Edward: SexyVolvoOwner

Edward: SexyVolvoOwner

Bella: FallsDownStairs

Jasper: IFeelYourPain

Emmett: ImADinosaur

Alice: VampireRaven

Rosalie: LooksKill

ImADinosaur Has Logged In.

SexyVolvoOwner Has Logged In.

ImADinosaur: Meow

SexyVolvoOwner: ?

ImADinosaur: Meow

SexyVolvoOwner: Emmett what are you doing?

ImADinosaur: I being a dinosaur……

SexyVolvoOwner: Emmett dinosaurs go roar or rawr.

ImADinosaur: Your mom's a dinosaur!

FallsDownStairs Has Logged In.

FallsDownStairs: EDDIE!!

ImADinosaur: What about me??

FallsDownStairs: You're not special enough

ImADinosaur: But im a dinosaur


VampireRaven Has Logged In.

FallsDownStairs: Who's vampireraven??

SexyVolvoOwner: GO AWAY MIKE!

VampireRaven: What? I'm Alice!!

SexyVolvoOwner: Oh.

FallsDownStairs: why did u choose vampireraven??

VampireRaven: like that's so raven? she's psychic!


SexyVolvoOwner: Omg

ImADinosaur: That's So Ravennnnn! IT'S THE FUTURE I CAN SEE!!

LooksKill Has Logged In.

LooksKill: Oh crap, Bella's on.

LooksKill Has Logged Out.

FallsDownStairs: L

SexyVolvoOwner: it's okay, love.

IFeelYourPain Has Logged In.


IFeelYourPain: Hey Alice!

FallsDownStairs: OW! PAPER CUT!!

IFeelYourPain: -breathes heavily- WWWAAAHHH!!

VampireRaven: Jasper? Calm down!

SexyVolvoOwner: Jasper, I think you need to spend a couple hours in the freezer again.

IFeelYourPain: Okay…

IFeelYourPain Has Logged Out.

ImADinosaur: Sorry bout that Bella.

FallsDownStairs: It's o- hold on, someone's at the door.

SexyVolvoOwner: NNNOOO!! Stay there Bella!

FallsDownStairs: Okay…

2 Minutes Later.

SexyVolvoOwner: Sorry, I had to lock Jasper in the freezer.

ImADinosaur: It's okay

FallsDownStairs: yeah, it's fine

ImADinosaur: THAT'S SO RAVEN!!

FallsDownStairs: I gotta go to sleep

SexyVolvoOwner: I need to come watch you

FallsDownStairs: See you soon.

FallsDownStairs Has Logged Out.

SexyVolvoOwner Has Logged Out.

VampireRaven: Soooo Emmett…

ImADinosaur: YOU BORE ME!!

ImADinosaur Has Logged Out.

VampireRaven: Fine then!

VampireRaven Has Logged Out.

IFeelYourPain Has Logged In.

IFeelYourPain: I found the laptop in the freezer!!

IFeelYourPain: Hello??

IFeelYourPain Has Logged Out