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Parental Control
Chapter 1: Blossom

Meet Blossom, she's going out with Dexter (A/N - This has nothing to do with my other story). Blossom thinks he's found the one, but her parents think otherwise. So, they're taking control by hand-choosing two boys for Blossom for a blind date. And, at the end of the day, Blossom will have to choose which boy she'll keep seeing: Dexter, her boyfriend of two months, or one of the new guys her parents chose. And if you think this is hard for Blossom, imagine how her boyfriend will feel while he has to watch his girlfriend sit down with his parents and watch the dates…

(Theme Music)

The happy family…

Their Beloved daughter…

and her loser boyfriend

So, they're taking control.

"Hi, I'm Blossom, I'm 17, a senior in high school, my boyfriend's name is Dexter, and I think he's just perfect for me." Blossom said, as she showed up on TV.

Switch to the Professor and his wife (Ms. Keane).

"Well, first of all, Dexter's always pointing out random facts," Mr. Utonium started.

"And sometimes, they're disgusting!" Mrs. Utonium said.

Shows a time with Blossom and Dexter

"Hmm… hey, Dexter, do you want a sandwich?" Blossom asked him with a smile.

"Sure." he answered back with a smile too.

"Okay, can you get me some of the peanut butter?" she asked, gesturing to the pantry.

"Oh, no can do, Blossom. Did you know that in one pound of peanut butter it typically can contain up to 150 bug fragments and 5 rodent hairs." he stated.

Blossom runs out of the room covering her mouth.

Back to the Professor and Ms. Keane.

"And if that isn't enough, he always brags on and on about his genius!" Mr. Utonium said angrily.


"I, Dexter, Boy Genius…"

"Dexter, the Boy Genius shall…"

"Well, I am a Boy Genius…"

"Blossom, go get the Boy Genius some water."

"Boy Genius…"

Back to the parents

"Well, Dexter…" Mr. Utonium started.

"Boy Genius…" Mrs. Utonium continued.

"YOU'RE OUT OF HERE!" They both yelled together.

The Interviews…


"Hi, I'm A.J." (A/N – again, has nothing to do with The Fight for her Heart)

"Hi, A.J., what do you do for a living?" Mrs. Utonium asked.

"I'm a freshman at Harvard in hopes of becoming a great scientist," A.J. answered.

"A scientist, huh?" Mr. Utonium said with a smile.

"Yes," A.J. said smiling that he had pleased the Professor.

"Well, A.J., do you play any sports?" Mr. Utonium asked.

"Well, I'm more of an indoors kind of guy, so I'm gonna have to say no."

Mrs. Utonium frowned in disappointment, while Mr. Utonium smiled as if understanding.

"What's one word you would use to described yourself?" Mrs. Utonium asked.


"Perfect." Mr. Utonium said, but his wife elbowed him.

"Well, A.J., why should we pick you to go out with our daughter?" Mrs. Utonium asked.

"I'm smart, I can show her a good time at the library, at my house with my Crimson Chin and Crash Nebula action figures, and anywhere else she wants to go."

"Thank you, A.J., we'll call you, if we choose you." Mrs. Utonium smiled.

"Thank you." A.J. smiled as he left.

The creepy guy with a Mohawk come in like in all the other episodes

"Oh, my!" Mrs. Utonium gasped as he walked in.

"Now, now, dear, we have to give everyone a chance…" Mr. Utonium reminded her.

"Y-yes, um," she looked down at the list of names… "Viper…" she continued with a grimace.

Viper smiled and did that little half nod thing guys do.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I dropped out of school and joined a rock band, and I'm a host at a club."

Mrs. Utonium looked at her husband as she whispered, "Next, PLEASE!"

Mr. Utonium was thinking the same thing when he heard that Viper dropped out of school.

"Thank you, we'll call you if we choose you…"

"Whatever." Viper said as he walked out.

"He was scary…" Mrs. Utonium said.

