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Today is the day. The day I get my life back.

The day I lose my idiot user of a boyfriend.

The day I lose my rude slut of a so-called "Best friend".

I can't wait.

I once had a real best friend. Actually, I once had five best friends. But after I changed, they all left.

One by one. And when Alice finally left, I knew I was alone.

My "boyfriend", Mike, was the most popular kid in the school. He liked me, and I thought I liked him. But I know now.

He is a vile, stupid, gross, rude, terrible, annoying, horrible, pressuring, ugly, asshole of a boy... And so many other words...

And Lauren, my so-called best friend. She's just as bad as him.

And those assholes think that they can change me without a fight. It worked for awhile, but I'm back.

And I'm not going anywhere.

He tried to pressure me into sex.

Not gonna happen.

She changed the way I dress. She changed me. I am faded.

But I'm changing rapidly.

It's all becoming clear now.

I hope my best friends are waiting...

Because here I come.