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When I first received my Hogwarts letter I was surprised. But that doesn't even cut what I felt when I found out it was all real. You see, my parents are 'Muggles' – Non-magical people, and apparently wizards have managed to live without letting us find out about them. But now it's different, now I'm one of them. And of course my parents had to be told about this. So now we are all happily enlightened, and I'm attending Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry with my three best friends whom I met on the Hogwarts express, Lily, Alison and Cassandra.

Lily Evans would have to be the down-to-earth kind of girl. She is obsessed with good grades and is a wonder at both potions and charms. Maybe the only totally sensible one in our group, although we can occasionally manage to persuade her to do something fun with us. Her fiery red hair and emerald, almond shape eyes have caused her to be tortured by one James Potter.

Alison Cooper is a half-blood, with one magical parent. She's outgoing except when it comes to a certain Hufflepuff in our year that goes by the name Mark Burns. We get quite a laugh at the faces she makes at him, always trying to get him to notice her with her flowing brown hair and grey eyes. She's loyal and funny, part of the life in our group, without Alison around, I don't actually think we'd do half as much. She has two siblings, but they're both Muggles.

Cassandra Moore, better known as Cassie. Loved by everyone yet a shy individual around people she doesn't know. Unless they insult her friends, then she unleashes the anger, trust me when I say you don't want to face it. Cassie is a pureblood, with all of her family being magical. She has a younger brother and inherited her mothers black hair and fathers hazel eyes.

And then there's me, Michelle Hunter. I would say I was plain looking with my blond hair. The only things that really stands out about my appearance are my eyes, which are a darkish blue mixed with silver flecks. I'm an only child, with neither of my parents magical, a muggleborn like Lily. I tend to be a more serious person, but love having a good laugh.

The others I had the misfortune to meet on the train were none others than the Marauders, a name they had thought up for themselves.

First there was James Potter, the arrant stuck-up messy raven-haired boy with hazel eyes and glasses. In first year I have no doubt he was so stuck-up his own arse he didn't even care about anything other than quidditch. It was all he would ever go on about. That, and Lily Evans. He claims that ever since he laid eyes on her he has been madly in love. I think it deflated his head a bit when Lily continued to reject him over the years. Although all that is passed now, apart from him being 'entranced by Evans's beauty', he's actually quite a nice person to be around. If you like pranks that is.

Then there's Sirius Black, the womanizer at Hogwarts. I would say by now, he's gone out with over half of Hogwarts female population. Excluding me. I would never date him. Ever. He has quite roguish looks, entrancing 'most of the female species' with longish black hair and stormy grey eyes. Partner to James in crime, they are inseparable.

Peter Pettigrew, though I feel a bit mean saying it, he's the odd one out. Compared to the other three Marauders with their good looks, he isn't much to look at. He's chubby and short; I'd even go so far as to say he looks a bit rattish. He idolizes Sirius and James and goes along with whatever they do. A bit of a social outcast, they're really his only friends. Which is quite sad.

And finally, Remus Lupin, the sensible one. Or so you'd think. He has light brown hair with chocolate eyes enhanced by golden flecks. The only one of the four who actually tries to achieve good grades. He's a mischief-maker in disguise though, and always seems to look slightly ill, I don't know why though. He is one of my closest friends at Hogwarts.

At the moment we're all starting our 6th year, second to last before we face the big, wide world.

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