Three years have past and a lot has changed. Brooke Scott is a huge success. She is the face of a company and she has a 3-year-old son and is married to her famous author of a husband Lucas Scott. Have things changed more drastically for her than just success though?


Brooke ran through the door her eyes filled with tears and her mascara running down her face she was wearing her nice clothes her hair was in messed up curls and her feet were in incredible pain from her high heels but that was the least of her worries right now. Lucas ran after her.

"Brooke please stop just let me explain everything!" Lucas pleaded as he grabbed her arm trying to stop her from running away any further. Brooke yanked her arm out of his grasp and gave him a glare.

"Get your filthy hands off of me you pig! … Get out of my house right now! I can't believe you could do this! To me! to our son! How could you Lucas? I hate you!" she yelled getting angry but the tears kept falling. She clutched her fist and pounded on his chest repeating the same words "I hate you" "how could you do it" Lucas' eyes began to fill up with tears he never wanted this … any of it. He really did love Brooke and his son and he never stopped. Lucas grabbed her arms stopping her from pounding his chest Brooke stopped looked him in his blue teary eyes and fell to the ground bawling in tears. Lucas knelt down and took her in his arm trying to somehow stop this pain he had caused. Brooke pulled away after about five minutes of sobbing. She wiped her face although that didn't do much good because the tears just kept coming.

"I wish things could be different Lucas because I still love you but … you need to pack your things and leave … please don't argue with me!" Brooke said knowing what he was about to say "just pack your things and go" Brooke said as she got up walked to the bathroom locking the door and sobbed in the bath tub.

"Brooke please … don't do this … I am sorry" Lucas went on and on for about an hour trying to make her forgive him but he heard no words just sobs and cries. He gave up after an hour… he finally packed his things and walked out the door.

Brooke wiped her tears and got out of the bathtub. She looked at her self in the mirror and it just made her want to cry even more … she had never cried this bad not even when her mom died. Brooke couldn't cry now though she had to worry about her son so she called Haley.

"Hello?" Haley answered her phone.

"Hey hales … how has he been?" Brooke asked in her raspier than usual voice.

"He is fine he has been really good … they are watching a movie right now actually" Haley said.

"Oh uhm ok" Brooke started but was cut off by Haley.

"Brooke what happened?" Haley asked worried.

"Oh nothing …" Brooke began but was cut off by Haley again

"Brooke I have been friends with you for too long to not know when something is wrong! Tell me what is going on Brooke Scott!" Haley said

"Davis … I am Brooke Davis not Brooke Scott." Brooke said strongly "hey hales can he stay there with you tonight?" Brooke asked

"Of course he can but what's going on br…" Haley began but was cut off

"I have to go bye" Brooke said and hung up. Haley looked at her phone in worry and confusion.


Brooke's eyes were worn out from all the crying but for some reason she couldn't stop crying. She was terrified. Terrified that these were the last days she would ever be known as Brooke Scott. Was she wrong? She remembered the day the people wanted to put Brooke Davis as the face of the company but Brooke said no … she was sure Lucas and her would be together till death. Was she really wrong? Could this horrible event break apart her marriage?

After Brooke got off the phone with Haley she took a long hot shower and got into some pajamas. Brooke was tired but all the thoughts in her mind wouldn't let her sleep not now. So Brooke got out a tub of chocolate ice cream … champagne … and a box of photos. Brooke sat down in her living room and poured the champagne ate the ice cream and went through the photos. Brooke looked for pictures of her and Lucas and she slowly ripped each one in half and sent them to a pile. After she had enough of that she pushed the box of pictures away and looked up. Right in front of her on the coffee table was a photo album it was her wedding pictures. She took a drink of her champagne and thought am I really willing to do that? Brooke sat and though and then the memories and the pictures from earlier this evening came rushing back.

Flash back:

Brooke had been asked to come to one of those movie premieres tonight. Her and Lucas got dressed up and went to watch the movie. The movie was nice at least for Brooke … Lucas got up and walked out half way through saying he would be right back. After the movie was over Brooke walked over to their hotel room they got ready at. Brooke opened the door and her heart fell. It felt like someone chopped her heart into a million pieces. There on their hotel bedroom was her husband and her best friend lying naked with each other.

