3rd and final chapter for 'Watching You Watching Me' First Lemon, Pure Yaoi...here I go...xD Iv'e put as much detail as possible, without it getting too boring. Hope its all good.

Writing in italic are simply extra bits of information in Mello's head, what he's thinking at the time.

"I don't want you to go" I continued through gritted teeth.

"You want me to stay" Near asked...he didn't really phrase it as a question, more like a suggestion "You want me to carry on?" he said with a monotone.

"I-I just"

"Yes or no Mello?" he interrupted

I felt a violent blush take over my face again "Yes..."

Secret Smile

He finally turned around to face me. A slight emotion on his face I could only recognise as contentment. I was soon to find out that Near was as human as anyone else.

He began to walk over again, slowly making me feel nervous. He stopped in front of me, looking down. I felt small, like I was at the mercy of him, like he was doing me a favour. I hated that feeling, but I knew I would get something out of playing the helpless Uke.

He kneeled down again to face me and reached out his arm to pull down my pants the rest of the length of my leg. I was now completely naked.

"Hmm, where would you like me to start Mello?"

For fuck sake, is he gonna make this ordeal a lot more painful then it needs to be.

Did he seriously expect me to answer the types of questions he was throwing at me?

I just have to stay calm, I'll get him back...

"Mello?...I asked a question..."

I looked away from his gaze, "anywhere Near" I was embarrassed.

"Anywhere?" he repeated with what seemed like surprise "you might want to lay down then"

I was slightly confused by his words, but understood as he heaved me up with surprising strength from my sitting position and threw me back so I was sitting on the bed with my back against the wall.

Near then climbed on to the bed, and mounted my thighs.

''Mello, I want to see you do it again"

Again? I was filled with confusion, see me do it again, what did he mean?

"See me do what again?"

He cocked his head to the side and looked down at my manhood "This" he grabbed my hand and placed it on my penis and began an up and down motion...Oh that's what he meant.

This was really embarrassing, but I began to pump instinctively as his own hand left me to do it myself. He watched with fascination as my breathing became ragged and my eyes closed.

But he wasn't satisfied, I felt his hand on my face.

"Mello, open you eyes. Look at me, I want you to see only my face when you feel like this"

I did as he told me, and as I looked at him I felt a strange feeling shoot through me rapidly and disappear.

He smiled gently and pressed his lips against my collar bone - his lips felt warm and soft, and they made me feel calm...

He continued to kiss my collar bone and moved up to my neck. He carried on in this direction until he met my cheek and our eyes met, but just for second as he pressed his lips gently against mine. I slowly became hard again.

I let out a soft moan as he removed my hand from my erection and replaced it with his own. He was now jerking me off. And it felt very different to have someone else do it. His hands were soft and gentle, he handled me with care, which was much a contradiction to the way he had handled me earlier.

I broke the kiss to moan out as he pumped faster "Ne—ar" I panted.

"Shh" he said placing a finger on my mouth and pulling me into a kiss again.

As I began to relax, he suddenly stopped and pulled my legs. As the leverage from the wall had left me, I was forced to fall onto the bed. I was now on my back, looking up at the white haired boy that continued to surprise me with his actions. I sat up to look at him.

"Near...What are yo—ahh!"

The boy had placed his mouth at the tip of my penis and licked gently "Mello...your so wet"

"Mmh, shu—shut up Near!"

"...But even in this situation, your instinct to jump down people's throats doesn't seem to be at rest"

I was trying to think of a really good come back to his snooty remark, but suddenly found it difficult to think as I was over come by immense pleasure. My head flung back as I could no longer hold my self up. Near had taken me in his mouth completely and sucked mercilessly.

"Mhh...well your...your the one forcing me down your—"

My words disappeared in my throat as Near began to pump faster and suck harder. The combination of the two was driving me insane, and I let out a long moan. Gripping the bed sheets around us tightly. Damn Near, that would've been a really good come back as well.

My back arched high as I began to feel the feeling in my stomach that was all too familiar. As he continued to pump and suck I could feel myself ready to release. My breathing became out of rhythm and my eyes shut tightly. My hips began to buck involuntary again as I thrust again and again deeper into Near's mouth.

"Ahh!...Near I'm gonna..." Near removed his mouth instantly and continued to pump.

"Mello, open your eyes, look at me"

"I-I...can't!" I moaned pathetically in reply, I could barely concentrate on breathing after all.

"Look at me, or I'll stop..."

Nears immature side was bound to show eventually, but with that my eyelids flung open to watch him, almost without my consent my body was acting on its own.

I knew I didn't want him to stop, and I didn't mind the thought of him being the only face I see when I feel like this.

We watched each other, our eyes locked in a gaze. I was still moaning uncontrollably. My body began to shiver and I screamed 'Near!' before releasing myself on his hand and my stomach.

My body felt exhausted again as I became cold from the air blowing through from my open window, I could feel my body shivering.

"I would of lasted a little longer then that Mello" Near complained.

Typical, even now, everything was a competition. Even in the comfort of my own room in a situation such as this, we were still competing. It would make me feel sad...in a way.

But what a smug git he was...A bit like myself.

