Aol with the phantom characters.

A/n- Omg. ok. well im a big phan. I had no idea they had phantom of the opera phanphiction on here. so this is my first phantom phanphic. so be kind. Maybe a bit OOC. but hey with humor comes oocness.

Angelofmusic: Erik (Phantom)

RedRose: Christine

WhiteKnight: Raoul

Madame: Madame Giry.

Dancer4eva: Meg

Angelofmusic: Oh Christine, Why must I do this?

RedRose: Simply because your my friend.

Angelofmusic: Oh but we could have been soo much more.

WhiteKnight: Hey man. Back off.

Angelofmusic: -Rolls eyes-

Madame: Boys be nice.

WhiteKnight: W.e.

Dancer4eva: Hey Christine! oh...uh hello Erik.

RedRose: Hello. How many times do I have to tell you not 2 be afraid of him?

Dancer4eva: ...Who said I was Afraid?

Angelofmusic: Oh come on. Even that answer oozed fear.

Madame: It kind of would.

Dancer4eva: Hmmph. Believe what you may.

WhiteKnight: lol.

RedRose: Dear, you were'nt laughing?

WhiteKnight: Its a figure of speech love.

Angelofmusic: -Grabs Punjab Lasso-

Madame: Behave yourself Erik.

Dancer4eva: Erik?

Angelofmusic: Yes?

Dancer4eva: Would you teach me to sing?

WhiteKnight: -Slaps forehead-

Angelofmusic: Uh. I supose...Why?

Dancer4eva: idk. you inspire me.

Madame: Meg, you do know what your doing?

Dancer4eva: yes, thats why im doing it.

WhiteKnight: Foolish girl.

Angelofmusic: Oh hush. This time there's no competition.

RedRose: Oh jeez.

Angelofmusic: Jealous much?

RedRose: no.


Angelofmusic: Come w/ me meg. We have much to do.

Dancer4eva: I'm coming my angel.

-Angelofmusic and Dancer4eva have left the chat room-

Madame: Oh jeez.

RedRose: So THATS why she got all nervous around him.

WhiteKnight: I guess.

to be continued

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