"Indeed he was…" Mr. Utonium said as he watched him leave.

Skipping all the stupid interviews…

"Wow, is there anyone for her?" Mrs. Utonium asked herself more than to her husband.

"There's A.J." he answered.

"Ya, but what about the second one?"

"Hm…" Mr. Utonium said, thinking.

"Oh, there's one more! Thank god, I almost lost hope…"

Brick (Ya, I know "YAY!")

Brick came in with a smile on his face.

"Hey, I remember you! You were one of the Rowdyruff Boys, and one of Mojo's sons!" Mr. Utonium yelled, remembering.

"Haha, ya… Sorry for causing so much trouble before and yes I'm one of Mojo's son, but I didn't think I'd be recognized so quickly…" Brick smiled sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

"Brick, what do you do for a living?" Mrs. Utonium asked.

"I'm in my senior year at Foothill, and I've qualified for the Gates scholarship. (A/N – The Gates scholarship is for super smart people because it pretty much pays for all of your tuition fees, I think. By the way, Foothill is the high school I'll go to when I'm a freshman lol). AndI plan to go to Dartmouth to become a great doctor."

"Wow! The Gates Scholarship!" Mrs. Utonium smiled happily, clapping her hands.

"Ahh, the Gates Scholarship…" Mr. Utonium said, reminiscing about how happy he was when he got that scholarship.

"Well, then do you play any sports?" Mr. Utonium asked.


"Like?" Mrs. Utonium asked, interested in how perfect he could possibly be.

"Well, I mostly play basketball, but I'm in a lot of other sports like: track, cross-country, soccer, football, I tried hockey, lacrosse, tennis, and…"

Mr. Utonium cut him off, "Wow, that's enough. I guess you don't have very many extra-curricular activities then, huh?"

"No, actually, sir, I'm in the science club, the math team, leadership, an honorary member of CSF, in Yearbook, I play the piano, violin, drums, guitar, electric guitar, I joined a band with my brothers, and… ya that's about it."

"Wow, no wonder you got the Gates Scholarship." Mr. Utonium said, surprised.

"Wow, you really are a male version of Blossom!" Mrs. Utonium exclaimed, with a smile.

"Well, I don't think we need any more answers, we'll call you when we've decided." Mrs. Utonium tried to say calmly. "Oh, who am I kidding! You are perfect for Blossom!"

Brick smiled happily. "Thank you!" he thanked them.

"Thank you, Brick make sure you're at our house around… 3."

"Yes, sir!" Brick exclaimed as he waved goodbye when he left through the door.

"Well, I think we've decided on Brick and A.J., right?"

"Ya, I hope Blossom chooses Brick though."

"Me too."

The next day…

A.J.'s up first, will his love of science strike Blossom's heart, or will she make him depart? (A/N- Yes, I know that was lame rhyming, but I'm not good at poetry)

Blossom's POV

I know that my parents are setting me up on 2 blind dates, but I don't know about my dad's taste in men… I'm not worried about my mom, I mean she chose my dad.

My dad's pick is up first, and when I saw him walk in I couldn't help but notice that he had a cute face, but not very many muscles.

Dexter's POV

My girlfriend's stupid parents are trying to split me and Blossom apart, but I don't think that will happen, I mean, I'm the best choice for her! (You should really read the reviews for the other story lol)

Anyway, when he walked in, the first thing I noticed was that he was BALD! HAHA! LOSER! He has some nerve to try and come to Blossom with her long and luscious hair when he's BALD!

Normal POV (11:00)

"Hi, I'm A.J."

"Hi, A.J., this is my boyfriend, Dexter."

"Charmed…" Dexter said, as he took the hand that A.J. held out to him.

"So, Blossom, we should get going."


A.J. and Blossom left, heading to the Library.

Mr. and Mrs. Utonium sat down next to each other on the couch.

"Well, let's get this started."

They turned on the TV and they saw both Blossom and A.J. sitting at the library.

