"Good morning you early bird" Brooke said as she walked over tiredly to the baby who woke her up with the little noises she made. Madison grabbed her little foot and placed it beside her mouth a Brooke laughed.

"You must be up so early because you know we have a big day today huh?" Brooke asked and softly picked up her chunky blue-eyed brown haired beauty with a dimpled smile just like her mother.

Brooke softly brushed the little hairs Madison had out of her face and gave her a soft sweet kiss on the forehead.

"So my little angel you have officially been alive for one month!" Brooke said happily and marked off another day on the calendar.

"Momma is she awake?" Caleb asked running into the nursery happily to see his new sister. It had been a whole month and Caleb just could not get over his little sister.

"Yes she is." Brooke said and being sure to hold the baby securely she got down to Caleb's level and like he always did he placed a small kiss on the top of the baby's' head. Then he looked up at his mom with a huge smile. Brooke laughed.

"Can I hold her again momma?" Caleb asked with excitement.

"Alright" Brooke agreed with a smile. Brooke slowly stood and called sat on a small chair in the nursery with his hands out and ready. Brooke softly placed the baby into Caleb's arms placing his hands where they needed to be around the baby. Then she let her thumb softly run the baby's forehead.

"Mommy … I think she looks just like you" he stated and Brooke smiled looking up at him.

"Yeah?" Brooke asked and Caleb nodded.

"Well she definitely has you and your dads stunning blue eyes" Brooke said and Caleb nodded in agreement.

"You know when neither of you were in bed I actually got to thinking you might have token off on me" Lucas said as he leaded against the door post with his arms crossed over his bare chest.

"Oh be careful what you say there my dear husband" Brooke said as she looked up at him with a smile. Then she looked back over at Caleb and gave him a small kiss on the forehead before picking the baby up out of his arms and walking over to Lucas.

"One month already" Brooke stated looking down at Madison and Lucas looked at her with a smile.

"I know," he assured her and Brooke nodded. He pulled Brooke in close to him and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. They both groaned lightly into the kiss. When they separated they shared a short gaze and a small smile.

"Mom what time are we leaving?" Caleb asked interrupting them. Brooke took a deep breath and turned around to look at Caleb.

"Pretty soon so you better hurry up and get ready" Brooke said and Caleb nodded happily running back to his room to get ready.

"Alright my little princess we should get you ready too" Brooke said and gave the baby a soft kiss and her soft sweet little head.

"You want some help?" Lucas asked and Brooke looked down at the baby and then back up at Lucas with a smile.

"No. I think were good" Brooke said with a wink and walked over to the baby's changing area.

"Alright" Lucas sighed and walked away to get him self ready and cook breakfast for them.


"Well, well look who decided to show up" Haley said as she watched Lucas, Brooke, Caleb, and Madison come towards them and their spot they picked on the beach.

"Sorry were late … we were running a little late" Brooke said and set down the baby bag on the blanket.

"You're forgiven but only because this little angel looks overly adorable and I can hardly handle it!" Rachel said standing up and taking the baby from Brooke giving Madison a big kiss.

"Thanks you very much" Brooke said with a huge smile "I picked the outfit my self … aren't her little glasses and little floaters just adorable?" Brooke asked in a high-pitched voice.

"Yes!" both Rachel and Haley said together.

"Look the girly fest is already starting man," Nathan said and Lucas asked.

"Sorry Nate" Brooke said and tapped him lightly on the head before sitting down besides Rachel and Haley.

"So what would we call today? Madison's month anniversary?" Rachel said and Haley laughed.

"Sorry Rach but that sounded like seriously stupid!" Haley said with a giggle.

"Shut up!" Rachel said and hit Haley lightly on the leg "if its so easy … you think of something" Rachel said and Haley rolled her eyes.

"Does it really matter what we call guys? You guys are always having some kind of battle," Brooke said with a small laugh as she rubbed Caleb's back with sun block.

"Well its fun!" Rachel said and stuck her tongue out at Brooke who chuckled.

"Whatever you say" she said and shrugged. "Alrighty … you're all set" Brooke said and gave Caleb a pat on the pack.

"So can I go in the water now?" Caleb asked with excitement.

"Sure … as long as your dad goes with you" Brooke said with a smile knowing what was to come.

"But mom … I am old enough to go by myself!" Caleb pouted.

