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Bath Time

The rubber duck surfed the wave of water and bubbles right over the edge of the tub, where it made a rather impressive landing by spinning across the length of the large bathroom.

"Sirius," Draco said, trying to get the toddler to hold still.

It was no use; the little boy just kept splashing; soaking Draco in the process. Deciding to let the child have fun, Draco located a brush and began to wash/brush Sirius's hair; dodging bubbles all the while. It only took a minute, after which Draco began to help his son play with the toy boats. All was well for about two minutes, until one bad splash landed in one of the two year old's gray eyes. With a howl, Sirius began shaking his head, long black hair spraying Draco.

"Arrrghhh!" Draco yelped, picking the boy up out of the bathtub, "Shhhhh, Sirius. It's alright, Daddy's got you."

"What's going on?" Harry asked, coming into the doorway. He began to laugh when he saw his bathroom flooded and Draco and their son sitting on the floor. By now, Sirius's cries had dimmed to tiny whimpers.

"Not funny Harry," Draco glared.

"Hold on," Harry chuckled, "I'll go get towels."

He turned and walked down the hall. When he had gone, Draco looked at Sirius and said,

"Dad's in charge of tomorrow's bath timeā€¦"

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