Chapter 2

Aramet tried to regain her balance as she fell, but smacked her head on the floor. All of the Kira case members looked at her in awe.

They got even more of a shock when she leapt up from the floor basically unharmed, and laughing. "Sorry about that." She said. "I bump into things a lot."

She could actually feel them stare at her. "What?" she asked. All of them muttered "Nothing." Finally, Mr. Yagami stood up and addressed everyone in the room.

"Hello, my name is Yagami Soichiro." He said. She was introduced to Matsuda, Mogi, Aizawa, Ryuuzaki, and finally Light Yagami. As she shook hands with him, her bag slipped.

His amber eyes looked down to see a white notebook.

The words "Life Note" were scratched onto the surface of the book in red.

She looked up at him with her gray eyes with rage.

He saw the notebook, didn't he? Jetsu asked her. She didn't reply, but only gave a simple smirk to Light, leaving him panicking.

What is that notebook? He asked himself in his head.

Is she another Kira? Or something else. Either way, I have to find out what or who she really is, or make her help me. Maybe I can bribe her with the Shinigami eye trade.

And then, I will be the god of the new world and dispose of her soon after!

She walked away from him and sat down near one of the computers.

Watch out, Light Yagami. She thought. You may think I'm blind to your killings,well, we'll just see who sits on the pedestal of the world at the end of this war.