Hi, guys! Still remember me? It's been a while, hasn't it? Over... 3,5 years now, actually. Some of you might be surprised to hear from me after all this time, I imagine. Yeah.

Sorry this isn't a new chapter. Just an author's note... that I wanted to write for you, considering some of you still leave me notes and reviews about this story even nowadays (you guys are crazy.) I figured I owed some of you an explanation.

A lot has happened in my life in the meantime; I became obsessed with a lot of other fandoms since Yullen happened, I ended up joining a roleplaying game and stayed there for the past 3 years, writing stuff like crazy, bla bla bla. A few days ago, I happened to find my notebook with plot ideas and remembered this story's existence again.

I was about to tell you that I'm officially giving this a rest and dropping it. I already had like half of my apology note written out. But then I clicked the link. I was both curious and scared to see how much this thing sucked.

To my surprise, it wasn't as bad I thought it would be.

An inner struggle happened.

I don't remember a lot of things about DGM at this point. I forgot about a lot of stuff I still wanted to include in this story (hell, I'm not even sure what the ending was supposed to be about), and I'm somewhat scared to pick it up again after all this time because there's always the possibility I might just ruin it at this point. But I'd actually hate to leave this story without a proper ending, especially when I know that some of you still haven't lost hope that an update may come one of these days.

The fact that I found my writing inspiration again might probably help with all of the above.

So, yeah. How many of you out there are still interested in this story's continuation?

It wouldn't happen right away, obviously. I'd still need to take my time, re-read the whole thing myself for a start, and then do a lot of research in regards to the series to be able to pick it up where I left off. But I'm willing to make that happen. And while I work on getting the whole plot together, I'll distract myself with another story that I started to write like barely a week ago (it's not a DGM one, sadly, but related to a series I'm currently into and simply makes my days brighter. So don't panic about it.)

All I ask that you're patient with me. I can't tell when yet, but a new chapter is going to happen. Eventually. All of next month belongs to me. Wish me luck and feel free to look forward to it and all that jazz.


Btw, did you know Hoshino is still alive and kicking? :'D

She posts stuff on: 'enjoygram' under the username 'hoshino1000'

Happy holidays and see you soon! c: