Maria and Candice were the last two Divas in the locker room when Jeff Hardy burst in through the door.

"Hey guys!...Did you hear!?", he said.

"Jeff!", yelled Candice " you're in the girl's locker room again!"

"Couldn't we let him stay?", asked Maria.

"Fine , fine...So, what did you have to tell us that was so important that you didn't care if we were

decent or not?"

"Well, I really don't mind weather you guys are decent or not", he said with a smirk " but, Vince said

that we all have to drive a minivan to our next show so, he said to grab six other friends and

enjoy the ride so, I decided it wouldn't be right without you guys"

"Awwwwww", said Maria

"Ahh geezz", said Jeff

"Oh god , save me now", said Candice

Then, John Cena came running in through the door and almost hit down Jeff while he was being all

cute with Maria.

"You guys will never guess", he said trying to catch his breath

"Well, that was a nice save", said Candice "a very cute one too", she giggled

"Yes, yes John we know, we're all sharing a minivan to the next show", said Jeff

"I know!", yelled John and grabbed Candice "it's going to be so much fun!"

"Oh yes it will", giggled Candice

"And we're the crazy ones", said Maria looking at Jeff.

Then, the four of them saw Matt burst into the locker room. The older Hardy brother walked over to Jeff.

"We can be together again just like we used to be, The Hardys!", he said.

Since, Matt and Jeff were on two different brands, they hardly got to see each other so every meeting was

pretty much a family reunion, they wanted it to be when they were kids.

"Great", said Jeff

"Great?", said Matt " this, is more than's spectaular!!...hug me brother!", he yelled and hugged

Jeff so hard that he was almost lifting him off the ground. Candice and Maria were giggling at Matt's love

for Jeff when once again, the gang was inturuped but this time, by Hunter who casually walked

in as if he hadn't realized that it was the Divas locker room.

"Hey w-w-what's happenin'?", he said

"What's happening is that we just found the sixth member of our carpool", said Maria

"Ok, cool", said Hunter as he took a seat beside Matt.

"Now", said John as he sat beside Candice and Maria and put his arms around them "we need our seventh


"Who else can we ask?", said Matt

Jeff walked over to the locker room door and was pretty much standing in the door way.

"Well", said Jeff "we need some one we can trust"

"Then why are you here?", Maria joked

"To keep you ladies entertained", he said with a smirk

Then, the locker room door swung open and as Jeff turn around he realized that he was staring Randy Orton

dead in his sanke like eyes.

"Ahh", said Jeff "well, that's definatly not what I had in mind"

"Oh clam down, son", said Randy and pushed Jeff out of the way and onto a bench "how are my carpool

buddies doing?"

"What trip are you going on?", said John " cause it's certainly not with us"

"Fine", he said and he was about to leave but, then turned to Candice and Maria "sorry you ladies have to

miss out on..." he stopped for what he thought was a dramatic pause "the Orton Factor", both Divas

cringed at the idea. Just then, Chirs Jericho's son ran into the locker room and past Randy to Candice.

He tugged on her arm.

"Do you know where my daddy is?", he asked

"No", she said and picked him "but, I'm sure he'll be back soon"

He jumped down from her lap and went to John.

"Uncle Cena, do you know where my daddy is?"

"Sorry champ", he said "don't you worry though, he'll be back"

Then, he ran over to Jeff.

"Uncle Hardy", he said tugging on Jeff's pants "do you know where my daddy is?"

Randy Orton inturpted when Jeff was about to talk.

"Your daddy is gone little boy and he's not coming back"

His son was about to cry when, John began to get out of his seat but, Candice began to restrain him.

She didn't want Orton to mess up another weekend for her and her friends and Matt could tell.

"Sit down big nose", Matt said to John

"Fine, fine but, don't mess with the nose "

"It's like a whole other person", whispered Jeff to Chris' son which, made him and the Divas laugh.

Orton got tired of Jeff making gthe Divas laugh and all he got from them was a scwol so, he just


"I want my daddy!", yelled Chris' son and his eyes began to well up with tears. He ran over to Maria

and put his head of her lap.

"Awwww, it's okay", she said giving him a pat on the head "your daddy isn't so stupid that he would

leave you...I mean he is stupid but, not that stupid!"

Jeff laughed and walked over to Chris' son. He knelt down next to him.

"It's okay, your daddy forgot that we were partners two times already, well, maybe that was on purpose,

but that's not the point what really matters is that he'll be here soon, I promise, just as long as you'll

promise me you'll smile", he said and gave him a pat on the head.

Then, Matt grabbed an inflatable mallet from his bag and began to hit Jeff in the head. Chris' son began

to laugh and so did the entire locker room.

"I told you", said Candice "have these two over and you won't need a television", she laughed as Matt

gave Jeff a giant hit to the head which sent him to the ground.

"No you won't", said Maria as she stared at Jeff almost daydreaming. Candice snapped her fingers

infront of her friend's face.

"Will you get a hold of yourself?", she said

"Fine, but I can't help it", she said and then giggled when Jeff finally got the mallet from Matt and gave

it to Chris' son so that he could have a go at the Hardys. Just then, the ayotolla of rock and rolla

himself came in through the locker room door.

"Hey ya'll"

"Chris!", everyone said at once.

"Daddy!", yelled his son and ran up to him.

"Hey what have you been up to?", he said and picked him up.


"Hey Chris, wanna be the seventh person on our carpool?", asked Candice.


"Great, now we've got a full house", said John " we'll meet tomorrow morning at seven in the hotel lobby"

"Sick", said Jeff, walked over to Maria and held out his hand "shall we?"

"Oh yes", she was partly blushing.

"And guys", said John as everyone was leaving the locker room with Candice on his arm,

"I'm makin' muffins!!".

"NO!", yelled everyone.

"Oh baby!", said Candice and Maria rolled her eyes "I love a man that can bake a good muffin!!".