Author's Note: I Hated the way that Zombie Powder ended, so I thought for myself and anyone else that wants to hear my interpretation. Here it is. Let me warn you, I am writing this the way I see it happening, not the way that Tite Koubo would have written it. Also this is my first story, so go easy on me.

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Chapter One

The early morning sunlight was shining through the window. Inside the room a boy was curled up on the bed sleeping. He stirred and opened his eyes. "Gamma?" Ellwood waited for a response and then he got up. Strange, I'd expect him to be up by now. He went over to the bed next to his only to find it empty. "Well, this is really weird." He quickly put on his clothes. He made sure that he had his knives and all his gear, because if Gamma were already up then they would probably be leaving soon.

Once in the hall a strange sight awaits him. Angelle is slumped in a chair sobbing and Wolfina in next to her looking dazed. Elwood walks up, "What happened here girls?" Angelle starts to sob harder, "He, he just left so soon, we didn't even get to do anything naughty," there was a pause while she gathered her wits, "He left and didn't leave anything for me! Just for you, you little ass hole." Elwood looked confused, "Who left?" Wolfina looked at him, the next two words she uttered changed everything that Elwood thought possible, "Gamma and Smith." Elwood smiled a shy smile and then tentatively asked, "This is just some dumb joke, right?" No one answered him. "Right?" That's when he saw a white envelope on the table in front of him. He picked it up and opened it, it read;


First before you think anything, I'm not sorry. The road ahead of us is much more dangerous than anything that we may have faced together. You are not ready yet. While you have been doing well so far you are weak and stand no chance against our future opponents. Smith would have liked to take you with us he really liked you.



Don't hate me for this.

Elwood just stood in silence for a moment and then he ripped the paper to shreds then just started to cry. "Why?! HOW THE FUCK COULD HE DO THIS TO ME!!" Elwood started to rage, when a dart hit him in the back of the neck. He slowly fell to the ground unconscious.

Author's Note-

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