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The school bell went off, forcing me to cover my ears as I raced into the full classroom. All the eyes were on me and I scurried to the back of the room to my desk, throwing my binders down before I sat down. Luckily the teacher, Mr. Banner, came in a second after me. I might have been late but he was always later.

"Morning, class." Mr. Banner announced while he settled in befhind his desk, "Open your textbooks to page two hundred and four, and copy down the image you see on the page. Then write a three quater of a page essay on what you see there and how it relates to what we were learning yesterday. It is due on my desk at the end of the class, you may begin."

We all scowled at him, not bothering to begin yet. At the begining of the class was chatting time, and today there was more to chat about then ever. One of my friends, Angela, turned her chair back to whisper with my desk partner Tyler and I. Normally her desk partner and boyfriend, Ben, would join us but he was sick today.

"Did you hear?" she whispered excitedly, "About who is coming to our school today?"

I nodded, but Tyler looked confused so Angela explained, "You know how there is a movie being shot in forks?" he shook his head, "Well, there is a movie and some of the actors are Rosalie and Jasper Hale. But because they are still teenagers, they are still in school. Since forks high is the only school high school anywhere around here the world famous movie stars are coming here!" I had rarely seen Angela so enthusiastic.

A loud laugh came from a desk near me so we all glanced at Emmet Cullen, "Want to see the Hales, Angela?" he asked, "I doubt they want anything to do with the rest of us. Don't expect them to even look at you."

Angela's smile slipped, and I found myself raging, "You just had to say that, didn't you, Emmet? But if we have all stuck up with you for the past several years we can probably stand the Hales."

He laughed again, "Sure, Bella. Whatever you say. But don't say I didn't warn you about the celebrity type. I might get to meet them though. I hear Jasper is into football and I am the captain of the team. Maybe Edward will want to join too." he added thoughtfully.

A girl named Lauren shrieked, "Edward? Edward Masen? Is he in the movie? Oh. He is gorgeous." just the sort of thing her cheer-leader type would say.

Her best friend Jessica nodded, "Yes, he is amazing. But isn't he with that other actress girl? Tenie or something like that?"

Alice Cullen rolled her eyes, "Don't you guys ever read the magazines? Her name is Tanya, and they have been going out forever. So don't bother going after the guy when he comes. Now if we are moving on, ladies, Jasper Hale is totally single, totally cute, and totally famous." Trust the head cheerleader to put in 'totally' three times in one sentence.

"Yeah, but just look at Rosalie Hale." her brother cooed, smiling.

"Class!" Mr. Banner called out, "Stop talking! Your essays are due at the end of class and if I don't get it in, you get a zero. Now get to work. Anyone who talks gets an immediate zero."

Everyone booed before glancing down at the diagram that nobody understood. Then we wrote in the biggest possible handwriting while peeking around for intelligent people to copy off of. To be precise, everyone else wrote as big as they could and copied off of me. Biology was one of my best subjects.

By the time the bell rang we were all bouncing up and down in our seats while hoping to finally get a sight of the famous actors. I flung my essay (two pages of tiny writing, explaining the diagram in perfect detail) on the teacher's desk and caught up with my friend Jessica. She might be the cheerleading type but she was still kind enough when I got to know her. Plus she had all the current gossip that all my closer and signifigantly shyer friends never had.

It was no surprise that everyone was taking the long ways to their classes so that they could pass by the parking lot. I wouldn't normally bother but since I was walking with Jessica I didn't have a choice. We both took in the three fancy new cars in front of the school. Jessica's boyfriend Mike came up to explain the types.

"That red one is a convertable. The silver one is a volvo." he pointed them out, "Both really expensive cars, and I'm sure they are both custom made." several other boys were whistling at the cars.

On the liscense plate of one car was Halegrl and the other was Emasen. We all figured that the convertable belonged to the Hales and the volvo was Edward Masen's. The excitement was certainly building.

In the small town of Forks, nothing new ever happened. So when we had learned that famous celebrities would be coming, everyone was astonished. And since three of the acting cast were famous teenagers, it added to the anticipation of our school. Throughout the day, all I heard about were the three celebrities and their actions in the school. Kids that had them in their class were buzzing with gossip and it seemed liked they wre everywher and yet nowhere. Needless to say, I was anxious to get a sight of the most famous teenagers in the world, who for some reason thought to attend Forks High. The normally dull day seemed so much brighter when I thought about the new kids.

It seemed they were in none of my first classes, so the first view I would get of them would be at lunch time. I met up with Angela before entering the cafeteria and apparently she had just had trigometry with Rosalie Hale and Edward Masen.

"You can tell she is a model." Angela was saying, "She is basicly like everything that every girl wants to be. Tall, blond, thin, beautiful, all the guys were drooling after her. Of course, Emmet Cullen was chatting to her the entire time. And Lauren was hanging on to her every word, it was like she was a blind person who had finally seen the light. But Edward Masen... he is something else. He has to be the most handsome guy on earth. If I wasn't dating, I would be trailing after him like every other girl."

I laughed at the thought of Angela liking someone besides her boyfriend, and lined up in the cafeteria to buy lunch. The anxiety had left me feeling already full, so I bought only a lemonade and an apple. Then I sat with my usual friends; Angela, Tyler, Eric, Conner, and Katie were all talking away at high speed. They didn't pause as I sat down. So when I heard my name being spoken by Jessica, I thought she was calling to me. I turned and waved at her, and then noticed that she was talking to the single most gorgeous guy to ever walk the planet.