Cuxie: Yes! I finally got a decent idea for a Pita-Ten story!

Koboshi: I never thought I'd see the day...


Koboshi:GAH!! Y-You're nuts!(runs away)

Cuxie: Cat-eared freakazoid.

Ten-chan: Uh...shouldn't you be starting?

Cuxie: Oh! Right! Forbidded Love take 1!

The first light of morning shone brightly through Kotarou's window, grazing his face and bathing the room in a briliant golden glow. He squinted and turned over trying to go back to sleep. When his alarm clock went of. He groaned and smacked down the top button of his bunny-angel alarm. A little girly alarm clock, but it was special to him. The adolescent boy was about to make a last atempt at sleeping in when he heard an alarmingly familiar moan from behind.

"Mmm...Kotarou-kun, suuu." Kotarou let his eyes grow wide before squeezing them shut. No. It can't be! She's gone!...I-I must be dreaming. He slowly turned around in bed and came face-to-face with a familiar pink-haired vixen. She was asleep next to him clad in her bunny pjs. I'm dreaming. Dreaming! It can't really be her. This wasn't the first time he had dreamed about "her". Still, she seemed much more vivid this time. Cautiously, he reached out a hand.

"Misha-san..." his hand gently grazed her cheek and he looked shocked. The young girl shifted in her sleep and her eyes fluttered open.

"K-Kotarou-kun..." she rubbed her eyes sleepily looking down, suddenly her head snapped up and she was staring wide-eyed at him. "KOTAROU-KUN!!" she cried and lunged at him. Misha fell into his arms crying softly. "Kotarou-kun! I've missed you so muchy wuch, suuu!" She said, nuzzling her face in his chest.

Kotarou was awestruck. Here was the girl of his dreams, back and hugging him just like she used to. He couldn't believe it.

"Misha-san..." He placed his arms around her, pulling her closer. "I-Is it really you?" He whispered, his voice raspy.

"Teehee. Yep, su! I came back Kotarou-kun."

"Misha-san!" Kotarou rested his head on top of hers. He was crying now, but her didn't seem to care. He just hugged Misha tighter. "Misha...I can't believe you're back." he said quietly. "I missed you so much."

"Kotarou-kun!" Misha looked up at him startled at first, but then beaming. He cocked his head in confusion. "Kotarou-kun! Y-You called me 'Misha'! You said my name, su!" she yelled hugging him around his neck.

"Huh?" he said still confused. What does she...Oh! I didn't use 'san'. "Oh. Um..Sor--" he was silenced as she placed her lips over his. The purple-haired boy was blushing heavily as he slowly began to kiss her back. It's really her. She's really back. I'm so hap--


"Wha?" They both broke apart, startled. Another familiar girl, somewhat older than Misha, stood before them scowling. Misha smiled, Kotarou groaned.

"I came to ask what was going on in here that was causing so much noise," she turned to glare at Kotarou with ice blue eyes. "but I can see for my self you two were getting reaquainted. But honestly! Not out in the open!" she shrieked holding her arms out as if to clarify the situation. Kotarou felt his face burn in realization that they had just been kissinng, Misha in his lap, both on his bed. The classic "this isn't what it looks like!" excuse came to mind, but of course it was. Plain as day. Then another realization hit him.

"What do you mean 'out in the open'? This is MY room! Why are you even in here?!" he asked angrily. She huffed and turned on her heel to leave, not planning to explain herself. "Wait!" Kotarou yelled abruptly. She stopped and glanced back. "Wha...what are you doing here? Really?" he asked seriously. "And you!" He pushed Misha back so he could see her face. "What are you doing back Misha? In my bed no less!" she giggled.

"I work in the Human World nows, suu! I get to stay!" he looked at her in disbelief, then turned to Sasha. She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah. It's true."

"But you said--" she interrupted him.

"I said most likely she'd get assigned to the Heavens and you might never see her again. It was never set in stone." she explained, emphasizing the 'maybe' words. "As it turns out you both got lucky. She's been assigned to work here in the Human World."

"Really?! That's great!" he exclaimed, hugging Misha again while she giggled. Sasha looked disgusted.

"Ya. Great for you maybe. Because of Misha's record she was not allowed to come her without a competent guardian. That's me in case ya didn't catch that!"

Kotarou sweatdropped. Record? "So, uh, y-you'll here with Misha?" he asked uncertainly.

"Not here. Next door."


"It'll be just like before, huh su?" Misha perked up.

"Uh, yeah." Minus one great cook and plus one attitudinal angel. he thought grimly. But he couldn't stay upset for long in Misha's prescence. No one could. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "It'll be just like old times."

"Ugh. I've had enough of this! You two have your little reunion or whatever. I'll be next door cleansing."

"You're going to clean?"

"Not 'clean'. Cleanse. Traces of that demon girl are everywhere. Especially the kitchen. I'll have to cleanse the whole place before it's truly clean."

"And we have to throw our big bashy-wash!" Misha chimmed in.

"Another party?" Kotarou asked amused.

"Yep, su! For Sacchan! we need to official welcome her in!" Sasha sighed and decided she'd stayed long enough.

"Well I've got work to do. Later ducklings." Kotarou half expected her to spread her wings and go out the window, but she clearly knew better. She calmly waltzed her way out the door. Not resisting the urge to slam it.

"This'll be greaty-weat, su!" Misha snuggled him and he laughed.

"Yeah." It'll definitely be interesting.

Cuxie: Yay! A double romance!

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Cuxie: No.


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