A oneshot that I did as English homework one day. To remind you, Taromaru and Suekichi are from episode 27, Lake of the Evil Water God.

"Prepare foul creature!" the boy called to the fearsome reptilian form before him.

"Master, you shouldn't!" called the fighter's steadfast servant, a boy no older than his master.

"Quiet! I must! To avenge our village and all those who were devoured by this beast!"

The boy lunged towards the loathsome creature before them. In the child's hands was a mighty sword of silvery iron, forged special to slay vile beings, such as the one before the two boys. He sent a powerful thrust at the thing, but to no avail. The blade didn't even pierce the serpentine beast's scaly hide. It rocketed off the green scales, sending the boy sprawling to the ground. The gigantic creature didn't even twitch.

"Curse you!" the boy growled as he lifted himself from the dirt. He dashed towards the hideous beast again, with the same affect.

"Master!" the servant squeaked, frightened.

"I'm okay!" answered the other boy.

"No, that's not what I meant!" The servant was looking at something over the monstrous youkai's form.

"Taromaru!" called an older man's voice. The young master dropped his blade as the voice's owner came around the beast's huge body.

"Taromaru, what are you doing?" the man asked again.

"N-nothing, father…" Taromaru stuttered as he attempted to hide the sword behind his back. His father saw it, though he decided to ignore it.

"You aren't practicing your sword tricks on this?" Taromaru's father asked, motioning to the enormous snake skin behind him. "It is a gift to the Water Goddess, you know. Her Holiness would not be happy to receive something from a village that owes some much to her, only to find it ruined by a boy's foolish sword play."

"Yes, father…"

The man turned to the servant.

"Suekichi, you make sure Taromaru stays out of trouble."

"Y-yes sir!" Suekichi bowed to his master.

The village master tuned around, and walked off to oversee the rest of the preparations for the Water Goddess' festival.

"Taromaru-sama," Suekichi asked hesitantly. "Why do you insist on continuously practicing your fighting skills? Our village is not in the path of any wars, and the men can take any youkai that decided to attack."

Taromaru walked to the edge of the small rise he and Suekichi were standing on.

"Because, Suekichi," he replied. "I want to be as strong as the brave warriors that saved our village from the false Water God. The best was is to practice fighting the monsters that attack our village!"

"But Taromaru-sama, what you were just fighting… It was the skin of a demon your father slew more than a month ago…"

"But they don't need to know that."

Suekichi was confused. "Taromaru-sama, who are 'they'?"

Taromaru did not answer as he walked off the small rise. Suekichi started to chase after him.

"Taromaru-sama! Answer me, please! Who are 'theeeeeyyyy'!!"

How did you like it? I wanted to write something weird about a minor character, and Taromaru and Suekichi just popped into my head. Please give me your opinions on the story, as I enjoy hearing them.