Harry Potter and the Demon Knights

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Remus: Chapter 1

              Voldemorts little plan

Deep in the dark lairs of the infamous Wizarding Prison called Azkaban, a lone dark figure sat in what was unmistakably a golden throne, embroidered from top to bottom with snakes. The figure was dressed in a long, hooded black cloak, and robes. The hooded figure sat on its throne in silence brooding, its eyes glowing a dark crimson red beneath the hood of its cloak, until…

"Wormtail!" A high-pitched, and cold icy voice that came from the dark figure, barked out. Seconds latter footsteps could be heard echoing about the dark prison, when suddenly two of the wooden doors burst open from across the room as a little man, with balding hair, watery blue eyes, and a silver hand, hurried in to the center of the room.  The man bowed to the figure, and walked up to kiss the hem of its robes. After this was done the man silently stepped back a few feet away to face it.

"Y-y-you, summoned me my Lord," the man squeaked with a tinge of fear in his voice.

"Yes Wormtail, I did. I would like an up-date on the happenings I had some of my faithful Death Eaters fulfill, if this simple task isn't to much for you," The figure said, it's cold, high-pitched voice sending shivers down Wormtail's spine.

"Y-y-y-yes my lord, c-c-c-certainly, any thing you a-a-a-ask of," Wormtail stammered.

"Good, good. Now first I would like to ask if Lucius has succeeded in recruiting some of the new Death Eaters in Bulgaria?"

"Yes my lord," Wormtail said, as he took out the parchment from the sleeve of his robes, which contained the list of newly recruited Death Eaters. Malfoy had just owled him the list a few minutes before he was summoned. "We have currently um…(he glanced down at the list) 16 new Death Eaters my lord."

"Excellent, I assume Lucius has "pursued" are newfound friends, the old fashioned way," the figure said while its lipless mouth began to curve into an evil smile.

"Come again, sire?"

"Did Malfoy torture them into joining us Wormtail!?" The dark figure tried to make this as blunt as possible, knowing how very ignorant his servant was.

Wormtail laughed nervously at his obvious mistake. He stopped when he realized the figure was not laughing with him and went back to his frightened manner,  "I-I-I'm sorry my lord. Um…er… Lucius doesn't state how he recruited the new Death Eaters."

"WORMTAIL," the figure screeched, "would you please remind me to kill or torture you the next time you say something as stupid as you did a moment ago!"

"I-I-I-I-I'm so sorry my lord, I assure you it wont ever happen again my grace."

"Why, is it I find that so hard to believe?"

Wormtail muttered something under his breath about being smart enough to do some sort of task. That made the dark figure bark out another laugh.

"Really Wormtail you have the IQ of a defective chimpanzee, no scratch that, I wouldn't want to insult the CHIMP!" The figure stepped up closer to Wormtail, its face still masked in the shadows, with the exception of the glowing crimson eyes beneath the hood of the cloak. "I seriously doubt you would be capable of completing such an important task as that. You would certainly fail in the process." It hissed, "Yes, I am most definitely going to send someone more…more reliable for that special little project, and MORE intelligent." The figure paused so as to let all of what it said to sink in to his servants little mind. "Is that understood Wormtail?"

"Yes sire."

"Good, anyway, what was it I wanted to say again? Ah yes! Has Macnair finished proposing our offer to the dementors?" it asked.

"Why yes he has my lord, the dementors have agreed to join us, just as long as they get to suck the souls out of a good part of the Ministry."

"Right, consider it done then, and Wormtail remind me to ask the dementors if they have a list of the Ministry workers that they want to put the kiss on."

"Yes my lord. Is there anything else you would like sire?"

"Yes, in fact there is. Has Nott been able to retrieve the black book of the dead I requested from Slytherins chamber of secrets?"

"Yes, my lord I have it in here somewhere." Wormtail felt around his robes for the large black book, "it's in here somewhere…. Ah-ha! Here it is master." He handed the book to the figure.

