Setting the coordinates for his escape with one hand, the Doctor leans on the console and winces, hugging his right arm to his chest while trying to relieve his twisted ankle of his body weight. Cronies of the Cypron high priest continue to pound on the door shrieking with rage, hoping to infiltrate the TARDIS and capture the Doctor, but he has already closed down the gravitic anomilizer, fired up the helmic regulator, and released the handbrake, taking the TARDIS into the vortex.

He had found himself in the midst of a civil war—the Cypron high priest had usurped the throne causing discord and oppression amongst the population for years. Infuriated, the Doctor had taken the side of the rebels and led them to victory, though there were still some citizens that remain loyal to the tyrannical regime. He had survived but not without any injuries -- the Doctor had sustained numerous wounds and a broken arm, which he now had to set by himself.

Once the TARDIS reaches the vortex, the Doctor collapses on to the captain's chair, breathing heavily. He assesses the damages to himself -- the Doctor knows that as injuries go, the ones he has now are nothing compared to some he has sustained in the past. If they are not life-threatening enough to need serious medical attention, he probably shouldn't call for help. He touches his breast pocket where Martha's phone is pressed near his left heart. If he were really honest with himself (when was he ever?), he would know that his wounds aren't the only reason why he wants to hear her voice. The Doctor fights the sudden urge to call her. To ask Martha to come back simply because he misses her is selfish and brash—how can he do that to the person who suffered so much more than bleeding gashes or broken bones during that Year of hellish wandering? He vows that when he calls, it will be for the very best of reasons, and he knows that he has yet to figure out what those are. The Doctor grits his teeth and begins to limp his way to the med bay to tend to his wounds, wishing the entire time that another doctor, his doctor, could tend to them instead.