The Injury

The Injury

After about an hour of walking a river came up ahead. Beautiful clear blue water filled the river and you could see the bottom. It was big and had lots of sharp looking rocks. The rapids were raging past them, threatening to take them away. Some fish got caught in the rapids and were being thrown in every direction. When everyone was close enough to see the river they saw a little path of rocks going across it.

"Careful," Prince Caspian warned. "They might look easy to walk on, but the rocks are extremely slippery."

With the warning noted the Narnians began to cross the river. All of the little animals had no trouble crossing, but the centaurs and bigger animals did. With a few wobbly steps the centaurs and bigger animals made it, finally, across the river. Only a few of them slipped, but were caught right away. Now it was Susan, Peter, Lucy, Edmund, and Caspian's turn.

"I'll go first, Lucy you go right behind me, and Edmund make sure she doesn't fall! Caspian would you mind if you went in the back behind Susan?"

"No, not at all," Prince Caspian answered, moving behind Susan.

" Ok make sure no one falls, I don't want anyone to get hurt," Peter, said. He then nodded at them to signal he was about to start.

Slowly and cautiously he started to cross. All the Narnians were watched and waited. The wind was blowing very lightly and the sun streamed down. The world felt like it was silent.

"This is so uncomfortable", Susan thought. They were about half way across and yet everyone was still staring at them. Susan hated it when she was the center of attention. It put her on the spot and made it feel like every single move she did was being judged. And it didn't help that Caspian was right behind her, extremely close! She had never been this close to a boy before, not counting Peter or Edmund. Really thinking about it, Susan realized she had never had any big feelings for a guy. Sure, she had some little crushes, but never like this before. Just thinking about Caspian made her head feel light and dizzy. "It's only been about an hour and I'm thinking these things", Susan pondered, "I have to stop!"

Prince Caspian was looking at the back of Susan's hair and how it shined in the sun. "She is so beautiful", he thought. Prince Caspian had immediately fallen for her the second he saw her. She wasn't like any other girl he had seen back at home. At home he kept on feeling the pressure to be with a girl, so that he would one day have a queen. He didn't want to get married, yet and hated how everyone told him to find a wife. "I'm only 17, how can I marry this young with my whole entire life still ahead of me", Caspian thought.

When all five of them were close to the end, Susan lost her balance. Caspian and Edmund saw this happen and without thinking grabbed onto her arms. As they were pulling her up, Caspian lost his footing and fell. Luckily, he didn't fall into the river current, just on to a rock. Everyone watched as he fell backwards and slammed his back onto a rock.

Prince Caspian felt a sharp pain on his back. Not wanting to look like a wimp he held in the pain and slowly stood back up. When he stood up he saw Susan beckoning him to make the last few steps and get onto the safe ground. Instantly, when he reached the riverbank everyone came towards him asking if he was all right.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine, don't worry," Caspian assured them.

"Are you sure? That looked like a pretty nasty fall," Edmund commented.

Prince Caspian assured them again that he wasn't hurt. Finally, when everyone believed he really wasn't hurt, they journeyed on to the camp.

Susan, wanting to talk to Caspian, started to fall behind the rest of the group, where Caspian was.

"Um, thanks for that," Susan said. "I could have really gotten hurt, if you hadn't caught me."

"It's no problem, I'm just glad I caught you in time," Prince Caspian answered back.

Blushing, Susan was about to say something more about how grateful she was, but they had arrived at the camp. The camp was nothing like Susan imagined. She thought that it would be tents with a big fire in the middle, nothing big or fancy. The camp she was staring out was inside a mountain and it definitely wasn't small. Trees of all different colored leaves covered the mountain. The doorway was a huge opening and led right down into the middle of the mountain. The head of the centaurs, Amicus, guided every one in and showed them the main room. Narnians from all over were working away, making weapons or helping with something or other. The room was huge with a very high ceiling, which was made out of rock and dirt, same as the walls and floor. This room was in a circular shape and had many tunnels going out of it and into smaller rooms.

Edmund and Peter immediately started to talk to the Narnians about the war that was coming, how many weapons they have, and a lot more. Lucy and Susan not really interested in all of that wanted to explore the camp more.

"Would you like me to give you two the whole entire tour," Prince Caspian asked.

"Yes, we would love that," Lucy quickly answered, before Susan could say anything.

Susan smiled and said "Sure, why not?"

First, Prince Caspian showed them the cooking and eating-places.

