Seiji Sawamura wandered down the streets of his neighborhood on Halloween night, observing all of the children with a look of nostalgia on his face.

"Oh, Seiji, isn't it wonderful?" his right 'hand', Midori Kasuguno gushed, "All the children.."

"Yeah," Seiji agreed, "I wish I could still do that.."

Seiji and Midori approached a corner, just as someone else was rounding it, and when they saw who it was, they jumped back and screamed.

It was Seiji! With a Midori! The Seiji saw them and held up his left hand in a wave.

"Hi, Sawamura! What do you think of my Seiji/Midori costume?" the imposter greeted cheerfully.

Seiji did a double-take. It was Takamizawa! Seiji's face contorted.

Takky'd dyed his hair blonde and put in contacts, worn an outfit just like Seiji's, and put on his '1/1 Midori Model'. Her dress read 'I (heart) Takky'.

Trembling, Seiji slowly turned around, then bolted home as fast as possible. Neither he nor Midori slept well that night..