"Wha …what is going on?" Brooke asked confused.

"Oh god Brooke I am so sorry" Peyton pleaded as she covered her self under the blanket.

"Sorry foe what?" Brooke asked

"Brooke I can explain …" Lucas began but Brooke put her hand up telling Lucas to shut up.

"Explain what Peyton!?" Brooke asked angry again the tears beginning to form in her eyes. She slowly walked over to Peyton who was in dead silence due to fear.

"I said! Explain what Peyton!" Brooke said more angry Brooke was furious now she yanked at Peyton's hair causing her to get up from off of the bed.

"I am sorry Brooke … it … it just happened." Peyton said

"Just happened! How does just getting naked in bed with your best friends husband JUST HAPPEN?!" Brooke asked angry as she pushed Peyton back hard and Peyton hit the wall. Lucas cut in before this got any further. He grabbed Brooke by the waist stopping her from beating the crap out of Peyton. Brooke calmed down after a while and Lucas let go but as soon as Lucas let go Brooke punched Peyton Square in the face and Lucas picked Brooke up and took her outside.

"Brooke you need to relax and let me explain!" Lucas said

"Tell me this is her fault!" Brooke said angry and the tears now began to fall once again.

"I could but then it would be a lie" Lucas said ashamed.

"No this can't be happening!" Brooke said as she began to bawl she ran her hands through her hair.

"I am sorry Brooke!" Lucas said

"Don't talk to me … just … just stay away from me!" Brooke said and ran into the car.

End of flash back.

After Brooke remembered the horrible event tears fell once again … silent tears … sad tears. Brooke got tooken out of her train of thought by a knock at the door.

"Go away! If it is you Lucas I have a gun!" Brooke said as she wiped her tears. Brooke heard the door begin to unlock and she watched Haley come into her house.

"How the hell did you get in?" Brooke asked as she stood up strongly wiped her tears and picked up the things she was just using.

"Like I said earlier … I have been friends with you for too long … I know where you hide your key" Haley began and Brooke nodded.

"I guess it is time for a new hiding spot then" Brooke said

"Brooke stop avoiding it! I am your best friend and I am here for you! … Talk to me!" Haley said

"What's there to tell? Me and Lucas are gone … done … over with!" Brooke said and she began to wash dishes.

"Why?" Haley asked knowing it would break Brooke down.

"Because I don't stay with cheating and lying pigs!" Brooke said angry but sad at the same time.

"Brooke come on, stop it! Stop hiding your heart!" Haley said

"Fine you want to know the whole story! The man who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with and the man I though I would die in his arms with and the father of my child, the love of my life cheated on me with one of my best friends! Oh and just to top it off from what I understand tonight wasn't the first night! I guess it has been going on for about a month!" Brooke said and the tears began to fall again.

"Oh come here Brooke!" Haley said and took Brooke into a hug. Brooke cried into her shoulder.

"Come on" Haley said and took her to sit on the couch.

"So how did you figure it out?" Haley asked

"I walked in on them," Brooke said as she wiped her tears.

"Wow … and I though Lucas was smart" Haley said and shook her head.

"I don't even care any more" Brooke lied.

"Really?" Haley asked and held up the torn pictures.

"Ok so I care! But I don't want to talk about it!" Brooke admitted, "So how is Caleb?" Brooke asked

"He is fine Amanda and him are sound asleep Nathan is up keeping an eye on them for a while" Haley explained

"That's good … so Amanda the panda is starting pre- school soon! Are you excited!" broke asked trying to get her mind off the subject.

"Ok brook I tried but I can't do it! This is a big deal and hiding the situation isn't going to fix this situation at all! Listen why don't you stay at our place tonight … I don't want you around all these pictures and memories" Haley said and Brooke nodded in agreement before she went to pack her things.


"Hey there baby boy … everything is going to be just fine baby boy ...mommy is right here" Brooke said as she ran her hand through the sleeping boys hair. Brooke kissed his forehead and went back out into the kitchen.

"Hey thanks for offering for me to stay here tonight guys … it means a lot to know I have you here" Brooke said and smiled.