"These rooms aren't used for eating that much though, they are used more for planning and such," Caspian described.

After showing Susan and Lucy a few more rooms he began to feel his back beginning to hurt. When he had fallen he was too much in a daze to realize how much it really hurt. He wasn't even sure if his back was bleeding. It was a hot day out, but after falling, he told everyone he was cold and put on a heavier coat. He did this to make sure no one could see the blood, if there was any. The pain was getting more intense every second.

One of the tunnels, he was showing them, led to a little cliff looking over the woods. The sight was breathtaking and both girls were amazed. Lucy, not thinking, grabbed onto the closest thing next to her in delight. The closest thing to her just happened to be Prince Caspian's coat. Caspian feeling his body being jerked away couldn't hold in the pain any longer. Susan could tell something was bothering him. She thought he had acted distant, since they had arrived. Going over to him she asked, "Caspian are you ok?"

"Well... not really. When I fell back on the rocks I cut myself," he said, wincing.

Susan now understanding the pained looks on his face asked Caspian and Lucy to get inside and find the nearest room with something to rest on. Prince Caspian quickly, led them to a room where there was a little three-legged table with two chairs around it.

"Lucy, do you think you can go grab some water, cloths, and bandages," Susan questioned. "Or how about going to find your healing potion?"

"I'll go do my best," Lucy called, already heading out into the tunnels. Hurrying down the tunnel Lucy hoped that she could find something to help Caspian soon. Lucy was the kind of girl who always cared about people and would never hesitate to help them out.

When Susan turned back to Caspian, he had taken off his heavy coat. Caspian's shirt that was once white was now a bloody red. A few minutes later, footsteps came running down the hall and Lucy appeared with a bucket of water and some cloths. "I'm going to go look for my healing potion now," Lucy said, dropping the water and cloths on the table. When Lucy left, Susan started dip the cloths in the water.

"Sorry, but, um, your going to have to take off your shirt," Susan said, blushing, not knowing how to act.

" Oh, sure," he said, starting to pull of his shirt.

Both of them were feeling extremely awkward and embarrassed. Susan knew that he was only doing this because he was hurt and that she shouldn't stare, but part of her wanted to. The part that wanted to look took over the other part and so she stared. His chest was muscled and toned, but it wasn't the over muscular kind. "It was perfect," Susan thought. All of a sudden she had this strange desire to go over and hug him, hoping he would embrace her in his strong arms. Fighting this new desire she hastily looked up at him and tried not to notice him without his shirt on.

Prince Caspian watched Susan as he took off his shirt. He knew he had a good body and never cared what people thought about it. But for some reason standing in front of Susan made him care deeply. He watched as her eyes roamed around his chest and began to feel excited. Never had he felt this way. Now, more than ever he wanted to go up to Susan and wrap his arms around her, never letting go. He saw her eyes shift back upwards to his. Her face was flushed and he couldn't believe the impact he had on her.

"Ok, uh, could you turn around so I can see your cut," Susan questioned.

"Yes, of course," he replied.

Turning around Susan saw a huge cut in the middle of his back. It didn't look scary deep, but it wasn't just a little scratch. Going over she instinctively put the wet cloth on his cut and started to lightly pat it and wash up the blood around it. Realizing how forward that seemed, she immediately stopped and said, "Sorry, I'll stop if you want."

"No, it's all right. Don't stop" Caspian, answered.

He had no idea what possessed him to say that, but he had said it. Caspian all of a sudden felt him wanting her more than anything. This sensation became so strong he couldn't think straight.

Lucy all of a sudden came through the door holding a little glass bottle with liquid inside. Right away, Lucy could tell there was something going on with the two of them and smiled secretly to herself. When Susan and Caspian noticed Lucy was there Susan right away stopped washing his cut and Caspian quickly faced Lucy. Lucy smiled and gave Caspian the healing potion. With just one drop in his mouth his cut healed. Blood was still all over his back, but at least he didn't have the cut.

"Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it," Caspian retorted.

"That's for catching me earlier," Susan mentioned.

"Also could you not tell anybody else about this. I don't want them getting worried over nothing."

"Of course."

They looked right at each other while they said this. Both not wanting to break the gaze they held it there, until Lucy interrupted and said "Well I think it's time for dinner!"

Looking up they nodded and Caspian put back on his shirt and started to walk down the tunnel. Susan then, went to go talk with Lucy. Caspian kept on trying to focus on the war, that everyone was preparing for, but he could only think of one thing, Susan.