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"It is better to be feared than loved, if you can not be both." Niccolo Machiavelli


'Nnn…Where am I? And why does my head hurt?' Wondered Zim as he slowly regained consciousness. Despite the fact he had returned to the waking world he chose to keep his eyes shut for just bit longer. He was aware that he was laying on either a very cold bed, or a very cold table. He chose the later, because anyone who would make a bed this cold and this hard was either very evil, or very stupid. Perhaps both.

The fact that he was lying so flat on the cold surface felt alien to him, but he wasn't sure why. His head throbbed; he instinctively lifted a hand to it. There were bandages on it. He wondered if he was in an accident or something.

Zap, whirr.

'What was that?' He opened his eyes; the first things to greet him were painfully bright lights. He snapped his eyes shut, waited a few seconds and tried again, this time more slowly. After his eyes adjusted, he looked around. There were other tables, and what looked like surgical tools, so he was in an infirmary or hospital of some sort.

Zap, whirr.

Those sounds again; he looked to his left, and found their source. There were two people standing by a table; one seemed to be an elderly male, he had ashy grey skin and two horns on his head. He was working on a metal thing that looked something like a beetles shell. It was his tools making those noises. The other person was a female, and obviously much younger. She was clearly from a different race too. Her skin was a tan color, and her hair was coco. Her ears had points, and they were…Fuzzy? She was watching the old one work.

Zim studied them for a minute, and then tried to sit up; which may not have been the best of ideas. A wave of pain went thru his skull and nearly caused him to lose balance. He squeezed his eyes shut, and waited until it became a dull throbbing. When he opened them again, he saw that the female was staring at him. A favor he returned. A few seconds past, she smiled and nudged the old one.

"Hey Doc," she said. "He's awake."


She rolled her eyes. "The Irken Doc, he's awake."

"Huh? What?" said the one now known as 'Doc'. He looked up from his work, his eyes fell on Zim. "OH! The Irken! Yes I see."

He put his tools down, and smiled at Zim. "Hello there young Irken, how are you feeling?"

"Uh…" started Zim. "Okay I guess. "

"Good, good," said the Doc. "That was quite a crash you were pulled from. I'm Doctor Rob Roth by-the-way, though most simply call me 'Ol' Doc Rob,' and this here is Ami. " He gestured toward the female.

"Hey," she said.

"Um, hi?" said Zim, his gaze went to the metal thing that Rob was working on. He wondered what it was for. Doc Rob noticed where his eyes had traveled to, and said:

"You seem calm."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No, no. It's just that most Irkens would be panicking right now. After finding that their PAK had been taken away."

That stuck Zim as odd. Were most Irkens really attached to their luggage or something? And why did they take his? Was there something in it that they needed?

"So why do they panic?" Zim asked. "About losing their packs I mean."

That question seemed to surprise Rob. "Because they think they need them to live."

Now it was Zim's turn to be surprised. "They think they need a piece of luggage to live?"

That really got Rob's and Ami's attention, they exchanged glances. Pure confusion was on their faces.

"This is a PAK," said Rob, pointing at the metal thing. "Yours to be exact, didn't you know that?"


"Say," began Ami. "What's your name anyway?"

"It's…" Zim started to say, but he realized something: He didn't know. "Isn't it on my PAK?"

"You don't know your own name!?" she gaped at him. Doc Rob though, looked like he was starting to understand what was going on.

"Think," he said. "Do you remember anything from before you woke up?"

Zim thought hard, trying to remember something, anything. But he couldn't. "No," he shook his head. "Nothing."

"Well I'll be a Blorch Rat's father," said Rob. "We have an amnesiac on our hands."

"That does explain why he didn't know what a PAK was," said Ami. "Or his own name for that matter."

"Hey," said Zim. Their attention returned to him. "You never answered my question."

"And what question would that be?" asked Rob.

"Isn't my name on my PAK?"

"Oh…yes! Yes it should be. In fact, everything about you should be. Good thinking boy." With that Rob went back to working on Zim's PAK. They watched Rob silently for a few moments; then Zim asked:

"So why do Irkens believe they need PAKs to live?"

"That," said Rob. "Is a very long story."

"How long?"

"It starts long before you or Ami were born, back when I was still quite young."

Ami smirked. "Does that mean it's written on cave walls back on Vort?"

Zim snickered, Rob glared at Ami. "Watch it girl."

"Anyhow," Rob said, looking back at Zim. "Before I begin, do you know of the Control Brains?"


"Well to put it simply, it's the Control Brains' duty too keep order on Irk. They select new rulers - known as 'Tallests' by-the-way - handle the smeeting facilities, decide what job best suits each Irken, and pass judgment on criminals. All in all, they keep Irk safe, prosperous, and happy. At least, that's what they want their people to believe."

