Soul Sister

It was inevitable that we would become best friends in the future. I mean, we both enjoyed each others company, we played well together, we even got along quite well. And, everyone knew that we'd become really close in due time. This wasn't by chance. Our dads were childhood friends, heck, their situation was practically like ours. Teammates, the tag team, the works…it's pretty cool when you think about it.


He's the best friend I never expected to get. I never even knew that we'd click or get along so well. Our friendship—it's different, but whatever works.

When I first got the news who my team would be, I could've just pulled my hair out. Man, I hated those two. But I learned to love 'em. Shikamaru played the role of my older brother, the one who knocked some sense into me when I'd loose it. Choji was the younger brother I never had, the one I'd give mini sermons to. Both independent, but over protective of me, these two know me more than anyone else. Who knew Ino Shika Cho would be inseparable. I didn't realize at the time, but I got myself into the best circle of friends. Choji and Shikamaru were best friends long before we were put in Team 10.

Shikamaru has been a better friend than Sakura, or anyone else for that matter. Maybe because I don't expect the most from him…one, he's lazy, two, he's a boy, three, and well, it was Shikamaru. But now I know I can count on him. He's the one I turn to when I've got problems, or if I just need a friend. He knows how I am already, he knows my style, he's used to me. And I'm already used to him. Shika's certainly a gift wrapped in the oddest package. I always thought a girl like me would be best friends with a girl very much like me. But instead I got a total opposite and well, a boy. And not just any boy, it had to be Shikamaru Nara.

I'm sure I'm his best friend too, or one of his best friends…I guess I'm his girl best friend. Because, well, Choji's also his best friend. Don't get me wrong, I love Choji too. But, he's not my best friend. We're good friends, yeah, and I can trust both of them with my life. But I can trust Shikamaru with all my heart. I can pour everything I have to Shikamaru, and that's where our odd friendship takes place. It's like he doesn't care, but he gives me every possible detail, every situation to help me. He'll just talk to me, and make me feel like I can trust him with anything. And I know I can.

In my past life, Shikamaru was either my brother or my boyfriend—perhaps husband even, or maybe, my bestfriend again. All I know is, whatever situation my life would have brought me, my becoming a ninja or not, living in Konoha or not, even if I didn't have the same name, or the same look, I'd still have the same soul—we'd all still have the same soul, that's why I knew it was inevitable…and in that alternate universe, Shikamaru Nara would still be my best friend.

short thingy i wrote. i find Ino and Shikamaru thee cutest friends. (Oh, but i also love Sasuke and Naruto's bestfriend-ness). i love it when you're best friends with the leat person anyone would expect. anywhoo, so this is the first time i posted up a story where i wrote in first person. after a looong time of not putting up a story.

i'm writing so much different stories right now. skipping from document to document. i even get the plots mixed up. so expect a few stories to come (if i ever get them done with what im doing right now).

thanks for reading. XJ
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