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Spike comes rushing into Giles house with an unconscious Anne in his arms and Buffy close behind.

"Get everyone together. We're re-doing the spell now!" Spike snapped laying Anne gently down on the couch. Everyone stands around in shock.

"What happened?" Doyle asked scared.

"Can't talk about that right now sparks. We got to get you and Anne back home now." Spike replied glaring towards Willow to hurry it up.

"We can't do the spell now. We got to get her to a hospital." Xander mentioned.

"And what do you expect us to say Xander? Our future daughter fell from the future and tried to kill herself. She doesn't exist yet." Buffy replied bitterly. For a moment everyone looks to each other than without hesitation got to work.

Doyle began to examine Anne's body noticing the cuts on her hand. "I can help her heal." Doyle said aloud looking up to Spike and Buffy who both nodded in agreement.

Both Cordelia and Willow once again finished pouring a sugary circle in the middle of the living room, with the two bodies in the center, and gleaming candle light glistening around the entire room, they were all preparing for the spell as fast as they could. Spike was watching as Doyle began to heal Anne as best as he could with the healing spell his Aunt Willow taught him. Her hand was no longer bleeding but she still remained unconscious. Angel and Xander were helping Giles in the kitchen with the certain products needed; and Faith was reading the book while telling Oz where to place the certain materials at. Buffy stood outside alone waiting for everything to be finished. The guilt was hitting her harder than before, she couldn't help but blame herself for her daughter being in that situation. Everything was nearly set, and Doyle looked up to Spike giving him a hopeful smile.

"I think she's going to be fine. But we need to get back home. It's all that's keeping her from waking up." Doyle looked down sad as Spike nodded and headed out to get Buffy. Angel watched as Spike closed the door from behind and continued on helping Giles and Xander.

Outside Buffy stood there looking up at the stars just thinking to herself about everything that has happened.

"Buffy. We need you inside. The spells about to begin." Spike told her as he headed back towards the door.

"Spike!" Buffy called back. He turned to face her. "I - I wanted to." She couldn't find herself to say the words and Spike could tell. He looked down and let out a breath then headed towards her.

"Why am I doing this?" He repeats what Buffy asked earlier. "Well -- I follow my blood." Buffy looks to him confused. "And as hard as it was to admit it at first, that little fighter in there -- she's ours. Yours and mine. You and I probably will make allot of bloody wrong calls together, hell, I don't understand how you and I even collide in that direction." He looks down then back up towards the sky. "But when I see that girl, and how much of a fighter, and stubborn ass she is. I can't help but smell my blood in hers, and I'm bloody hell proud to call her my own." He faces Buffy as She frowns slightly.

A second or two and she then leans forward and kisses him softly on the lips. Catching Spike slightly off guard he returns the kiss, and they both slowly pull away. Buffy sniffs and begins to walk towards the door. She pauses for a second then turns to Spike,

"Thank you. I--" She let's out a faint breath. "Thank you." She then opens the door and heads in. Spike looks back towards the front, he's speechless. Completely not knowing how or why that happened, but he knew that, that moment was something he knew he was never going to forget.

Buffy walks into the house and just a few moments later Spike follows from behind.

"Is everyone ready?"

"We're all ready." Willow said while everyone was in the circle waiting for Buffy and Spike.

The last time they did this, Buffy stood between Giles and Angel, then came Spike, Cordelia, Willow, Oz, Faith and Xander. It's now been a week since they last did the spell and the circle has already been changed. Buffy walked forwards with Spike next to her she grabbed a hold of Giles hand, as he grabbed a hold of Faith, then to Xander, Oz, Willow, Cordelia then Angel and finally back to Spike who then looked down to Buffy's, and placed his hand gently into hers as the two held on tightly. Doyle laid there with Anne right next to him with her eyes still shut.

Willow began to say words to herself as everyone watched each gripping on to their neighbors hand. A shot of electricity shoots from the center of the circle right between Anne and Doyle, as the team watched as it began to trace every part of the children's bodies once more. Anne's eyes shot open as Buffy and Spike tightened there grip.

"Anne!" Doyle smiled happily towards her. Willow continued on with the words, as everyone kept the circle closed.

"I felt it Doyle." Anne said, smiling brightly. "That moment. I felt it." Doyle smiled back at her as the two began to laugh as a blue portal began to open beneath them.