I lay there still, not bothering to retaliate. I was drowning in my thoughts of what had just happened. I guessed this was as far as Near and I would go. I doubted we would...continue much more.

But to my surprise, as if he had been reading my thoughts...

My body went rigid when I felt Near's finger press hard on my entrance. His finger felt wet and slick as he began moving it in and out forcing me open. I felt as though I couldn't move my body, it seemed as though I was in some sort of shock. It didn't feel nice, but it didn't feel bad either.

But I wasn't planning on being Uke in this game.

"...Near! St-Stop it now!" I managed to command.

He looked up promptly from the seriousness of my voice.

"What's wrong Mel—"

I grabbed his arm tightly, and then the other, and couldn't help but smile when his surprise showed on his face. I pulled with one hand and pushed with the other sliding his body beneath mine.

I was now the one on top.

Near kept his eyes fixed on me barely moving his body at all.

"Not what you were expecting?" I said sarcastically, with a wide smirk.

"No...This was actually exactly what I was expecting, and you will regret doing it Mello"

Oh yeah right.


I was suddenly over come by a feeling much like the one before but...bigger?

I felt my body become limp again as Near thrust into me mercilessly. I couldn't help but moan out from the unexpected feeling. So much for not being Uke...

It was becoming difficult for me to hold myself up, and as he thrust into me again, I allowed myself to fall forward, burying myself in his neck. I didn't even see him remove his pants.

This didn't hurt...not at all, it actually felt really good, especially in a certain spot. He continued to thrust into me as I allowed soft moans to escape my throat. He held onto my back as he went in and out of me slowly.

"You've not been very cooperative Mello" he whispered into my ear.

With that, he straightened his position so he was leaning against the wall and I was still on top of him, straddling his thighs, impaled by his length.

As he did, moans began to escape from his throat also. I was slightly surprised. I had never in my life seen this expression on Near – it was all new to me. His cheeks were slightly flushed and his eyes looked heavy, as if he was stopping himself from closing them. He then grabbed onto my penis and began to pump.

Moans and skin slapping skin reverberated around the room.

So that was it, he couldn't hold out for much longer, heh this was how I was gonna get back at him.

I removed his hand from me and held it against the wall, he looked at me with and unreadable expression.

"Are you going to come Near?" I asked with a very false concern, he did nothing but stare at me. I had a slight advantage. I began to move my body up and down slowly, teasing him purposely.

"Ahh Mello!"

Something about Nears voice makes me loose control sometimes.

"Can't hold it in...much longer?" I taunted. But it was becoming difficult for me to continue at this slow pace as I could feel myself wanting more...needing more.

But if I was to win this, I had to carry on like this. Every competition, even this, was important to win.

I continued to move my body slowly up and down on Near. His moans were becoming longer and less controlled. What was I doing to you Near? It's me that's making you act this way.

I quickened my pace and it was becoming obvious by the noises Near made that he wouldn't be able to last much longer...but neither could I.

My hand was beginning to loose its tight grip on Nears wrist, I was slowly being over come by the pleasure pulsing inside of me. But even though it seemed petty, I had to win this. It seemed to be the only competition against Near I felt confident in winning.

My legs spread wider as I moved myself even faster forcing Near deep inside of me.

With every thrust, a spot was hit inside of me that made my vision blur. An amazing feeling...

My moans were now becoming uncontrollable and impossible to stifle. At this rate, I would come faster then Near.

I squeezed my behind tightly in a desperate attempt to beat him, and as I did, Near let out a moan that was delightful to my ears, a moan that indicated my victory.

I felt the burning liquid enter me, scorching the insides of me. The feeling aroused me further to the point I couldn't control and I felt myself reach my limit. I moaned long and hard as I released myself on Nears stomach.

I allowed my self to collapse onto him and he allowed himself to fall laying on the bed. We lay together, me on top resting my head on his chest. I was happy.

He was warm, I could hear his heart beat...frantic but beginning to slow down. And I, was exhausted...yet again.

The few minutes of silence past. No one spoke, I could only hear the both of us breathing. I could feel Near's breath on my forehead, moving my bangs.

The silence was broken.


"What is it Near?"

I felt his finger softly tap along my head, smoothing strands of my hair down.

"...Am I...cold?"

"No, but the window is open"

He let out an amused sigh as he continued to caress my hair.

"I meant, is my personality cold"

What a strange question to ask me, he was asking me a question that had obviously bothered him.

I answered as honest as I could, without making him feel too bad...not that I cared or anything...

"Why do you ask?"

"Will you answer truthfully?"

"...I don't think you're cold Near, not at all. If you wish to keep yourself to yourself, that doesn't make you cold...Not in my book"

"Hmm, that is a book I would like to read"

Was that a compliment?!

This moment I was having with Near was strange, It wasn't the kind of conversation I was used to having...not with him anyway.

"You know I won right...?" I said arrogantly.

"Heh, if you say so...but next time can we come together?"

"Who said there would be a next time?"

I looked up slightly, he was smiling to himself. We both knew whether there would be a next time. I lay on his chest again and couldn't help but smile also. A smile that matched his. But it was a secret smile...

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