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Chapter Thirty: Happiness Ever After

One Year and Two Month's Later...

"Have a good night Rose," smiled Alicia as Rose packed up her desk for the night.

"Thanks Alicia. Are you sure you don't have anything else for me to do?" replied Rose reaching to collect her cloak.

"Trust me, if anything comes up it can wait until the morning. Just get going and enjoy your early mark!"

Rose grinned and left with a glance to her watch. It was only five o'clock and that night she had a dinner date with Scorpius at an exclusive restaurant in Diagon Alley. Rose had wanted to dine there for months and Scorpius had finally got them a table for six-thirty.

Arriving at her apartment she shared with Scorpius ten minutes later, Rose rushed around showering and putting her outfit on – a black pencil skirt with a silver, shimmery tank top. She slipped on a pair of silver kitten heals and put her love heart locket necklace and the promise ring Scorpius gave her a week after they were freed from the betrothal.

Scorpius said he would meet her there after finishing his training session. He'd only been home two days from a game in China and then in training, so Rose had barely seen him this week alone.

Leaving the apartment with ten minutes spare, Rose apperated to outside the cosy restaurant and looked at it in awe. She couldn't believe she would be dining inside.


Rose turned around and grinned at Scorpius. He was dressed in his best formal robes and looked beyond happy to see her.

"Hi," smiled Rose kissing him on the lips, "How was your day?"

"Full on... photos for the Quidditch Monthly, interviews and training. It is crazy."

"Well you get that when named player of the year, and most charming wizard in Witch Weekly."

"Hmm, but it also makes me slack boyfriend of the year."

Rose slipped her hand into Scorpius' and kissed him again, "You are far from slack in any situation."

Scorpius grinned and winked, "Now, now. Keep it clean."

Rose whacked him on the arm as they headed into the place, "I was. You were just thinking below the waist line."

"Well it has been two days since we have done anything remotely involving below the waist line."

"Scorpius!" laughed Rose as they walked in.

Scorpius spoke to the person directing people to their seats and followed their waitress for the night to a table towards the back. It was a lovely table with a bunch of white roses in a crystal vase in the middle with a dark blue table cloth.

They sat down and Rose looked around smiling, taking in the high ceiling with images of faeries, beautiful witches and wizards painted on them. Chandeliers were arranged beautifully around the room.

"This place is beautiful," said Rose in awe.

"As are you," smiled Scorpius.

Rose grinned at him before the waitress returned to take their orders. Five minutes later they were chatting quietly, catching up over things from the past week. Their meal came and they began eating, still chatting as they did so. Rose was having a wonderful time and could tell Scorpius was as well.

As she finished her meal, Scorpius poured her a glass of wine before standing up.

"Are you going to the toilet?" asked Rose with a bit of a frown.

Instead, Scorpius knelt down on one knee and pulled out a red, velvet, round box.

"Rose Weasley," said Scorpius, "You are my one true love. I can't picture myself with anyone else. This time I want to ask you the right way, so you have a choice in your answer. Will you marry me?"

Rose stared at Scorpius as he opened the box. Inside sat a silver ring with a round cut, white diamond. It was simple, yet beautiful.

"Scorpius," gasped Rose slowly nodding her head, "Yes, yes of course I will marry you!"

Scorpius stood up and pulled Rose up, hugging her and spinning her around. People around them clapped happily as Scorpius set Rose on her feet and slipped the ring onto her finger.

"I love you," he murmured kissing her gently.

"I love you too."

"Oh Rose I am so happy for you!" smiled Hermione hugging her daughter the next day as she arrived at work.

Rose's parents had been fine with the situation when her and Scorpius had explained it in full to them after the meeting with the Law Board.

"Thanks Mum," beamed Rose looking at the ring, "It was such a lovely evening... I can't believe I didn't even see the question coming."

"Oh Scorpius kept it all top secret."

"You knew?"

"Everyone knew, hence why Alicia made you leave extra early... why Albus didn't pop around to bother you."

Rose shook her head stunned at her own blindness, "Well I never... he is such a sneak."

"He was a Slytherin you know?"

Rose grinned, "True."

The day passed by quickly with Rose mostly in a daze of happiness. By six that evening she walked into her home hearing the shower running from their ensuite bathroom. Heading to the kitchen, Rose pulled off her cloak and placed it on the back of a chair, placing her bag on the chair. She began gathering ingredients for their dinner – chicken satay with rice. She flicked on the wireless listening to her cousin James give an interview about his team taking on Scorpius' in two weeks time.

