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Here Without You


Agony represented the mood that currently possessed me, as well as uncertainty. The only way that I could have been sure of Hayden's safety would have been if I had also gone, but I should have known no one would allow it. I was still too fragile in my early stages of pregnancy, and Hayden wouldn't want to lose the children he was fighting for.

Bella was seated next to me, her eyes wary, also unsure of the outcome. I could tell that she, too, felt useless. If we went we would have to deal with an irate family, but if we stayed, we were only punishing ourselves.

My stomach was sore, and I knew that Hayden was testing the boundaries that limited a more extensive fighting plan. I was anxious for the outcome, but I wasn't willing to lose my fiancé.

Agitated fingers picked at the leather on the couch, and for once I wanted to rip apart the soft cushions. I needed Hayden, and I couldn't stand our separation. His children needed him, but at what cost would they be survivors?

"They'll be fine, Shayla." Bella and I had grown so close over the past few months, but what if her husband, my soon to be brother were injured? She would be devastated, as would I.

"It's hard to think positively, Bella. I'm just so worried about everyone; I don't want them to risk their lives for us."

Bella jostled my shoulder gently, "You're part of their family now, you're just as important as everyone else in the clan is."

What would have sounded like a loud clap of thunder to any human, sounded from the outside. Bella glanced at me, and we both darted towards the door, wishing for any glimmer of hope that our mates were still alive.

When Bella yanked open the wooden door, the sound of wood splintering fell behind us as we moved towards the woods. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


The force of my body against the tree created a loud booming, like that of rolling thunder. As I skidded across the frozen ground, my body scraped against the ice, and my skin tore. Aro smirked down at me as I finally skidded to a stop, "Now let's see this miraculous healing."

His voice was one of teasing, and it registered that the men had never encountered my untapped ability. I could tell they were testing me, and the low growling emanating from Edward did nothing to soothe my fear that the Volturi were surely going to kill my family by the end of the night.

Curling my fingers into the frozen ground, I gritted my teeth as the ice ruptured the skin on my hands. Blood dripped from my torn fingertips, but I could already feel the skin healing.

Aro clapped dramatically, his eyes boring into mine, as I pushed my newly healed body from the ground, "Quite impressive, young one. However, I do wonder if you have the ability to re-row limbs, or organs. What an impressive feat that would be. What you did, mere shape shifters would be capable of."

An angry roar tore my attention from the red-eyed man, and I could feel our children in her as both Bella and Shayla moved towards us at an amazing speed. Edward's shoulders tensed when he saw the growth parting as Bella and Shayla appeared, both visibly angry.

Jane's eyes narrowed upon seeing Bella, and I knew that a challenge had been set. I was just glad that Alec was not with her, or he would have posed an interesting challenge for us.

The looming figures had consisted of Aros, Marcus, Caius, Jane, and Felix. We were not shocked to once again see the trio of brothers. Jane's fists curled into balls as Shayla's arms encased my body. Fingers roamed over my body as she tried to find any lasting injuries once she saw the blood staining my shirt.

When she was done checking, she drew her hand back and slapped me across the face. My eyes were downcast, and her chest was heaving when she looked at my now crestfallen appearance.

Her voice was shaking when she spoke, "Don't ever do that again, Hayden. Don't you ever leave me again! You swore you'd never do it, but you broke your promise. I love you so much, but you can't seem to grasp that we are in this together, no matter what."

The dramatic clapping began again, although this time it was the entire opposing side, "How touching, my little darlings, but we have more pressing matters to deal with. Matters regarding the venomous creatures that you are sporting in your womb. Surely you understand why we are expressing our immediate concern."

Alice stepped forward, away from Jasper's protective grip. Aro smiled casually, "Ah, Alice. Do you have something knew to show me? Hmm?"

When Alice linked hands with Aro, I heard Jane hiss. I had always hated the vile creature that she had become, and when I glared down at her, she met me with a matching stare.

I remembered a time when Aro had wanted the two of us together, a time when she looked upon me with love and adoration. This hateful gaze was from someone I had never known, someone I would never be willing to know.

Aro tossed Alice's hands away from his body, and a harried look passed over his features, "Is that a threat?"

I stood silently; unsure of what Alice was showing Aro. Shayla's hands were gripping my belt loops as if she were afraid to let me go, afraid that I would leave her again. The tiny pixie smiled as Aro backed away toward his brothers, "No Aro, that's a promise. Here's your threat; Hayden will not be the only one who goes after you and your clan. I can guarantee that."

