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Writing in italic are simply extra bits of information in Mello's head, what he's thinking at the time.

Watch You Watching Me - Mello Prov

Anime: Death Note

Pairing:Near/Mello (Uke-Mello! )

Genre:Romance/ a lil humour (like the embarrassing kind)

Rated: M for language and sexual stuff :P

Disclaimer: I obviously DO NOT own Death Note..oh dreams

(read a little don't blame the bad summery) Rated for language and erotic Yaoi-ness-ness! XD

Peeping Tom

I was thinking of Near again and again, and it disgusts me that he would make me do this to myself, without taking precautions. He had messed with my mind to the extent that I couldn't think straight any more, to the point where I would be so caught up in my thoughts of him - that I wouldn't even shut my bedroom door for the privacy I so desperately needed...

I had been watching Near for the best part of an hour, in his room, spying through the crack of the door. I can't really recall why I had been there in the first place, or why I felt the urge to watch him. But here I am, and there he is. Playing with his little white puzzle. Occupying himself with such boring things. Is that why he's superior to me? Do I need too much to satisfy myself? Is this my flaw?

…I feel sad thinking about it, and I'm not gonna' let Near piss me off when he's not even speaking…

I sit there, leaning against the door frame, but not enough to push it open. It's a really hot day, and the melted bar of chocolate in my pants is putting me off having it. I carelessly discard it on the floor…

I continue to watch Near, when he unexpectedly gets up, I can tell he's feeling the heat as his bangs were stuck to his forehead slightly.

Then he crosses his arms to the bottom of his shirt and lifts it over his head. Then I see…that flawless white skin, untainted by anyone's touch; so pure and even colour. I felt my heart beat quicken as he held the waistband of his baggy pants and removed them lazy, pulling them off over his thighs, to his knees until they met with his ankles, where he carelessly kicked them to the side.

I changed my position, I was now on my knees outside his door, peering so desperately to see more.

The only thing left to remove was his pants. I felt my hands start to shake in anticipation, and my palms became sweaty. I feel like such a pervert, but right now I'm not bothered as much as I will be later.

He held the waistband of his underwear, which was also white and pulled them down slowly, as if to tease someone that wasn't there, but I was getting the benefit of this private show.

He pulled them down completely, stepping out of them revealing his length.

I was actually shocked at how much he was developed, considering his age younger then mine. Not that it was competition for me.

I suddenly felt a disturbing feeling in my stomach, travelling to my waist and lower some. I felt a pushing against my own self.

I looked down hoping it wasn't what I thought it was, but it was. Near had done something to me that I wouldn't have thought possible. He had taken my pride without even making contact with me.

My pants had peeked into the air, being held up by my throbbing erection. I had to get out of there before I was seen. I reluctantly left Near's bedroom door, and uncomfortably stumbled off to my bedroom. Trying to get in as fast as I could.

I quickly sat on the floor beside my bed unlacing my leather pants, realising that considering my pants were extremely tight, my erection was still clearly visible. "Damn you Near" I muttered to myself as I continued to peel off my pants, also undoing my jacket revealing my bare torso. I pushed my leather pants to my knees, as well as my underwear.

I contemplated weather doing this was right, but I was aching to be touched.

The breeze from my open window blew over my slightly wet erection making me whimper in pleasure. I couldn't think about it much long, I took myself in my hand gripping firmly as I slowly pumped up and down to release myself.

My head flew back in pleasure as my breathing quickened.

"Nnh, ah!" I moaned slightly, it wasn't too loud, but I really wanted to scream. My moans continued and lengthened as I began to pump myself harder and faster "ahh…" my head was now leaning on the side of my bed. I was handling myself pretty roughly. Near was still in my head, I was doing this because of him "da—damn it, damn you...Nea—"

I tried to concentrate primarily on the pleasure I was feeling, but in my imagination…Near was the one giving it to me. I kept seeing Near's face in my mind, no matter how much I tried to ignore it. "mmnh"I was now panting loudly. I tried to stifle my groans but they were becoming louder and louder and I pumped even harder. "Aaah!" my hips bucked involuntarily as I felt myself getting closer and closer to release. Saliva began to run form the side of my mouth as the pleasure was beginning to take me over completely. I had become really hot and my head was starting to spin "Nnh!" I shut my eyes tightly as my hips began to buck in rhythm with my outrageous pumping. "Nnh!…hah!…ah!" I heard a sound coming from in the room, but I was at the point where stopping wasn't an option, I didn't think I would have been able to. "Nn—Near!" my eyes flung open at the sound of me calling his name, but I didn't stop as I could feel myself, I was about to…

"Ahh!…uh…aah!!" I screamed loudly and bucked violently one last time as the warm white liquid spurted out of my penis, leaving random spots on my bedrooms floor.

My breathing was heavy and uneven. As I lay there I whimpered slightly as I felt myself go soft again.

I had no strength, I was drained…

I took a few more deep breaths to clear my head from the spinning, I seriously didn't feel like moving but I couldn't just sit there.

I felt slightly dirty, everything I was doing was completely natural…but the reason I had come about doing it felt totally 'unnatural'

I took one last deep breath and lifted my head slowly from the side of my bed.

My heart skipped several beats as I looked up to find a very white, very wet figure sitting in front of my door...Near...he smirked deviantly...Oh Shit…

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