"Yes but if your dad didn't go then you would hurt his feelings" Brooke said and Caleb looked up at Lucas who was frowning.

"Ugh … fine … lets go dad" Caleb sighed walking towards the water. Lucas and Brooke shared a quick laugh before Lucas followed him.


"So Brooke a month later and your already wearing a bikini" Haley said and popped and apple in her mouth.

"Yup … as a matter of fact I think I will go show off a little" Brooke said with Madison in her arms. She walked down towards the water.

She reached Lucas and looked at him with a smile. He even looked toned and perfect from behind! She wrapped one hand around Lucas touching his hard stomach lightly and held Madison with the other.

"Hey what are you two doing down here?" Lucas asked turning around and looking and the two beautiful ladies in his life.

"We got bored up there with the tanning ladies" Brooke said with a shrug and playful smile.

"Oh it must be basket ball season for Nathan again … did he bring his special coconut tanning lotion?" Lucas asked and laughed looking back towards the water at Caleb playing with his boogie board.

"Actually yes" Brooke said and they both laughed.

There was a short silence. Lucas looked down at Brooke and smiled as he watched her kiss Madison's soft head.

"I love you" he said and slipped his arms around Brooke's waist letting her lean up against him as they watched Caleb in the water.

" I love you too," she said and he softly kissed the top of Brooke's head.


The day went on and it got late. All of the kids were worn out and knocked out! All the adults were sat around a bon fire wrapped in blankets.

"I have an idea," Brooke whispered in Lucas' ear and he looked at her curiously. "Hey hales can you watch them for a couple minutes while me and Luke take a walk?" Brooke asked and Haley nodded with a small smile. Brooke grabbed Lucas' hand and dragged him out to the water.

"Brooke what are we doing?" Lucas asked confused.

"Well its been a whole month since we have actually had some alone time and since the kids are actually knocked out I thought we'd take our chance while we had one" Brooke explained as they reached the water.

"Ahh I see" Lucas said as he wrapped his arms loosely around her and she let her arms rest around his neck as he softly kissed her. After separating from the kiss Brooke slowly walked into the warm water. She looked back at Lucas with a goofy smile.

"You coming or what?" she asked and Lucas ran after her. She tried to get away from him because she knew what he had panned but, as always she was too late. Lucas took her down with him under water. Brooke shot up from the water and gasped running her fingers through her now salty hair.

"You ass!" Brooke shouted and splashed Lucas as they both laughed.

"Hey you tempted me!" Lucas said and pointed at her.

" Whatever!" Brooke said and stuck her tongue out at him while she slowly swam towards him. Lucas reached put and pulled her close to him laying a soft kiss on her lips. Brooke pulled away.

"Luke stop … your going to make me horny and I am so not doing it in a ocean filled with a bunch of nasty shit!" Brooke said trying to push him off of her, Lucas laughed into her neck while he was kissing it.

"Its not funny … if we keep this up we might just get pregnant before our little Madison turns one!" Brooke said and Lucas looked up at her into her eyes.

"Who cares … I mean were pretty good at it if you ask me … our kids are the cutest and best kids I've seen since well … I was born" Lucas said and laughed

Brooke playfully slapped his chest "you are so cocky its ridiculous!" she said and Lucas laughed

"But its true isn't it?" Lucas said and Brooke thought about it.

"Yea … but its only because of their mommy" Brooke said and batted her eye lashes.

"So true" Lucas said and pulled her close giving her yet another kiss. Brooke wrapped her legs around Lucas and indulged in the kiss. It was at that moment she realized everything was ok and she was truly happy without any worries. It had been a hard couple of years and a lot had happened but she survived it all. They survived it all.

Brooke broke the kiss yet again and looked into Lucas' eyes.

"I'm happy," she simply stated and Lucas laughed

"Well I should hope so" he said and gave her another peck.

"No I mean … everything is perfect … were happy" Brooke said

"I know it felt like it would never come but it did and were and we are going to be just fine Brooke Scott" Lucas said giving her yet another quick couple pecks. His kisses began to make her blush.

"I love you Lucas" Brooke said with a smile.

"And I love you Brooke Penelope Scott" Lucas said and help her tightly giving her another kiss. Broke unwrapped her legs and began to swim back towards the beach.

"I told you I wouldn't do it in the ocean … I don't plan on having an STD." Brooke said and Lucas laughed swimming after her.


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