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Chapter 1

"Rainy Days and Memory Lane"

As I looked towards the gray sky overhead, I realized that I had stepped into my worst nightmare. I absolutely hate rain.

Sure it allows my family to live in a society where they won't be seen as abnormal; however the mere thought of rain makes my stomach turn. "Washington, my home; wherever I may roam; this is my land, my native land, Washington my home." I almost gagged when I heard these words playing over the loudspeakers. "Washington will never be my home," I thought as

I began to dig through my carry-on bag for my Ipod. I placed the buds in my ears as I glanced dejectedly around the crowded airport. "How could people possibly want to live here? Then again, maybe they are waiting for the next plane to escape this water infested dump."

As I went to turn on my Ipod, a hand quickly grabbed my shoulder and the device in question fell to the ground.

Groaning, I knelt to inspect the damage only to be pulled up and into the arms of my sister. "Hayden Michael! I missed you so much!"

I struggled against my sisters arms, trying desperately to see if she had done any damage to what would have been my saving grace from the horrid lyrics that were still booming through the loudspeaker. "Hayden, stop struggling, your Ipod is fine, and even if it weren't I would just buy you a new one."

I knew nothing would get me out of the prison of her arms faster then hugging her back, so I did just that. "Hey Alice, I didn't see you when I got off the plane."

Alice released me before pushing against my chest, sending me stumbling backwards.

Her eyebrow rose slightly as her eyes raked over my uniform clad body. "We just got here, school boy."

I rolled my eyes, knowing that she was studying my outfit, which I hadn't bothered to change before leaving after my last exam. "Seriously, Alice, I don't have to wear designer clothes daily, I am quite comfortable with the clothes I'm wearing."

I reached up to loosen my tie, before settling my eyes on Jasper.

"Hey Jazz, I wasn't expecting you to come with Alice, considering your, well, you know." Jasper smiled at me, sensing my nervousness. I thought it would be too hard for him to join Alice since he was the newest to my families' way of living.

"We just went hunting yesterday, so that helps." I nodded before glancing back at my sister, who had a look of pouting gracing her beautiful face.

I noticed she had my silver Ipod in her hand as she held it out for me to take from her. "Oh come on Alice, I think I should be the one pouting since you visually assaulted my outfit."

Jasper chuckled from behind me, but quickly stopped when Alice's look of sadness was replaced by one of warning.

I grinned before taking my Ipod from Alice's nimble fingers and hurriedly shoving it into my bag.

"So where is everyone else?" I glanced back and forth between Alice and Jasper, wondering if the car ride home would be peaceful. Home, would Forks really be my new home or would it be just another pit stop?

I had been perfectly content living in New Hampshire and attending a private boarding school with my two best friends, Sophia Taylor and Scott Murray. Everything changed when I got a phone call saying that I needed to come to Forks because my brother is getting married, and they will be changing his soon to be wife.

I suppose I should explain why they would need me here just to change a human into a vampire. I was born to Carlisle and Esme Cullen on January 3rd, 1992. My full name is Hayden Michael Cullen and I should not be alive. Vampires are unable to conceive which is why all of my siblings are adopted, however my existence is a different story.

Generally once a child is conceived in a female vampire; it will die because a vampire's venom will infect the child's heart, assuring immediate death. I am the only child to ever be born to a vampire because I was born with the power to heal myself and others.

My heart was never infected by the venom; however the venom entered my bloodstream. This venom will eventually take me over and I will be changed into a vampire. My father believes that this will not happen until I have stopped growing, since venom cannot settle in an ever changing body.

"Earth to Hayden…Hayden are you still in there?" I felt a sharp hand knocking on my skull and effectively mussing my shaggy brown hair. "Alice, are you freaking kidding me! That hurts…stupid vampire strength." Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm still about as normal as any human except for the power of healing. Alice giggled and turned on her heel to follow Jasper who had already started heading towards the exit.

"Come on, goofball. Everyone can't wait to see you, and Bella is really excited to meet you!" I let out a deep breath before adjusting my bag over my shoulder and starting after Alice.

I was happy that I didn't have to sort through any baggage because I didn't bother packing any of my clothes; I already knew that Alice had filled my closet with everything that I would need for this summer. She had called me ahead of time and told me not to pack anything because it would be lost during the flight.

Sometimes it was cool living with a sister who could see the future, but other times, it was disturbing. For instance, she knew that I thought a girl in my class was attractive, so she hunted her down and told her that if she accepted my invitation to go to the dance that she would make her life a living hell. Another time, she knew this boy in my class wanted to pick a fight with me and she told him that he would have to deal with her if he misplaced a hair on my head. Who wants their sister defending them; it made me look like the biggest pansy in school!

Alice's voice pulled me out of my thoughts, "Hayden Michael Cullen! Don't make me get out the leash we used for you when you were younger!" All eyes in the airport were on me as I ran towards my sister, my face burning with embarrassment. Oh yeah, this was going to be a great summer.