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Author's Notes: A really REALLY short drabble on the Link and Zelda. I wrote it to appease people who want me to update The Courtship of Princess Zelda, but I haven't been able to because of Band. And... karate, ouch, bruises from the huge fall I took... and being thrown... And stuff.


She Loved Him

By Kurai Hitokiri


She loved him. Her heart was his from the moment he first timidly stepped into the gaze of her shy violet eyes, only a boy at the time. He was not the tallest, nor the strongest, and certainly not the handsomest little one, but his heart was pure and his temperament sweet. He was no hired hand; someone that bowed and scraped before her with false smiles, he was not afraid to lose his head just because he won a game. He was a true friend.

As time passed and wasted away they grew and thrived in each others' company. She grew taller, thinner, and lithe. Her manner was sweet, wise, and regal. Every bit of her as royal as her blood and as noble as her name.

He became a man of few words, the chubby faced boy gone and replaced with the hard chiseled likeness of a man. The kindness was now only for her eyes, when he was in the presence of others he was now a formidable opponent with a smoldering glare to match.

He often sat in the garden, Ocarina to his lips as she lay comfortably against his side, dozing away into a carefree sleep away from the stressful realities that had been unceremoniously heaped upon her shoulders. The hardness that she acquired was gone when she awoke, smiling up at his rough yet gentle face with the tenderness of a lover.

When she cried he was there, holding her in his strong arms and saying not a single word. He did not need his deep baritone to comfort her, only his presence and his hands ghosting their way across her dainty figure. Hands that could rip and slaughter eased away her weariness, eyes usually a feral and angry blue stared down at her with the greatest affection.

Together they were safe and secure.

He captured her attention so wholly that she was frightened of her own emotions. His scruffy blonde hair was gold to her, his scarred and callused hands were miracle workers, and his powerful presence was something she cherished above the most precious jewel.

From the moment she pressed her lips to his in a passionate, heat filled kiss she knew it was over. That she had failed every expectation and hope lain upon her by many years of family tradition. She was his the moment he ran his fingers through her hair… To them something so forbidden had never felt so right.

Here she stood on her wedding day, staring at him with tear-filled eyes as he smiled woefully back. Always there, standing handsome in a satin blue tunic, cap absent from his wild locks.

She heard only his voice as she felt her lips captured and her figure enfolded in a circle of rigid, weak warmth. She only remembered their times as she followed him down the aisle, cheers and shouts ringing through the air.

She felt herself led toward the dark innards of a carriage, off to an eternity. She turned, catching his eye as they stood suspended in time, communication blazing between their line of vision.

"Come Zelda… Let us go."

She let herself be led away from him forever to spend eternity with someone that she hardly knew.

She loved him… Zelda loved Link…

But she could never have him.


Author's Note: I write angsty stories, I just realized. It doesn't match the way I feel, but hey, it works. Please read and review. I hope you enjoyed it.