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And, lol, I find it humorous that everyone was wanting me to have Edward come to the rescue (which I didn't go with, since it would be waayyy to cliche. And, it's too soon in the story.) I was actually thinking of using Emmett, but then redid it, going with someone else... 'Cause I can totally picture this scene! And it's way too fun to pass up!


"Fuck you, Black!" Leah laughed as we ran down the hall, having told the teacher that she wasn't feeling well. In reality, we were just in the mood for ditching. Biology fucking sucked. That, and, Sam was actually here today, and Leah didn't want to be around him, especially not while she was on her period. I know, I didn't wanted to know that either, but, hey, what can you do when your girlfriend is crying and needing comfort? Just stand there in silence? No, you comfort her and ask her what's wrong. Even when she tries to push you away and screams "BACK THE FUCK OFF, BLACK".

As we ran down the hall, getting annoyed glances from the teachers in the various classrooms that had their doors open (Leah just laughed, I tried to throw an apologizing glance in the split second I had to actually do so), I caught a glimpse of something that set a fire directly down my spine. I silently screeched to a stop, pulling a curious and somewhat annoyed Leah along with me. I wrapped my arm instinctively around her waist and pulled her back to the hall we'd just passed. "What the hell, Ja-" I shushed her, and then peered around the corner, my eyes dropping on a familiar couple, Mike and Bella.

Bella. The last time I'd talked to her was. . .A few days ago. She seemed stressed, out of it, panicky, scared about something. I'd just assumed that she - too - was on her period, and shook it off. When I'd asked her about her and Mike, she'd told me, with a shaky voice, that it was going fine. But now, I saw what I'd been too blind to see before. The disgust and panic clear in her face, the evil glint of his eyes as he moves his hands over her body- . . .The bastard! I could tell Leah was about to open her big mouth and comment, too, but I was quick to cover it. She bit my finger, and instead of turning to glare at her as I would have normally, I threw myself at them and tore Mike off of her, throwing him against the wall as hard as I could, knocking the air out of his lungs.

Shock in his face, he tried to run, but I pinned him to the wall before he could get too far, "Listen here, you pathetic bastard, the next time you touch my friend Bells over there," I smirked at his frightened expression cruelly, "the whole La Push gang is going to come down here and do some SERIOUS damage. All courtesy of Jacob Black. Oh, and, don't think I won't say anything to Chief Swan. He will be informed very clearly of everything you did today and every other fucking day you touched Bella. See, that's what happens when you mess with Jacob Black's friends. Now watch it, or I might just have to take the time to conjure up a punishment that matches the crime. . ." His eyes held disbelief, so I pulled away to let Leah - who had been comforting Bella while calling Charlie on her cell - scare him a bit. She grinned at me and I pulled her against me, nipping at her neck playfully - causing her to giggle - before letting her go, taking her previous position. Leah started out similiar to how I had, and I laughed at her technique.

Raising him off the ground, she growled, "Listen, punk-"

And then I tuned out, wrapping my arms around Bella, who laughed awkwardly, returning the gesture with a certain hesitance that she'd inherited from her father. I smiled down at my former best friend, "Didn't I tell you that I'd always be there when you needed me?"

She smiled meekly at me, "Thanks, Jake."

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