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Sora sat there. Fidgeting in his seat. Who was he suppose to go to now?

He had Riku and Roxas always had Hayner.

He told Riku all of his problems, and if Riku was apart of it he'd tell Roxas.

Since they are both involved in the entire issue who did he have left?

Kairi?...Hayner? No- Bad idea.

Hayner had been home schooled by Roxas's Mom for the longest time before his mom switched jobs. Hayner was planning on moving up to go to school here with them since he was emancipated.

The teacher at the front tapped the white board to get some of the students attention before continuing on with the history lesson.

Demyx elbowed him slightly to make sure he was still paying attention.

No way would he go to Kairi. She'd probably freak out and tell everyone. Not to mention she was probably still angry with him for breaking up with her in the first place.

His feelings were now tugging him back and forth. There was absolutely no question. He loved Roxas. It was obvious to him. Riku had been his best friend since as far back as he can remember, but the thought and the sensations of kissing the silverette..not something he'd object to. He would admit Riku was attractive, anyone who had eyes and hormones could see that. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. Man, he couldn't wait till this class was over.

Now what to do.
Sora's eyes scanned the room, his expression full of a drowsy boredom. What ever he was suppose to do probably had nothing to do with anyone in this room.

His eyes passed to Demyx, who was swaying back and forth in his seat to the music that was streaming through his head phones. He definitely could not ask Demyx.

A sudden ringing in his ears snapped him out of his trance of not listening to the lesson. He stood up, grabbing his things and headed for the door.

Thank god he had forty five minutes till his next class that meant anything important to his grade. Who needed to know about history anyways? A bunch of deceased dudes who fought each other over stupid stuff? Blegh.

He walked down the hall past the doors that connected the boys dormitory to the right side of the school.
A nap would be sweet.

She fumed. She was clearly beyond pissed. How could he dump her..just like that? Maybe she was sad at first, depressed..sitting on the couch all day eating comfort foods and watching sappy soaps and crying her eyes out about some Antonio dude. But then it started to piss her off.

"Did he even give me a reasonable excuse?" she asked, turning to her blond friend who was slightly distracted by the computer game she was playing.


Kairi scoffed and looked back to painting her toe-nails. "Namine, would you listen for five seconds?"

Namine paused the game and turned to her. "Okay okay, what?"

"Did he give me a reasonable excuse?" she repeated, annoyance leaking from her tone. The nail-polish was now knocked over onto her binder.

Namine scrunched up her nose. Great. Kairi was ranting—Again.

"Well he was moving, so I guess that's reasonable."

Kairi leaned back in her chair and frowned. "We could have made it work. I gave him everything!"

Namine stared at her with a disgusted look on her face. "uhm...Ew. You had sex with him, too?"

The dull crimson haired girl shook her head. "He said he didn't want too unless he knew it was right."

She rolled her eyes and opened her bag. "What ever that means."

Namine gave another slightly disgusted look. "Get over it, he's gone now." She turned back to the screen.

Kairi glared at her then pulled out her cellphone. "What are we doing today?"

Namine shrugged then blinked and turned around to face her. "Oh! Remember my ex? He wanted us to go to the that new coffee shop to try it out." She grinned, excitedly.

Kairi gave her a look like the blond wasn't being rational. "Are you serious? I'm having issues coping and all you can think about is coffee with your ex!"

The smaller of the two glared at her again before rolling her eyes. "Get over it, Kairi. It'll be fun. You know I'm still friends with him."

Kairi sighed as she began to text back to someone. "Whatever, what time are we meeting him?" The blond shrugged then thought a moment. "Around four o'clock."

Kairi's eyebrows furrowed. "I'm just going to call Riku..see how things are going.."


Her eyes immediately brightened. "Hey! Its Kairi. How's school?"

"I-it's...it's great..can I call you back..I'm in the middle of..gym class."

She frowned again. It seemed like no one had time for her anymore. "Yeah sure. I'll call you soon."

She looked up to see a frowning Namine, then glanced at the screen. She lost the game.

"He sure sounded out of breath.." She muttered, obviously not pleased with the fact that she had gotten so far and ended up loosing to a stupid android. (Yes I did just make Namine slightly kick ass)

The other girl nodded. "I called him at the wrong time." She smiled. "But when I call him back I'll be able to find out where they are.."

Namine blinked. "Excuse me?"

Kairi tilted her head and smiled again. "We have vacation next month don't we?"

She watched as the other nodded slowly, not completely catching her drift. "Well I'll ask where Riku is, then give them a surprise visit!"

Namine crossed her arms and sighed. "Fine."

She leaned back into her chair and watched and the red-head giggled and began painting her toe-nails again, ignoring the spill of the nail polish and the pungent smell of it. Namine scrunched her nose again, turning back to the screen, time to try a new tactic.

Fly through the area and beat the shit out of everything. Good plan.

"W-who was that?"

Riku looked at the brunette underneath him and shook his head. "No one.." He leaned down and nibbled on the sensitive skin of the boys neck. His hands traveling back up to his chest, under his shirt.

Sora stared back at the ceiling. This isn't what he expected when he was going back to his dorm to think the situation over.

Sora continued down the hallway, almost mentally sighing when he noticed there was no one else around. He got to his door and smiled to himself, it was still locked. So he wouldn't have any one-on-one with Roxas. A part of him frowned upon the idea, he loved having secret meet-ups with Roxas, but the other wanted to be alone to think about what he had allowed Riku to do at the pool.

He sighed, opening his door slightly.