At the library…

"What kind of books do you like?" A.J. asked.

"Well, promise you won't laugh?" Blossom asked.

"Promise." he assured her.

"Ok, I really like reading romance novels…" Blossom blushed, embarrassed.

"That's cool." he said, smiling. "Well, I like writing, so what do you say we try and write a short story together?"

"Sure," Blossom said.

Back at home

"How lame is that!? Write a story! Dude, switch with me! I'll show her a WAY better time than you!" Dexter yelled at the TV

"Shut up."

"Oh, yeah! Nice come back!"

"You're gone."

Back to the library

"Here, tell me if it's any good," A.J. said, holding it out for her.

"Wow, that… was interesting!" she said laughing at the story that he had written, she looked at the title, "That's a cool title 'The Fight for Her Heart'" XP

"I think my time's up, maybe I should take you back home to your boyfriend."


A.J. kissed Blossom on the cheek.

Blossom blushed but kept on walking with him back.


Dexter's POV


When she sat back down, she tried to hug my arm, but I shoved her away.

"Oh? What's wrong, Dexter? Worried now?" the Professor asked me with a smug grin.

"Well, you ain't seen nothing yet, 'cuz here comes the best guy yet."

Brick walked in with the same smile, his red cap, his hair was short, he was wearing a red tee-shirt with a black stripe, black pants, and black tennis shoes.

Blossom's POV

I was almost happy that it was Brick, because he's not a total stranger to me.

But, not only that, but he was SMOKING HOT!

I really couldn't wait to see what he'll do on the date. I'm excited thinking about it!

Dexter's POV

Dear lord, it's the hoodlum.

He just can't go one day without bothering me can he?

Well, at least I know for sure Blossom will choose me even more now.

Brick's POV

When I came in, the first thing I noticed was Blossom, who was wearing a pink tee shirt, a white somewhat short skirt, her hair was still as long as ever, but it was pushed back by a red ribbon, with pink and white ballet shoes (flats).

The second thing I noticed…

Dear lord, it's Dorkster.

How did that… that… goddess end up with… Dorkster?

Dorkster and I were already glaring at each other.

Normal POV

"Yo, Bloss," Brick greeted, grabbing her hand and pulling her off the couch. Somehow he had gracefully spun her around, with her holding onto him, with his arm around her waist.


"Geez, Dorkster… you'd think you'd be more mature than to call me that, I mean we are 17 now." Brick said, rolling his eyes.


"How am I a fraud in any way?"

"Y-you! You know what that means?"

"Do you think I'm stupid, Dorkster?"

"I – "

"Let's go, Blossom." Brick said, as he lead Blossom to the doorway, ignoring Dexter.

"Ya, this is definitely the last time we'll see you." Mr. and Mrs. Utonium told him.

With Brick and Blossom

"Brick? Where are we going?"

"We're going to an amusement park."


"Over here." he said pointing to an amusement park.

"But… there's no one here…"

"You wouldn't believe how far just mentioning you're a son of Mojo will take you." Brick said. (Mojo is good in this, and he has worked with the Professor and has created many inventions that are used by the government in this fic)


"Rented? No. They practically gave it to me."


"Ya, now there's no lines for the two of us… all day."

Brick flied Blossom to one of the rollercoasters.

Back at the house…

"As expected of one of my best friend's son, so smart…"

"Whatever, wasn't he a villain before?"

"Note the word was."

Dexter rolled his eyes and looked away.

With Brick and Blossom

Blossom was screaming with enjoyment on the rollercoaster.

"Look! The camera!"

The camera flashed right as Brick and Blossom both showed their V-sign with their tongue sticking out.

When the ride was over, they went to get the picture and Brick spotted something.

"C'mon!" Brick pulled her over to a photo booth.

Blossom smiled. She was having so much fun!

They sat inside. The first picture was just a simple picture with them both smiling and sitting like normal people.