"So your cousin is in fact, dating the Tornadoes Seeker, Scorpius Malfoy – correct?"

"Yeah, yeah. He is a great guy and perfect for Rosie. The keep each other on their toes," laughed James, "But hey, on the field we are enemies."

Rose laughed, along with the radio host and her cousin as she chopped up the vegetables for the meal.

"So no animosity between you and Scorpius off the field then?"

"No, none at all. He is a great guy and fits in well with the family," answered James without hesitation.

"Seriously, does he think saying nice stuff will make me take it easy on him?"

Rose looked up from the carrot she was slicing to Scorpius as he walked over to her, "Well, perhaps he is trying."

Scorpius just grinned and kissed Rose on the cheek, pinching one of the carrot slices to munch on, "How was work?"

"Good. Training?"

"Yeah, good. We perfected the play for the game, so Coach is pleased as can be with us."

"That's great... so... what day?"

Scorpius frowned, "Sorry?"

"Wedding date... when do you want to get married?"

"You work fast, you know that?"

Rose lowered the knife and walking over to Scorpius standing close and placing her hands on his shoulders, "I just want us to be completely official. After everything that has happened, we deserve that. I want to be Mrs Rose Malfoy."

"Well," murmured Scorpius, "How about when we know all our family will be in the one place?"

Rose frowned, tilting her head to the side slightly, "When is that?"

"New Years Eve."

Rose's eyes widened, "That's in two and a half months."

"We can pull it off. We both have families willing to help us, don't we?"

Rose smiled, "We do."

"How did they find out?" cried Rose two days later as she, her mother and Ginny were in Diagon Alley having breakfast.

"Well Scorpius is hot property in the Quidditch world," said Hermione looking at the front cover of the Daily Prophet, "It doesn't surprise me."

"Now the world knows about how the betrothal law came about," sighed Rose, "I suppose it makes our relationship more epic to them."

"It's a good story to sell," agreed Ginny, "But I can understand your frustration. They did a three week lead up to my marriage to Harry. It was impossible to go shopping."

"Well, ignoring this," said Rose shoving away the paper, "We've picked a date."

"Oh, when is it?"

"New Years Eve. The whole family is in the one place... and being a large family, it's perfect timing," said Rose, "I know it is short notice but Scorpius believes we can pull it off."

"That is short notice," murmured Hermione opening her diary, "Well – we have a full day ahead of us, so let's get started."

The weeks seemed to fly by with Rose and Scorpius busy with their work and planning the wedding. Down time was limited and the press watching them closely wasn't making the planning process any easier.

For Rose, other than the reception, where to have it, what time and every other drama, the most important thing on her mind was, naturally, the dress. Rose didn't want a big, out there wedding dress – all she wanted was something simple, yet elegant.

It took her one month and three weeks to find it. She scoured all the shops with Alice and Paige by her side in between work and limited time out with Scorpius. The dress was beautiful and Rose couldn't wait until she got to slip it on. Her bridesmaids were sorted out almost instantly. The dresses came to just below their knees, with a plunging v-neck line. The powder blue dresses had a gathered bit under the bust with a square broach with the material flowing down creating a look that the dress was done up at the front.

The girls – Lily, Alice and Paige adored the dresses along with the silver heels that went with the dress.

Now though the wedding was one day away. That night Rose was heading back to her parents place to spend the night with Eric and Hugo heading to the apartment, along with a mate of Scorpius' from his team.

Zipping her suitcase shut Rose gave a sigh as Scorpius walked in smiling at her.

"So, one more sleep away," said Scorpius wrapping Rose in his arms and staring at her blue eyes.

"One more sleep. Got a big night planned?" chuckled Rose.

"Oh I don't know. I left the planning up to Eric."

"Really wise of you."

"Come on, Eric has grown up a lot... Lily has actually changed him for the better."

Rose smiled at the thought of her smitten, in love cousin, "I suppose. But I do expect you to be waiting for me at the wedding tomorrow you know?"

"I will be there – early even. Tomorrow will be the best day of our lives."

"Well we are only 19, so you know, we haven't lived that long but I do agree that it will be."

"Until we have kids."

Rose laughed, "Let's just get married first and think about kids later."

"Alright... so when do you have to leave?" asked Scorpius lowering his lips to her jaw line.

Rose felt a shiver shoot down her spine as Scorpius' breath tickled her neck, "Oh I have time."

