I got bored waiting for chapter 3 to write itself, and since I've at least gotten it started, I figure that's fair game for posting this, don't you?

As for time of story, even though to be with cannon it should be in the 70s-ish, we're going to put it in present time with cell phones and e-mail, just to make life fun.

Piper sat, looking out her bedroom window, her mind no where close to the present she was currently living in. If she was, she would be racing around her room, trying to make sure everything was ready for her first day, not just as a senior, but as student body president. Instead, her mind was on a month ago, when Leo had told her he would be staying in San Francisco as opposed to heading off to the Ivey Leagues he'd been accepted to.

-- Flashback --

"I'm staying in San Francisco," Leo announced over one of their coffee dates in the late July heat. They'd done it over the summer to ensure they stayed in touch and ensure that they'd always have something to connect them.

"What do you mean you're staying in San Francisco? I thought you were going to go to Georgetown or Stanford, or Princeton," Piper replied in surprise.

Leo shrugged. "SFU has a great pre-med program. Plus, I'll get to do all of the networking I need to for med school right here."

It still didn't make sense. "You were accepted to some schools kids only dream of being accepted to and you want to stay here?"

Leo shot her an odd look. "Is there something wrong with me staying?"

Piper sighed. It wasn't the first time they'd discussed his post-secondary education. He'd been so excited to get his acceptance letters and she'd been more than happy for him – if a little upset to remember that chances were he'd been hundreds if not thousands of miles away in the coming year – and proud of him. "Of course not, but you're giving up an opportunity people would kill for."

For his part, Leo had hoped Piper would take his side. She'd always supported him, well, ever since they'd bonded so securely though his last year of high school, and he'd crossed his fingers that the support he'd come to look for from her, would come in this situation too. "There's a lot of pros to me staying here."

"Cons too," she pointed out. "Think of the connections you could make at those Ivey Leagues. Think of the people who would come talk to your classes as guest lecturers or the drive and ambition that would come with one of those schools."

"SFU's no slouch for pre-med," Leo contradicted. "I'll make the same connections probably get the same guest lectures and plus, this way I get to stay close to UCSF. I can meet all of my potential grad-school professors… Plus, Nick's here, you're here… I don't see as many cons to staying as I do pros."

"You can't make a choice based on your friends," Piper scolded. "You need to go to some far away school, get out of San Francisco. Heck, Leo, you've got scholarships no matter where you go, why not take advantage and go somewhere with an impeccable reputation."

Leo looked at Piper carefully. "Do you want me to go?"

"What?" She hadn't expected the conversation to take this turn.

"Do you want me to leave? Do you want me out of San Francisco?"

"How can you even ask that!?" Piper exclaimed. "Of course not, but I want what's best for you."

"And I don't know what's best for me?"

Piper was getting exasperated. "Of course you do, I just think that you're looking at the wrong factors."

"Because I'm looking outside the rational factors? Piper," he reached out and grasped one of her hands. His inklings of feelings towards her had blossomed and grown since he'd met her. In the beginning, she was intriguing. By prom, she was interesting and beautiful and now that he spent so much time with her, she was even more than that.

"Friends are just as important to me as my education is. I don't want to be so far away from you."

"You're letting emotion come into this, you're not looking at the pros and cons."

Leo raised an eyebrow in the way that he knew infuriated her. "Because people aren't pros and cons?"

"You're not listening to me!"

Leo let go of her hand, leaning back in his chair at the outburst. Piper was really working herself up over all of this and he had no idea why it mattered so much. "What's going on, Pip? Why is this such an issue with us?"

If Piper had been calmer she probably would have been able to give him a rational explanation as to why she wanted him to go. She would have been able to tell him that his success mattered to her and the only way he was going to get that success was if he went away to the schools that bred it. But that wasn't what came out of her mouth. "Because a few years down the line, when you're applying to medical school, I don't want you to look back on this and say 'I wish I hadn't chosen her over my future'."

He knew his stunned look mirrored hers and before he could stop her, before he could even recover, she was up and out of her seat, fleeing towards the exit of the shop and into the summer heat. By the time he got his feet back under him, by the time his brain had processed that she worried he would resent her for his decision – and by extension that Nick hadn't come up since he'd mentioned him – he knew she was long gone.

-- End Flashback --

She hadn't answered any of his calls, any of his e-mails and had made sure Phoebe, Prue and Grams told him she wasn't home when he actually showed up at her door. She hadn't talked to Leo in over a month and it had hit her that morning that he could have been a huge help to her going into the fall semester.

It still bothered her that he hadn't changed his mind. Leo had accepted SFU and that's where he would be going to school in less than a week. Piper had heard through Nick that he and Leo were going to be can-mates, sharing a bathroom in between their bedrooms. The worst part was, even more so since Nick hadn't denied it when she'd asked, she knew, no matter what had happened between them, no matter how angry she was that he was throwing away his future, Piper had been a factor in Leo's decision to stay in San Francisco.

And she would never be comfortable with that.

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