Chapter 5

"I thought I might find you here," Street rolled his wheelchair over to where Tim was standing on the football field.

"Julie called you?" Tim asked.

"She was worried," Street spoke. "Wanna talk about it?"

"Do you remember that summer when Julie and I were broken up? She brought it up tonight and it was like all the pain came flooding back."

"That was a nasty summer that is for sure," Street nodded. "But you know, you guys are married. You're in love. You found your way back to each other. Stop dwelling in the past and move forward. Start that family you guys were talking about tonight."

"Yeah… We've all come so far since Dillon…" Tim smiled.

"Some of us…" Street choked.

"No, look at you. You and Lyla are married and she is going to have a baby soon… I'd say you're doing better than most of us," Tim grinned.

"Maybe… "


"Julie, you're going to be late for your first day of work," Tami called through Julie's bedroom door. It was her last summer at home. Soon she would be going away to school and she couldn't be more excited to get Away from all the memories.

"I'll almost ready," Julie called out as she pulled her hair into a pony tail. She loved life guarding during the summer. Most days it was the easiest job ever. Julie glanced at herself in the mirror one more time before opening the door to her parents hovering near the front door with Gracie Belle. They were all dressed in their swimming suits.

"Nuh- uh!" Julie shook her head as she grabbed her car keys from where they hung near the front door.

"Come on, Jules. We only have two months with you before you head out to Georgia…" Eric pleaded.

"Fine. But I'm driving my own car," Julie smiled as she dashed out the door.

"I think she's realizing how much she will miss us," Tami grinned.

Julie sat at her lifeguard tower watching all of Dillon, it seemed, splash around in the pool. The summers were so hot in Dillon, the pool was the only way to cool off. Landry, Tyra, and Lyla were all swimming around the deep end when Matt walked over to Julie.

"Hey, I didn't see you after graduation," Matt spoke casually. "My grandmother wanted a picture of us together."

"Yeah, I wasn't really in the mood to hang out there too long," Julie's eyes darted straight to Tim walking through the gate. "What's he doing here?"

"It's a public pool… He must be home for the summer," Matt sighed.

"I really wish this wasn't my job right now, so I could leave."

"What happened between you two anyway?" Matt asked as they watched Tim attempt to talk to Lyla and Tyra. Tyra completely ignored him as Lyla just shrugged. Tim looked up and caught Julies eyes. It took her breath away as she quickly looked elsewhere. Julie looked up just in time to see her father pulling Tim to the side.

"Hey coach," Tim spoke nervous about what Eric was going to say.

"Tim, I just wanted to talk to you about your next season… How are the bulldogs looking this year?" Eric asked.

"Oh," Tim smiled. "I thought you were going to say something about Julie…"

"Is something wrong with Julie?' Eric asked.

"She broke up with me, Coach. Something happened on her spring break and I tried to tell her what happened but she wouldn't believe me," Tim's eyes watered but he restrained himself.

"I had no idea. Tami and I had no idea you and Julie weren't together anymore," Eric was shocked. He looked over at his daughter and saw the deep sadness in her eyes.

"I don't know what to do, coach. She is all I think about all the time."

"Hang in there. If things were meant to be, they will work out. Jules is going to Georgia for college in the fall… I'm counting on you to keep an eye on her," Coach explained.

"I have to get her talking to me first," Tim sighed as Eric held out his hand for Tim to shake.

"Just hang in there, son."

Meanwhile at the Tower, Matt and Julie were watching Eric walk away from Tim.

"What do you think that was about?" Matt asked.

"I never told my parents Tim and I broke up," Julie sighed.

"How come?" Matt asked.

"Because if I said it out loud it would be true," Julie quickly whispered.

"HELP!" A voice cried from the water. It was Tim. He was swimming in the very deep end and he was struggling to catch his breath. Julie rolled her eyes. Tim was just trying to get her attention. She noticed the crowds of people staring back and forth from her to Tim.

"Do something!" One of the children cried out. Tim was now under the water, no longer struggling. Julie gasped before jumping into the pool after Tim. She pulled him above surface. His lips were blue. She began CPR.

"I thought he was faking," Julie heard Tyra whisper to Lyla.

All of a sudden, water spit out of Tim's mouth. He looked up at Julie and smiled.

"Like an angel," Tim whispered.

"Tim, I was so scared," Julie started sobbing as she ran towards the bathroom.

"Tim, are you okay?" Lyla asked as Tyra followed Julie. "You didn't fake that drowning, did you?"

"It started that way… But I got a cramp in my side and I lost control," Tim sat up.

"You really freaked her out," Matt shook his head as he walked out of the gate.

"She still loves me, huh?" Tim asked.

"You don't deserve it," Lyla shook her head as she helped Tim up. Tim watched as Julie and Tyra came out of the bathroom. Tim walked over to Julie.

"Are you okay?" Tim asked her gently.

"The question should be are you okay?" Julie asked shyly.

"I'm fine, thanks to you. You saved my life."

"I can't believe you would pull a stunt like that, Tim. If you wanted my attention, all you had to do was ask," Julie sighed as she climbed back up the tower.

"Yeah right, I have called you everyday for the past month and a half. You never answer…"

"Because there isn't anything left to say…"

"I never had sex with that girl. I haven't had sex with anyone but you for the past year and a half since we've been together. I would never do that."

"This really isn't the time or place, Tim."

"Tonight. I will pick you up from your house and we will talk…" Tim almost came across demanding.

"Okay. I will see you at seven!" Julie agreed. Tim was shocked.

"Seven it is."

Later that night, Tim was walking with Julie into Applebee's, he reached down to grab her hand. She shook it away.

"You look really pretty tonight," Tim mentioned.

"Thanks. You look nice too," Julie replied as they slid into a booth. "Tim, I just have to ask… You really haven't been with anyone other than me?"

"I swear on everything, Julie," Tim promised. "Can we please get back together?"

"I don't know… We'll see what happens, okay?" Julie asked.

"Okay," Tim agreed.

End Flashback

"What happened after that?" Street asked. "How long did she make you wait?"

Tim laughed.


Julie had Tim pushed up against the door of his room at Billy's house a couple weeks after the pool incident. They had spent a lot of time together strictly as friends but the chemistry was undeniable.

"Jules," Tim pulled away. "What happened to seeing what happens?"

"I want you… Do you want me?" Julie asked as she kissed his neck.

"More than you know… Are you really sure about this?" Tim asked.

"Shh," Julie put her hand over his mouth. "Kiss me."

Tim obliged and they fell back onto his bed. Hours later, Tim was stroking Julie's hair.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Tim asked.

"Yes, I do…" Julie smiled.

"I have to leave for school this weekend… Do you want to ride together?" Tim asked.

Julie nodded.

End Flashback

"What's wrong?" Lyla asked Julie as they sipped on their drinks at a local coffee shop.

"Tim really wants a baby," Julie sighed.

"That's what the honeymoon is for," Lyla winked as she rubbed her belly. Julie frowned.

"I don't think I can have children," Julie declared as tears fell from her eyes.

To Be Continued