The second picture had them doing bunny ears to each other.

The third was them both sticking their tongues out.

The fourth had Brick with a red ribbon on his head with confusion on his face while Blossom was holding his hat and putting the ribbon on him.

The fifth had Blossom with the hat on, laughing with her eyes closed.

The sixth had them both smiling with their faces close with the tongue sticking out and the V-sign, their accessories switched.

The final one had a kiss.

(I won't go into too much detail about it, but I'll tell you that it lasted a while with some lip biting and entrance granting and ya… :P)

Back at the house

"You are SO GONE!" Mr. and Mrs. Utonium yelled in Dexter's face.

Dexter was so mad that Brick had kissed Blossom that he had pulled out a laser and shot the TV, so he didn't know what would happen anymore.

"Hey! Respect other's property!" Mr. Utonium yelled at Dexter.

Back with the reds

Brick took Blossom's hand as they ran to the stands with the little games and stuff.

"See anything you like?" Brick asked Blossom, pointing to all the prizes.

Blossom looked around, when she found little dolls of the puffs and ruffs. They had gotten pretty famous.

Blossom pointed over at the Brick doll.

Brick smiled as he went to the stand. It was a basket ball one, something he was really good at.

Brick had gotten the prize easily as he passed her the doll. The owner person was nice enough to give him a second prize for "such a cute girl".

I'll remember that when I come back here again… Brick thought jealously.

Brick obviously got the Blossom doll.

They smiled holding them up.

"So, what is it that your parents hate about Dorkster?"

"Well, what they hate is that apparently, he states a lot of disgusting facts…"

"Like what?"

"Like when I was about to kiss him, he told me that he nose drips into the back of the mouth and you may get mucus mixed with saliva when kissing."

"Ew… sorry I asked."

"Ya, I know."

Brick looked at his watch.

"Dang, I have to take you home." Brick said, disappointed. He looked over at Blossom to find that she was just as disappointed as he was. He smiled. "But, you know, if you choose me, you can have fun like this all the time."

Blossom smiled as she returned home.

Her decision…

A.J., Dexter, and Brick are standing there in the room when Blossom came down, meaning she made her decision.

"Mom, Dad, I know why you chose A.J., he's smart, cute, and sweet, the kind of guy I like." Blossom said, turning to her parents.

"And Brick is just amazing. He knows everything I want before I know it."

"Dexter, you've been my boyfriend for two months, and it's been fun. It's awesome being with you."

"Unfortunately, I have to eliminate one of you right now."

"And the person I choose is…"

"A.J., I'm sorry, but I think you're just too sensitive for me…" Blossom said, turning to A.J.

"Whatever, b-tch, you weren't even that hot anyway." A.J. said as he walked away.

It took a lot of Brick's resistance to not leave and beat the crap out of A.J. and I mean A LOT.

"Dexter, you're really smart, sweet, but I don't know if I want to be with a guy who always tells me weird facts like how I'll shake hands with a guy who recently masturbates and didn't wash his hands 6 times in my lifetime."

Brick visibly got grossed out by that fact.

"Brick, you're my counterpart, so you're practically another me. But, I kind of believe in the phrase 'opposites attract.'"

"But despite that… the boy I choose… is…"

Brick gulped and didn't dare to blink.


Blossom's parents rejoiced happily, as Brick ran up to Blossom and spun her around while hugging her.

Her parents rushed Dexter out of the house and laughed triumphantly.

"TAKE THAT!" They yelled at Dexter.

"Whatever…" Dexter muttered as the camera man continued to film him.

"GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!" he yelled as he started crying. The camera man zoomed in.

Brick and Blossom were sitting on the couch.

"I thought you said that you believed in opposites attract…" Brick half stated, half asked.

"I only said that because I couldn't find anything wrong with you!" Blossom answered.

Her parents were still rejoicing in the back.

Now that Blossom and Brick are together, who will be next on, Parental Control?

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