Authors Note: I was reading a few Ats and BtVs fanfics and came to the idea of a time travel story. Sure there's been a few written but I thought I'd do one. lol so I hope you all enjoy.

Disclaimer: No I don't own the main characters. I don't own anthing that Joss or David created.

Set: Two 13 year old kids fall into a worm-hole sending them back to November 24, 1998. But these two go through a few changes that not only effect the time line but a few of the people they come to meeting.

Idea's are always welcome and reviews too. :) Oh and if you see anything needing corrections or not making sense just tell me and I'll try and clear it up. :) Thanks; and enjoy.

Two kids are sitting together-- one boy, one girl; in the living room. They both seem to be fixated on something fascinating to them.

"Kids! What'd I say about getting to close?" A young brunette woman snapped. She appeared to be talking on the phone with someone.

"Sorry!" The two shouted back.

"Ok. I'm back. Yeah… no… sorry the kids were getting a little curious. Let's just get this finished." The woman continued taking notes, while still talking on the phone.

"What do you think they're doing?" asked the young boy, about to put his hand into the big, glowing, pile of goop. The young girl quickly grabbed his hand.

"Don't do that, you'll get sucked in!"

"You don't know that." He spat back.

"Haven't you been listening to Aunt Dawn's conversation?" She pointed to the young woman at the kitchen table still talking on the phone.

"You aren't a bit curious?" He asked once more, trying his best to get the young blonde to admit it.

"Yes I'm sure…" She trailed off thinking about it herself. The boy gave her a charming smile, and then looked back in the goop.

"And yes… I have been listening." He replied. "So… if this is all just to find out what happened last year, why go through all this trouble? I mean what's this actually suppose to do?"

"Well… from what, Aunt Willow said. It's a time traveler, sending you directly to the place you have in your mind at the moment-"

"Seriously!?" The young boy quickly covered his mouth from the sudden loud outburst, and looked back over towards the kitchen seeing that Dawn was still sitting down, seeming to be distracted by the conversation.

"What made you jump for joy?" The young girl quietly asked.

"Just think about it. We can just jump in and think about where we want to go and we'll be there in an instant." The girl couldn't help but chuckle over his excitement. "What's so funny?"

"Where do you plan on going?" She asked holding back the smile.

"I don't know… I was always kind of curious on meeting someone…" He trailed off, trying his best to not make eye contact.



"Don't what me! You know perfectly well What!" She spat pointing her finger. "There's a reason he's gone! Don't you remember the stories?"

"Of course I do. Still isn't wrong to be curious. I mean that is also the year they all worked together." He couldn't help but glance back towards the swirl bright glow. "Don't you think it'd be neat to see them working together?"

"We always do. They still work together."

"Yeah but I mean; in the beginning?"

"I guess… but that's not really a good year. I mean sure… in the beginning almost all worked together as a team, except one. Well not until the end of the year, which still left another one short." She thought to herself aloud. He could see that she was thinking real hard on this subject; then smiled.

"Well if we did get to choose a day to see them all work together at the beginning what day would you choose?"

"Oh that's easy. November 24th!" She looked up with a smile. She didn't even realize what happening let alone had time to debate over the matter. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her in with him, the last words heard were her screaming out, "Doyle No!"