"Thank you Wormtail, this will be very useful to me, indeed," it said as it began to laugh again. "Yes Potter, it is only a matter of time now before your demise, with the help of this book I will not only rule the world, I will rule the UNIVERSE." The figure began to laugh madly, a laugh so cruel, that it almost made Wormtail think twice about joining him and betraying his friends, almost.

"Um, M-m-m-master?"

"You still here?" The figure sighed, "Alright what is it."

"F-f-f-forgive me for asking, but what was so important about that book that you had to make Nott go through the trouble of traveling to Hogwarts? And how did Nott get into the chamber anyway?" the balding man said as an after thought.

"In answering your second question, that secret is between myself and Mr. Nott." Wormtail nodded in acceptance of his answer. "And as for your first question I'm quite glad you asked me that," the figure said while grinning evilly. "This is only step one of my perfect plan in order to kill that goody-goody Potter boy. In this book you see here contains the darkest of all dark arts, that even Slytherin himself thought twice about," he said as the book in his pale spider like hands began to glow an unholy sort of black.

"And what would that be Master?" Wormtail asked, starting to tremble again.

"In this book Wormtail, contains the incantation to open the gates to the underworld, and unleash the most evilest of all dark creatures, a true demon. "

"You mean your going to summon a-a-a real… d-d-d-demon! From down there?" he said as he pointed his silver index finger towards the stone floor.

"I didn't think there were any other kind," it said carelessly, while flipping through the books pages.

"Of course not my lord, your plan is-is-is genius, its just that…."

"It's just what? Wormtail," it said not looking up from the black book.

"It's just that demons fro-from hell, are known to-" Wormtail hesitated, afraid that his masters good mood wouldn't last much longer. "To well, be very untrustworthy,"

The figure shut the book with a snap and looked over it almost seeming to grow larger as a mixture of anger and humor radiated off of him like a bad smell, "Are you questioning me, Lord Voldemorts, methods in how to kill a child?" it said in a deadly whisper.

Those were all the words he needed to hear to start panicking. They were usually the fuel that started the fire and eventually the agonizingly painful fire would spread all to soon to him. "No! My lord, I would never question you, I-I-I-I…"

"Silence!!" Voldemort said suddenly, "That will be all Wormtail, you may go."

Wormtail almost thought he hadn't heard correctly, but when the figure continued to say nothing it took him every ounce of his composure not to jump for joy. "Y-y-yes my lord." He bowed once more to his master, turned around and headed for the wooden doors, when his master spoke up again,

"One more thing Wormtail," Voldemort said as he slipped his wand out of the sleeve of his robes.

Wormtail stopped in his tracks and turned around to face his dark lord, so much for good luck. "Yes my lord?"

Voldemort then sat up from his throne; the full features of his face could be seen. His face was pale paper white, his snake like nose, that were nothing but slits on his face, began to flare dangerously, a lipless mouth was plastered with a cruel smile, and his cat like eyes began to glow an dark blood red. "Wormtail I'm curious to know, what rhymes with Prucio?" he said while pointing his wand at the fat, balding man in front of him.

"I d-d-d-d-don't know m-m-m-my lord," replied Wormtail fearing of what was to come.

Voldemort sighed, "Wormtail, Wormtail, Wormtail. I honestly thought that even a simpleton like you could figure this out. Oh well, the answer issss…" Voldemort said with a hiss, "Crucio!!"

You could here the screams of pain and agony of Wormtail, and the insane, cruel laughter of Voldemort as he shot the curse, (that literally burned your bones) through out the whole of the prison.

"THAT WASN'T SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT, NOW WAS IT WORMTAIL!? AH!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!, Voldemort screeched as he began to put more power on the curse.


Perched on a small window, high above the prison sat a most unusual sort of owl. It was much larger than your average owl, about 3ft tall. It's feathers were pure white with streaks of baby blue. The tips of its wings shined brighter Platinum as the sun reflected off of the small window.

The odd but beautiful bird watched the seen below, unmistakable disgust was filled in its large beetle black eyes. The owl shook its head, and gave a sorrowful hoot before taking off into the sunset. The pair below oblivious to the unknown threat that was to come in there master plot.

To be continued………


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