I had never seen Aro worried, his tense expression was new to me, and I tried to keep the smug grin from my lips as Alice spoke one last time, her tone signifying the end of the discussion, "You saw both futures, Aro. Which will you choose?"

As the Volutri conferred, I turned towards Shayla, my hand cradling her cheek, "No matter what happens, my love, know this. I never left you, I needed to discuss something, I went on vacation."

Her eyes glazed over as her fingers tugged me closer, "Well, baby. Next time you go on vacation, you'd better take us with you. Got it?"

Shayla leaned forward, her red lips parted. As our mouths met, I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, and pulled her towards me. Never had I thought that I would be engaged to the woman of my dreams, one who had become a vampire for me. Her hands cupped my jaw, and our tongues moved against each other. I had no intention of being anywhere else.

The clearing of a throat pulled me away from her slowly, as Aro spoke, "We will allow the children to be born, however, if there are any abnormalities present, we must be informed and the children shall be disposed of. Do we have an agreement?"

Apparently Alice had foreseen this agreement, and as she shook hands with Aro, I knew that our futures rested on what she had seen, "Agreed."


Five months later, many things had changed. Hayden was now seventeen, and today, on the day of his birth, we were getting married. My stomach was swollen beyond belief, and as I stroked the moving creatures underneath my dress, Bella stood next to me, her stomach beginning to swell.

Unbelievably, Bella had become pregnant after our meeting with the Volturi, apparently Edward had wanted a night of celebrating. Alice had forseen the sex of the latest Cullen, however Bella and Edward denied, not wanting to know the child's sex, until he or she was born.

Jasper and Alice were not expecting, yet, but from the constant glow in Alice's eyes, I could tell that the two were trying. Rosalie was beyond pregnant, and her little nudger was due any day, we just hoped that young Allie would not make her presence know during our special day.

Our wedding was small, just a few people from the high school that we were now attending, Seth Clearwater, Sophie, Scott, and the Denali coven. We had not wanted a huge wedding; our love was not on display for people. It was a special connection between the two of us.

Despite his incomprehensible will to grow stubble on his cheeks, Hayden was still as baby faced as ever. When he had changed, his body had aged to nineteen; however his hair still had a sixteen year olds mentality.

When our lips were joined at the alter, I could see our future. Hayden would be mine for eternity, and we would raise a family together.

Our day however was not flawless, and just as anticipated, little Allie had made herself known during our reception. Carlisle had set up a room in our home, which was where the reception was taking place, and he delivered his own granddaughter at 12:01 on January 4th, 2008.

Hayden was, of course, furious. She had been 2 minutes from being born on his birthday, and he wouldn't let any of us live it down. My art of silencing him had become renown on our family and as I drug him up to our bedroom by his tie, he was no longer arguing, just loving.

That night we proved our love to each other as best we could, and sometime during the night, I had rested my head on Hayden's chest. His fingers rested on my swollen belly as we discussed what our children would be named. When I suggested a few names, Hayden had shaken his head furiously, claiming that no daughter of his would be named after a stripper.

As I reached my fingers up to play with his hair, I heard him chuckle, "How about Kataryna for our daughter? That name just sounds ferocious, and our daughter won't be so sought after if she is ferocious."

I tugged hard on his dark locks and he growled playfully, "Was that absolutely necessary, my darling?"

Turning on my side, I reached towards his face and used my fingertip to trace his features, "Our daughter is going to be beautiful and sought after, and you will just have to deal with her many suitors, so please behave. I love that name, but now for our little boy. I really love the name Jaxon, Hayden."

His tongue darted out and wrapped around my finger, creating a sensual suction that I longed for elsewhere. Pulling my finger out of his mouth, I drug the wet digit over his bare chest, tracing his exposed hipbone, "Jaxon is fine with me, but I swear to God, his middle name will not be Michael. My son is not a pedophile."

My eyes must have held a look of confusion because when he spoke again, his words were slow and annunciated, "Jaxon Michael? Micheal Jaxon? Am I getting any warmer here?"

Pinching the skin about the apex of his thighs, I leaned forward to whisper, letting my cool breath ghost along his neck, "No, but you're getting harder."

End of discussion.

The next morning, Hayden held his goddaughter for the first time, and the look of love and adoration he held for little Allie in his face gave me no doubt that he would be a good daddy. I couldn't wait to see how our fairy tale ended, but I knew we had an eternity to find out.

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