The two stood up still smiling towards each other with their hands tightly together. A shot of white light shoot around the entire room knocking everyone out of the circle. Buffy slowly opened her eyes, seeing a portal opened right in the middle of the room. She quickly sat up, Spike right next to her watching, as was Angel and Cordelia while everyone else was still unconscious. Shadowy figures began to walk slowly out of the portal towards them, and the four jumped to their feet as they watched in awe. The figures came closer and closer finally revealing something amazing.

"Mom! Dad!" Doyle and Anne both shouted as they jumped into the arms of their parents.

Buffy couldn't believe what she saw, none of the four could. They all watched as the children ran towards their family. Buffy, Spike, Angel and Cordelia all walked towards the portal entering, what appears to be a white glowing large room. Buffy looks to find a large family standing before her each taking turns hugging the children. There was a tall bald African American man next to a young wavy brunette woman. Then came a young male, shaggy hair standing next to a young female with long straight brown hair who was standing next to a Tall green demon and a blue haired demon who the two children were jumping up and down excited to see.

Buffy continued on gazing at the new family ahead of her and saw Faith standing next to a tall young English man with glasses on and Giles next to them and Xander. Willow and Oz on the other side of Angel who was next to what appeared to be Cordelia both hugging Doyle. And then came Spike who was standing right next to her, the future her. Buffy couldn't help but smile over what she was seeing, none of the four could. Finally the two children smiled at their parents and began to talk to them -- finally pointing over towards the four. The future them nodded towards the children as they headed off waving back.

"Bye! Thank you!" Anne and Doyle shouted back as the rest of the family took them further into the portal, leaving their parents behind.

The future and past collided at that moment, as the eight walked towards each other.

"Hi." Future Buffy smiled towards her past self. "Didn't think I'd ever see you again." Buffy just stared in shock not knowing what to say.

Future Spike began to look up and down at his past self, "Already lived a hundred years mate and haven't changed. What makes you think you've changed since now?" The past Spike spat.

"You'd be surprised you git." The future Spike spat right back.

"This can't be me." Past Cordelia slightly whined. "What did I do to my hair?"

Future Cordy chuckled over her pasts comment, and ran her fingers through her short curly hair.

"Don't hate it to much. I've had worse. This actually suits who I am. Who you're going to become." Future Cordy responded. "Or are already starting to become. How in the world did I get that black eye? I don't even remember having that."

"I don't even remember meeting our future selves Cordy." Future Angel smiled towards her then looked back to his past self. "What are you staring at?"

"How much I've changed." Past Angel stated.

"I don't think I've changed that much." Future Angel replied.

"You've change!" Future, Spike, Cordy and Buffy stated.

"I've changed." Past Angel agreed. "I'm human."

"Well -- it's not what you may think." Future Angel replied leaving Past Angel curious.

"Well it was nice talking to you all but times short and we have to fix all this." Future Buffy said.

"Wait what?" Past Buffy asked.

"Ahh, she speaks." Future Buffy smiled. "We had a few problems trying to re-open the portal for quite sometime now, finally we came to the conclusion that the kids may of changed more than we can handle, so the only thing to do is fix the problem."

"Tell you one thing though, we bloody wouldn't had got that portal open if we four didn't feel that thing we felt." The past four looked to each other seeming confused but knew exactly what their future selves were talking about. The feeling of content, moving forward.

"So you're going to fix it like all this never happened?" Past Buffy asked.

"As hard as it is to have to put you through what I went through, yes." Future Buffy replied, "This never happened. Well not until you become us." The four future selves smiled and began to walk back.

"Wait!" Buffy shouted, the four stopped as they listened. "Even though I wont remember the answer until later in life, what changes?" She looks to Angel then back to their future selves. "How?"

The four future selves glance at one another then Future Buffy replies, "Accidentally. It wasn't planned. We just -- became Accidentally in love." Future Buffy smiles as she wrapped her arm around Spikes waist as the four continued further down into the portal. The white light illuminates the entire room once again until nothing.

Morning at Sunnydale High school. Date -- November 24th 1998.

Buffy walks up the steps from the street, a long look on her face, and joins the gang.

"Buffy! Hey!" Willow brightens and stands up. "Did you get your SAT scores?" Buffy nods as the gang sit their looking at each others scores.


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