okay so here's my first attempt a fan fiction. I hope you enjoy.

Featuring: Tenth Doc, Donna, Martha, Jack, Rose, Jackie, Mickey
Blurb: Rose is living life in the parallel world when she gets the opportunity to go back, thanks to Jack and some unfriendly aliens.
Will everyone be happy she's back?
Warning: Bit angsty but a happy ending, not really fluffy or anything but rather sweet. Slight violence but not descriptive at all.

It's not Perfect to begin with but as it goes on it gets better. i get into the writing more as my exams go. the begining prob isn't brilliant but i reckon the endings pretty good, and no-one who's reviewed has hated it yet!

Disclaimer: The story line and ideas are mine, the characters are not. BBC owns Doctor Who

Martha slowly woke with a throbbing headache, looking around she discovered that she was in what appeared to be an ordinary London street, the only thing that seemed strange was the lack of people.

Struggling to get up Martha spotted a pole and used it to help herself to her feet. Finally on her feet, fighting the effects of vertigo, she stumbled onwards hoping to find anything that would give her an idea of where she was.

It's not like she wasn't used to strange things happening, she had after all travelled with the Doctor, but it had been 5 months since she had left him. 5 months that would have been unbearable if it weren't for how busy she had been with studying to become a doctor.

Deciding the best thing would be to wait for the world to stop spinning before continuing on to solve the mystery. Martha found a rather uncomfortable bench to sit on, she slowly closed her eyes and tried to arrange her thoughts, taking note that she could hear nothing, which instantly aroused her suspicion.

Suddenly a sound that reminded Martha of the Star gate teleport broke the silence. As quick as it had come the sound disappeared to be replaced by the groaning of another woman. Martha watched as the red-head sat up and looked around, finally laying eyes on Martha.

"Hey, um... you don't suppose you know where I am?"

"No idea, don't move too fast, I know from experience that it's a bad idea. My name's Martha by the way."

"I'm Donna. Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"Not really, afraid I only arrived a few minutes before you, but I have a friend that will get us out, no worries, he deals with this all the time, I'll just call him."

Martha reached into her pocket for her phone, eventually pulling it out and flicking it open automatically, she searched for the Doctor's number, feeling the eyes of Donna on her back. Pressing the dial button Martha held the phone to her ear. "There's no signal" Martha declared with an air of defeat "Strange, he told me I'd be able to pick up signal everywhere..."

"Who is this friend of yours? Someone in the phone business? Although I didn't think you could get a signal everywhere, but I have seen and heard stranger things."

Martha sat on the bench again and invited Donna to join her. "As far as I know this is a hallucination, but could well be an alien scheme, don't know what you're doing here though, ever met any aliens?"

Martha knew it was a long shot but worth a try as nothing else was happening. "Yes actually, don't think I'm crazy or anything, but I helped save the world the Christmas before last, well I say helped I more watched."

"I remember that, the 'death star' wasn't it? Back then I wouldn't have believed you so much didn't want to really but now I know better. I travelled with a man, who wasn't exactly a man but still I travelled with him, he showed me the stars." Martha allowed herself a sad smile as her eyes remained focused on something Donna could not see. "In the end I had to leave, had to finish off my residency and look after my family."

Donna decided to act on a whim, she didn't often do so but felt there was nothing else to do. "He wasn't by any chance called the Doctor was he?"

Not much of a cliff-hanger I know. sorry it is so short. if you like the story and want me to continue please let me know

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