"Good... so do I."

Rose grinned capturing his lips as they fell onto the bed in a tangle...

"Rose... wake up Rose, today is the day!"

Rose sat up suddenly before flopping back down out of dizziness, "It's today."

Her mother smiled at her, "Come on. Your grandmothers are here and insist you come eat some breakfast."

Rose slowly sat up and pulled a face, "I don't know if I can eat. I might bring it back up."

Hermione sat on the edge of the bed and chuckled, "I was the same when I was getting married to your father. I just made it look as if I ate my food... pushed it around my plate a bit and exited to take a short walk."

"Sounds like a good idea," nodded Rose glancing at the clock. It was 8 in the morning and the wedding was at 3 in the afternoon. They were getting married in a nice field beneath the cliff face where Rose and Scorpius had first really connected with each other near Hogsmeade.

"I'll let you get dressed," smiled Hermione patting Rose on the hand before leaving her in her old room.

Rose looked around at the walls. Most of her posters remained but many of her treasured items were at the apartment now. She slid out of bed and pulled on her old, favourite jeans – faded blue with the hem a bit torn around her feet. She slid on a warm, woolly, pink jumper and slipped her slippers on and headed down stairs tying her hair up into a ponytail as she went.

The kitchen was full of women moving about getting breakfast onto the table. Alice, Paige and Lily were already tucking into some pancakes, with Hermione and Ginny double checking the seating plan. In the kitchen was Molly Weasley and Jean Granger working together in unison with one making more pancakes and the other slicing and dicing up a fruit salad. Rose sat across from Paige and looked at her pancakes with her stomach churning at the thought of eating them.

"Morning future Mrs Malfoy," grinned Paige, "How are you feeling?"

"Really nervous," admitted Rose poking around her pancakes. She attempted to nibble on a bit but it felt as if she was trying to force charcoal down her throat, "How about you girls?"

"Excited!" grinned Paige.

"Same," nodded Alice.

"I can't wait for it to begin. The wedding is going to be so perfect Rose! You will look gorgeous in that dress!"

Rose managed a smile and picked at her food a bit more along with sipping her orange juice.

"Time for some fruit salad!" announced Jean bringing the plates around, "Molly maybe we do need to make some waffles."

"Excuse me for a bit," said Rose standing and hurrying from the kitchen and out the front door.

She stepped down the veranda and walked along the pathway before strolling along the pathway shivering a bit from the cool air. Her mother had been right, going for a walk was doing her good. The thought of heading back to that crazy place wasn't enticing.

She did want to marry Scorpius, with all her heart, but who knew she would be so damn nervous hours before the wedding?

Turning up the next street for the park, Rose let out a deep breath. It had taken them a lot to get to where they were, had it been up to the Ministry, Rose would most likely already be married to Scorpius. Or, had Chase succeeded, she would probably be six feet under.

Rose shuddered at that thought – Chase succeeding at keeping her for himself for all eternity. She couldn't bear to imagine what state Scorpius would have fallen into. He could barely stand it when they had a little tiff over who used the last of the milk or why there was hair in the bathroom sink.


Rose whirled around to see Scorpius walking towards her in his black tweed jacket, pants and white turtle neck sweater, "Scorpius? What on earth are you doing here? It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!"

"Rose we have survived the Law Board and your your crazed ex. I dare say we can survive a little bit of bad luck. "

Rose allowed him to pull her into his arms and held him tightly also, "It is crazy at Mums."

"It's crazy at our place. I had to get away before Dad tried to force coffee down my throat."

Rose chuckled, "Try pancakes and fruit salad."

Scorpius chuckled and tilted Rose's face to look up at him, "I had to see you. Only you can calm me down."

Rose smiled, "You do the same for me."

Scorpius kissed her softly and let out a sigh, "We should be getting back."

Rose nodded and sighed her self, "I suppose so... Lily will be freaking out that the schedule for my hair is running behind the set time limit."

Scorpius chuckled, "I like it how it is."

"I haven't brushed it yet."

"Precisely. You look sexy when you wake up."

Rose felt her cheeks flush red and couldn't believe Scorpius still could make her blush like a young school girl. She kissed him again and stepped away with both of them heading back to their separate home for the morning.

Rose could hear the guests making their way to their seats with only five minutes before the wedding would commence. Her mother was stepping around her, doing last minute inspections of the dress and Rose's hair.