He paused before continuing. "Years ago, when Irk and Vort were still true allies, before the Control Brains even existed; and I was just starting in the field, there was small group of Irken scientists. Who unlike other Irkens at the time were cold, cruel, and racist. The most bigoted of them was by far the man named Zar. And before you ask; yes I knew him, I had too work with him on several projects. It was not a pleasant experience.

"You see, Zar believed he was superior to all, including other Irkens. Especially the short ones. Hight was always held in high esteme in Irken culture, but he took it to a whole new level. I'd once seen him phisicaly attack a shorter Irken. That got him in trouble, the Tallest was furious - Taka was her name - she stripped away his high rank, and threatened him with life in prison if he ever did it again. Which got her his un-dying hatred. But he didn't fight it; in fact he took it rather quietly.

"I knew he would want revenge, but doubted he'd actually be able. Oh, how wrong I was. Not long after Zar's demotion, he had come up with something that everyone had thought was a briliant idea, something that could shoot lasers, project shields, scale high walls, be used for communication, and be worn on the back so it would not get in the way. He called them: 'PAKs'. I was suspicious at first, and confronted him. I remember his response to this day:

"'Why, I'm only trying to improve life for the people in my empire.' An innocent sounding sentence isn't it? The emphasis on 'my' was so slight; I really should have paid more attention. But every Irken called it their empire, who would have noticed such a small difference? Zar and his group presented their project to Tallest Taka; she was intrigued. She gave them permision to continue, but she made it clear: She wanted these 'PAKs' to be 100 removable. Zar didn't like that, but he complied.

"Weeks went in to making and perfecting them, Zar and his accomplices would often stay over night to keep working. Everyone just thought it was dedication, no one thought it was because they were working on other projects. Then finally the day to unveil the PAKs had arrived. Naturally, every Irken wanted one, and almost everyone got one. That's when things went horribly wrong. First, Tallest Taka mysteriously 'disappeared', which sent all Irk into a panic. They searched every inch of the planet; but found nothing.

"Zar was also nowhere to be seen, neither were his lackeys; it wouldn't have been more obvious if they pranced the streets screaming 'we're guilty!' About four days after the Tallest had vanished; all the TV signals on Irk were interrupted, and guess whos face was displayed? Zar's. And what an announcement did he have to make."

"What did he say?" asked Zim.

"Well, first he confessed too killing Taka. He said she was a weak Tallest, and that he was strong. He said that Taka's words of peace and tolerance were making the Irken people weak, and he would change that. He declared himself Irk's new ruler, and said that there was no way for the people to resist him. The PAKs and his other creations would make sure of that.

"That's when he revealed what he'd really been working on during those over-nighters. He stepped aside to reveal this huge…Thing. He called it a 'Control Brain'. He said that he knew people wouldn't acept him as ruler. So he would make them. He said was going to download himself into the Brain, and then send a signal to the PAKs. That signal would 'turn them on' as he put it, and force anyone who wearing one to obey him.

"All over Irk people started to rip their PAKs off, and all over Irk people started dying. Zar said he knew people would just simply take their PAKs off, so he made sure that removing them would have fatal consequences. With that he placed a PAK on himself, and pluged it into the brain. His last words before being completely downloaded were: 'For the glory of Irk!'

"After that, all Irk changed for the worse. Irkens began to act like they were completely soulless creatures. And all those who weren't Irken were either mistreated, or thrown off the planet entirely. And that, my young friend, is the history of PAKs, and the Control Brains. And why Irk is the way it is today."

After Rob finished, Zim tried to take it all in. No one spoke for a while. Then Zim realized something.

"Hey," he said. "I thought you said removing a PAK wouldn't kill the Irken?"

"No," said Rob. "I said that Irkens don't need them to live. I never said removing PAKs couldn't kill them."

"But, how-"



"Nanobots. Every PAK has them. When a PAK senses that it's being removed from its host, it will send the nanobots into the host's body. Once inside, they will kill the host over a course of ten minutes. But if PAK is reattached before then, it will call the nanobots back, and repair the the damage they had done. In a sick way its brilliant isn't it? Zar didn't want his subjects to find out that their PAKs weren't their life line, so he made it look like they were."

"But," said Zim. "The Irkens knew they didn't need PAKs to survive, how did he dupe a whole race into believing that?"

"The PAKs are attached to the wearer's back. In other words, the spine. They can affect what the host believes, and doesn't believe. They can also affect the host's personality, filtering out anything 'un-Irken'".

Zim couldn't believe what he was just told, it… It was discusting! It was horrible! And to think he had lived his life with one of those things attached to him. His eyes once again traveled to his PAK, just looking at it made him shudder. It also made him wonder: What was he like while it was attached to him?

