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Chapter 7: Lies with Fire (Infernas)

Some deeds do not go unpunished, and I'm afraid what those young Puritan girls thought a game, came back to haunt them as well. The story goes that in the late 1600s, a trio of young girls accused random people of witchcraft. This accusations, which I dare ask if there was a need for them, caused the death of over eleven innocents, and the disappearance of the three young girls that accused them. However, now that I see this creatures engulfed in flames, I wonder if those girls are truly gone….

They came up to me, once, all three looked normal to the human eye, a white Puritan dress, short black hair, and in their delicate hands a hand made doll. I was confused at first, but retreated when this 'girls', dare I say, transformed into some sort of creature covered in flames. I was lucky to escape their infernal clutches…I will not dare to make the same mistake. Could it be that this girls only come here to play…a diabolical game?

After escaping Carnate, I was able to deduced that, like all the evil that this island hid, those creatures were no surprise. They represented the burning of the eleven people that those girls accused…it is a pity that such young girls were cursed to forever linger in this world, suffering the punishment of those gone past. Staying in this place brings out the worst in people…and those girls were not an exception…and they may not find that peace they were meant for here…nobody does.


Here we go round the prickly pear

Prickly pear prickly pear

Here we go round the prickly pear

At five o'clock in the morning.

The poem at the end, you may notice, is an excerpt from "The Hollow Men" poem by T.S Eliot, you may recognize it...at least those who have read it before...I thought it fitted well with this story...anyway, hope you read and left a review!