " Wimp."

Karly said, " C'mon, Chris. We'll go on together."

I felt my insides melting away, " Okay."

Val and Johnny started to walk away, " We're gonna take a walk, meet up here in a half hour."

We nodded and walked the opposite way. Karly said, " So, tell me about yourself."

I laughed, " Like what?"

She shrugged, " I dunno, everything."

I said, " Okay, hm, well I was born June 13th 1994, um to my mom, obviously. Haha well, my dad died the day I was born. I don't know anything about him, obviously. My mom doesn-"

Karly stopped me, " You don't have to go on, really."

I shrugged, " You said everything. "

She nodded, " I know, but that's like really personal."

I said, " Well, it's okay. If you wanna know everything, that's pretty much it."

Karly said, " Really?"

I nodded, " Yeah. It's kind of like, the only thing that's really stopping me in life."

She said, " Well, uh sorry."

I shook my head, " Nah, it's okay. So, tell me about yourself."

Karly said, " Okay, hm well go figure- I was born June 13th, 1994, too."

I laughed, " No way!"

She nodded, " Yeah. Well I live with my mom and my dad. I'm an only child, now."

I said, " Haha, what do you mean now?"

She shrugged, " I meant that like as of this moment, I have no siblings."

I nodded, not understanding, " Oh, okay. Hm, tell me more."

She said, " Okay. My favorite thing to do is play the guitar. I wrote a few songs, and I love to sing, too."

I laughed, " Ah, musically gifted."

She laughed, " Well, you don't know if I'm good or not yet."

I said, " Yet?"

She nodded, " Sure. I mean, I'm gonna be here the whole summer. We'll probably wind up hanging out again, you're bound to hear me play sooner or later."

I said, " I'm counting on that."

Karly smiled, " I think we're gonna be great friends."

I smiled to myself, " You think?"

She nodded, " Yeah. You just have this way about you. I can't explain it."

I said, " Well, thank-you. I think, as long as the way is good."

Karly laughed, " Yes, it's very good."