"Aha! I think I've got it!" Rob exclaimed, bringing Zim out of his thoughts.

"Really?" asked Ami, her face lighting up a little. "So, we can find out who our guest over there is? And, so he can find out who he is?"

"That's right!" said Rob, he turned to Zim. "You ready boy?"

Zim noded. "Yeah."

"Alright, let's see then…" Rob plugged a cord from a computer into the PAK. "Your name is Zim."

Zim… That felt right.

"Your 159 years old…"

"I'M WHAT!?"

Rob chuckled. "Relax, for Irkens that puts you in mid adolesence."

Oh. Well, that's not so bad then.

"And you were a-" Whatever Rob was going to say was cut off as sparks started flying out of the PAK.

"Well," he said. "That's inconvenient."

"What exactly was that?" asked Ami.

"It seems that," said Rob. "The part of the PAK I was hacking just crashed."

"It crashed?" asked Zim. He gave Rob a look that was almost disbelieving. "PAKs can crash?"

"Aparently, yes."

"Well, how are we supposed to find out the rest about me?"

"Well," said Rob. Scratching just below his left horn. "The part that crashed was the official part of the PAK. I could try to hack the part stores personal memories." He glanced at Zim. "With your permision, of course."

Zim shrugged. "Fine with me."

Rob nodded, and unplugged the cord, and the re-plugging it into another part of the PAK. He typed a few things on the computer, the process only took a couple minutes.

"Alright," said Rob. "I think I've got it."

"You think you've got it?" asked Ami, giving Rob a sort of playful glare. "The first time it sounded like you knew you had it, and it crashed and shot sparks. What's it going to do when you only think you've got it? I'm beginning to wonder if I should leave the room."

Once again, Zim found himself snickering. And once again, Rob was glaring at Ami. "I said it once already, but if you incist I'll say it again: Watch it girl."

"Yes, I keep watching it. And I keep wondering if 'It's' going to blow up."

"I wasn't talking about the PAK, Ami."

"Who said I was?"

Zim found it hard to keep from laughing, these two were just funny. "So Rob," he said, interrupting their little 'chat'. "Did you learn anything more about me?"

"Oh yes! I did, two things in fact." he gave Ami one more glare before continuing. "According to what I found in your personal memories, you were invading a planet called 'Earth'."

"Invading?" repeated Zim, surprised.

"Yeah," said Ami. "Irk's got this universal conquest thing going."

"Ahem," Rob cleared his throat "The 'thing' Ami's refering to is 'Operation Impending Doom Two', and apparently you're a part of it."

"Wonderful," said Zim. "But, what happened to 'Impending Doom one?'"

"They say some idiot Irken ruined it by attacking his own planet," Ami laughed. "What a moron, huh?"

"Y-yeah." somehow, Zim got the feeling he was just insulted. "What was that other thing you found Rob?"

"Well, you seem to have an enemy, some large headed boy named 'Dib.'"

XX(Meanwhile back on Earth)XX

All was quite in the class room, until:


XX(Back in Space)XX

"I have an enemy?" asked Zim.

"Yes," said Rob. "But I'd be willing to bet it's only because you were trying to take over his planet."

Zim thought about it. The name Dib did sound familier. "Is there anything else?"

"Of course there is-" The PAK cut him off with a beep! "Oh dear," said Rob.

"What's 'oh dear?'" asked Ami. A little fear leeking into her voice. Not that Zim could blame her, even as an amnesiac he knew that a docter saying 'oh dear' usually foretold doom of some sort.

Beep, beep!

"It seems that the PAK is malfunctioning." said Rob.

"So whats it gonna do?" asked Ami.

Beep, beep, beep!

"I'm not sure." answered Rob.

"WHAT!?" both Zim and Ami screamed.


"That's it! I'm outta hear!" Ami bolted out the door.

Zim took similar action, and hid under the table.



After a moment, Zim slowly peeked over the table. And Ami was carefuly re-entering the room. What did they see? Rob, alive and well! And covered in ash. Ami was first to react to the situation.


Zim soon followed suit. "HAHAHA!"

Rob however, didn't seem to see the humor. "Oh, be quiet."


Beep! Beep!

"AH!" They both hid again. Now it was Rob's turn to be amused.

"Calm down," he said, smilling. "It's just the communication system." He pressed a button on the wall. "Yes?"

"Doc!" said whoever was calling. "It's that crazy SIR! It's gotten loose! It keeps breaking things!"

Rob's eyes widened. "Did it break anything important?"

"No, but it's headed your way!"


Just then, the door came crashing down. And in came a little blue eyed robot. It proceeded to run around the room laughing like a mad man.


As the little maniac ran in circles, it struck Zim that it, no. He was very familiar. He watched the robot a little longer, and then he remembered something. A name.


To be continued…

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