"Of course Brooke we are always here for you … no matter what." Haley said and out a cup of tea in front of Brooke.

"I know and thank you so much for that but I don't want what happened to me and Lucas hurt your friendship" Brooke said

"Brooke don't worry we are still friends with Lucas and we are going to do everything in our power to help you … all three of you … but remember we are friends with Lucas too just better friends with you" Nathan said and made Brooke smile.

"See there you go there is a smile" Haley said

"Yea thanks to you guys!" Brooke said

"Have you talked to Lucas?" Haley asked

"No … I just … I just told him to leave … I am not ready to talk to him yet … you should have seen me punch Peyton tonight if I punched her what would I do to Lucas?" Brooke said

"You seem awfully proud of that punch," Nathan said

"Damn right I am! That girl deserved it every bit of it! As a matter of fact she deserved worse! I should have broken her nose!" Brooke said her head held high.

"Yeah well maybe you should get some sleep and dream of the next punch you hit her with," Haley said suggesting sleep and Brooke nodded in agreement.


Brooke awoke shocked the next morning. Caleb had jumped on Brooke saying "wake up mommy, wake up!"

"Oh boy! You are one early bird! But guess what I am a hyper early bird!" Brooke said and began to tickle Caleb and he laughed and laughed.

"Ugh! I am tired now you wore me out with all of that tickling!" Brooke said and kissed her son on the fore head.

"Mommy! Guess what!" Caleb said in excitement

"What!" Brooke said sharing the enthusiasm

"Auntie Haley is taking me and Amanda to the park! Oh and uncle Nathan is going to teach me how to play basket ball!" Caleb said excited

"He is! Is he now? Well that sounds fun!" Brooke said and she saw Amanda in the corner of her eye standing by the door.

"Amanda the panda! Com over here right now and give your auntie a good morning kiss!" Brooke said and Amanda ran over onto the bed and gave Brooke a kiss.

"So I hear the two of you had a fun night last night!" Brooke said

"Yeah we watched a funny movie mommy! Auntie Haley said she used to watch it when she was in high school!" Caleb said

"Really? What was it?" Brooke asked

"Finding Nemo!!" Caleb and Amanda said excited.

"Wow! That sounds cool! But hey! You two need to go eat breakfast or else you are going to stay short for ever and ever!" Brooke said

"No we wont mommy!" Caleb said

"You want to bet!" Brooke said and began tickling the two and they laughed and laughed some more.

"Now go eat your breakfast before the tickle monster comes for ya!" Brooke said and the kids ran out of the room and off into the kitchen.

"Hey there good morning hales!" Brooke said and poured herself some orange juice.

"Good morning Brooke … you seem happy" Haley said

"Well you can thank those two" Brooke said and pointed to the kids. Those two could cheer her up through anything!

"So I hear that you guys are going to the park! Is that what the picnic basket is for?" Brooke asked and Haley nodded.

"So I take it I am not invited," Brooke said

"Nope" Haley answered simply.

"He is coming isn't he?" Brooke asked and Haley nodded.

"Just talk to him," Haley said

"Mommy where is daddy?" Caleb asked

"Well actually daddy is going to come over later while you and uncle and auntie and ms. Panda are at the park. I am going to talk to him," Brooke said

"Are you and daddy fighting?" Caleb asked

"Just a little" Brooke lied.

"By the way we are actually leaving in about ten minutes cause that's when he will be here" Haley said and Brooke looked at her shocked

"Haley it is ten thirty! I don't even have time to get dressed!" Brooke said

"What do you need to get dressed for?" Haley asked

"To show him what he lost! Gosh!" Brooke said frustrated and went to get dressed.


"Brooke! He is here!" Haley yelled out as she opened the door.

"Hey Haley" Lucas said

"Don't hey Haley me! I am mad at you Lucas Scott! You need to fix this!" Haley said angry.

"Amanda! Caleb! We got to go!" Haley called out and the two kids came running out and Nathan followed.

"Good luck man" Nathan said and patted Lucas on the back Lucas smiled and nodded.

"Bye daddy" Caleb said and began to run out.