"Hey! Sora!" A slightly grinning Riku came walking his way. Sora half smiled and waved slightly "H-hey what are you doing out of cl-" Riku had leaned in and placed an innocent kiss on his lips, letting his fingers slid around his waist to the small of his back, gently leaning him into the room he shared with Roxas. Roxas his boyfriend.

Sora stumbled backwards into his room, hearing the sound of the door shut quietly. Riku pulled away slightly and stared at him with a calmed expression. "How much longer are you in study hall?" Sora shrugged, a shard of guilt ripped through him. "Maybe thirty more minutes.."

The silverette nodded, pushing him gently back against the wall and began to ravish the exposed skin of his neck. Sora frowned, a light flush coming to his cheeks. He was definitely sure he liked it, the semi hard organ covered by his clothes proved that much. He was also more that definitely sure he liked Roxas. Loved the boy. He tipped his head to the side and was slowly sat down onto the edge of his bed, Riku making them both lay upon the sheets.



Sora blinked, the phone in Riku's hand the sound of a muffled voice was heard from over the phone.

"It's...it's great..can I call you back..I'm in the middle of..gym class." Riku mumbled stubbornly.

Sora stared up at him. Who was that?

"Hey! Roxas where's your brother? He missed out on the rest of study hall." Axel said, jogging to catch of with the shorter blond boy who was walking, thinking the same thing.

Where was Sora? They had the next class together.

"I'm not really sure..We were suppose to go meet up to go to Art."

Axel nodded, putting a lazy arm around Roxas's shoulders. "Sweet, I have that next class. We could go together."

He closed his arm around Roxas's neck, pulling him in closer and ruffled his hair.

Roxas laughed and playfully elbowed him in the stomach. "Hey!"

Axel smirked. "So what are you twins planning on doing this weekend?"

Roxas laughed. "We aren't really related, Axel. Step brothers."

Axel shook his head. "I know, It just works out that you two look kinda similar."

Roxas rolled his eyes in response and smiled. "We were planning on going home for the weekend actually, for my sixteenth birthday." Axel nodded, shoving his hands into his pockets and narrowed his eyes playfully at the ground. He was usually good at keeping secrets, but he couldn't help himself.

"Ah..that's what he told you?" the red head mumbled, a slight smirk began to play upon his face.

Roxas blinked and looked over. "What do you mean?"

The taller of the two smiled. He really didn't want to ruin the surprise but Sora wanted him to make sure Roxas new that Sora had a surprise in store for him. "Sora has something set up for you."

Roxas's face flushed at the thought. Of course, not willing to share what those thoughts were of.

"So we aren't going home for the weekend?"

The blond asked, stopping at his locker to grab some books.

Axel leaned against the next locker over and shrugged. "Well, I don't want to ruin the surprise.." He gave a small smile. Roxas smirked back and rolled his eyes. His held up his hands defensivly.

"Fine-Fine, I'll just wait and see myself." He closed the locker and headed towards the art room.

"Indeed so?" Axel said and crossed his arms. "You wont try to sneak a peak?"

Roxas laughed, walking in through the colorful frame of the door. "Of what?"

Axel followed him inside, his eyes lingering south. "Of nothing.."

Roxas watched as the class rolled by, ever so slowly. About twenty minutes into the period, Sora came strolling in looking like he forgot how to put his clothes on. The blond smiled warmly to himself as Sora took his place next to him. He was such a klutz, he had always been that way ever since they were kids.

He could remember how he felt about Sora when he first met him. He didn't like the fact that he was leaving his old life for something new. A brother. He was so mean to Sora within the few months of knowing him. Then one day after falling off of his bike, the brunette ran over to help him up. Sora had fixed up all of his cuts. He had really acted like a brother to him.

He almost laughed. Jeez, he had been such an ass.

The brunettes fingers brushed his upper thigh in a greeting, making him look over and clear his mind of the memories that ran through it, Sora smiled.

Roxas turned back to the front of the class. Vexen, the odd weird dude that was in the front of the class, was kind of a space cadet. He was originally the science teacher but the Art teacher was fired so they needed a sub.

"Where were you?" Roxas asked with a smile, while two tan fingers hooked themselves in Roxas's back pocket.

Sora hesitated. "Met up with Riku, and planned to skip..but I decided against it." He smiled, stareing up at the front. Vexen hadn't even noticed him walking in.

"Sora, I'm marking you tardy!" Vexen's awkward voice came from behind the desk. He didn't seem upset though.

Sora laughed, shaking his head.

Roxas nodded, watching as Vexen scrambled around the desk, trying not to mess anything up, while search for the file with their work in it.

Axel from across the room was trying not to laugh. Vexen was weird. He had this odd OCD-thing going on about everything.

A note was passed towards the blond. He blinked, offering a smile to Zexion.

Who knew that Zexi liked art?

He opened the note, slightly consious about the curious brunette peering over his shoulder at the content. He smiled.

'What are you doing after lunch? Dem and me are going down to the store to get some popcorn, Movie night later?'

Roxas scribbled down his response. Why wouldn't he wanna go?

He could feel Sora's pouting behind him and shook his head. He'd make up for it

The red-head was face down on his desk, with a overly –oblivious– happy Demyx sitting next to him.

"This is going to be a long day, huh?"

Sora asked almost disappointingly. The stray feelings of guilt pricked at the corners of his eyes daring them to let liquid fall. He pushed the urge away and waited, getting a short response from the blond who now crossed his arms on the desk and laid his head in it to take a nap.

Sora watched him and smiled.

It WAS going to be a long day.

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