"Hey wait a second there buddy don't I get a hug?" Lucas asked and Caleb walked back and hugged Lucas. "All right ...I love you buddy … have fun" Lucas said and patted Caleb's head. Lucas saw Brooke watching them with a smile in the corner of his eye.

"Bye mommy!" Caleb said and hugged her. Brooke held him tightly and kissed his cheek before saying "I love you baby boy have a nice time"

"Make up with daddy" Caleb whispered into her ear and that broke her heart because she knew that wouldn't happen. Brooke frowned as she watched her son leave the house.

"Brooke …" Lucas began but was cut off by Brooke.

"Lucas don't say anything … don't try to make excuses and don't try to make me for give you … what you did is inexcusable and I wont stand for it!" Brooke said strongly trying her hardest to keep the tears back.

"What do you want me to do then Brooke? … I am sorry ok! And you have no idea how much it kills me to know how much I am hurting you! … I know what I did is inexcusable and I am sorry but what can I do? I cant go back and change it but god knows that if I could I would do it in the blink of an eye" Lucas said

"That doesn't really matter" Brooke said as she looked down and a tear fell. "Can I ask you something … and be honest?" Brooke said "why did you do it? I mean I remember all those times I was offered to sleep with some random guy at a party but I always refused because I loved you … but you didn't … what gave you the motivation to do it?" Brooke asked as tears fell down her face.

"I don't know … I guess I got sick of you always being gone … all that fame started getting into our family and if you weren't working I was" Lucas said

"Lucas I was home with you all of the time! … Whenever I would be home though an hour later you would leave and say I will be back! Where were you Lucas? Banging one of your whores?" Brooke asked.

"Brooke please!" Lucas pleaded.

"Please what Lucas? Please stop being angry? Stop crying? What is it Lucas what is it you really want? Because if you want me to stop crying and you want me to stop being angry I am sorry I cant! I have tried! Believe me I tried REALLY hard but I can't stop! And that is all because of you!" Brooke said angry.

"I know Brooke! And I am so sorry! I wish I could take it all back I wish I would have pulled away and told her no … but I didn't! And I am so sorry! But Brooke look me in the eyes!" Lucas said and Brooke looked him straight in the eyes her eyes full of tears. "You have to believe me and trust me when tell you I love you Brooke I don't love Peyton it was just a line of foolish mistakes! Brooke I love you with all of my heart! I love you just as much as I did the night I married you or the night we had our son" Lucas said as he put his finger under her chin softly so that she continued to look him in the eyes.

"Somehow I don't believe that" Brooke said as another tear fell.

"Brooke can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't love me?" Lucas asked

"No I cant! Because I do love you! I just can't trust you and I can't trust your love for me," Brooke said as she wiped her cheek.

"That's enough then … if you love me and I love you Brooke we will get through this because I love Brooke Scott and I married you for a reason" Lucas said and softly rubbed her cheek wiping away her tear before walking away towards the door.

"Lucas" Brooke said and Lucas turned around "sometimes love isn't enough" Brooke said

"It is this time" Lucas said and walked out.


"Mommy how did the day go with daddy" Caleb asked as he lay in bed in his pajamas.

"I don't really know baby boy" Brooke said and put her arm around him.

"Is he coming home mommy?" Caleb asked

"I don't think so … not anytime soon," Brooke said.

"Oh" Caleb said sadly.

"Baby boy can I ask you something … I was hope a lot wasn't I? I mean I was never gone too much was I?" Brooke asked

"No mommy you were home a lot! Daddy was home more but you were home too" Caleb said.

"Ok thanks baby boy… you better get some sleep now" Brooke said and kissed his forehead.

"I love you Caleb Keith Scott" Brooke said

"I love you too Brooke Penelope Scott" Caleb said and Brooke laughed before leaving his room.


Authors note: ok that was a long chapter! And I wrote it all in one night! I guess I got a little excited there … anyways drama! Well what do you think! You are probably all sad by the whole brucas thing but I am a huge brucas fan so you can sort of predict where this will go but you never know! Ok well tell me all your thoughts! By the way up next will be a confrontation between Brooke and Peyton! That ought to be good! Well anyway please review!