Lily had done a wonderful job. She had twisted it up into a bun, with multiple curls spiralling out of it, with a diamond princess tiara sitting on her head perfectly. The dress itself, was exactly what Rose wanted – simple but elegant. It was a straight cut dress with diamond embroidery all over the thick, spaghetti straps. The embroidery trailed down to near her hips in swirls of rose designs. At her hips, it flowed out to the ground with the back sliding along the ground nicely for a short train. In certain spots more rose patterned embroidery could be seen, with the pattern continuing right around the hem of the gown.

Hermione touched the buttons at the back of the dress, ensuring all were done up properly, "Are your shoes on?"

Rose stuck out her foot, showing her mother the silver, strappy heel.

Hermione nodded and stood in front of her daughter with watery eyes, "You look beautiful my darling. Just as your name says you are."

Rose smiled, willing herself not to cry. As her mother left, her father walked in dressed in a brand new tuxedo robe set. He stopped mid-stride at the sight of his only daughter and eldest child. Tears filled his eyes and Rose tried to smile.

"You okay, Dad?" said Rose, her voice wavering as she spoke.

"Look at you... my baby girl, all grown up and getting married," he said in awe.

Rose smiled and took her father's offered arm as they left the makeshift dressing room and headed along the built pathway to the large white gazebo where the wedding was being held. Lily, Paige and Alice were already waiting outside the entrance. Their hair was down and clipped to the side with a silver rose designed clip.

"You girls look amazing," smiled Rose looking at them each.

"You look stunning and definitely out do us ten times over," replied Lily handing Rose her bouquet or blue, white and pink roses.

The music struck up with the soft flowing music playing. Paige proceeded in first with Alice waiting ten seconds before following. Lily grinned at Rose and blew her a kiss before taking a deep breath and heading into the ceremony. With a smooth transition the music changed to the wedding march.

"Ready?" asked Ron looking at his daughter seriously.

"Ready," said Rose with a small smile before stepping up the aisle in time with the music.

Her eyes met Scorpius' instantly and she sucked in a deep breath. For once his normally stylishly messy hair was brushed and gelled back. He was dressed in a black robe set with a silver tie while his grooms men wore blue ties to match Rose's bridesmaids.

People grinned at Rose from both sides of the rows of seats. She could hear her grandmother's sniffling and see Astoria beaming at her happily with Draco. Scorpius grandparents – Narcissa and Lucius though, merely sat their stiffly. They were completely against the union and hated the fact the choice had been driven away from their controlling natures.

Scorpius stepped down and shook hands with Ron before walking with Rose up to their spot with linked arms.

The ceremony began with the person marrying them reading a few things the pair loved each other for before they began saying their parts to each other with lifelong promises both knew they would be able to keep.

"Then let us make it official," smiled the official, "Do you Rose Weasley, take Scorpius Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, until in death do you part?"

"Even in death I will always be yours. I do," smiled Rose, her heart beating a mile and minutes.

"Do you, Scorpius Malfoy, take Rose Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, until in death do you part?"

"I will be with Rose in every life time we share. I do," grinned Scorpius.

"Then I now announce you husband and wife, wife and husband," said the official, "You may now kiss the bride."

Scorpius and Rose grinned before kissing tenderly amid all the cheers and claps from their family.

"I love you," murmured Scorpius.

"I love you forever," replied Rose kissing him again.

Sixteen Years Later...

Rose hurried along with her husband, both of them ushering their children through the barrier to Platform 9 and ¾. The steam billowed around them and Rose glanced at Scorpius with a smile, both remembering back to their days as school students. It had been eighteen years since they last left the train station.

"Mum I'm scared."

Rose looked towards her and Scorpius eldest daughter – Alexis Grace Malfoy. With her curly blonde hair and blue eyes she was a pure mix of the two.

"Alex, you will be fine," smiled Rose smoothing her daughter's hair, "Hogwarts is a wonderful place."

"No one I know will be there."

"Nonsense Paige and Jeffery's son is in his second year. I'm sure they are here somewhere."

"I don't even like Joe. He is so into himself," grumbled Alexis.

Rose sighed and looked to Scorpius for help but he was busy looking through Quidditch cards with their second eldest, Peter along with Jace who's twin sister, Jayne, was clutching onto Alexis hand.

Alexis, being the eldest was eleven, with Peter nine years old and Jace and Jayne seven years old. Rose loved her family and managed to keep a perfect balance between them and work, with Scorpius retiring from playing Quidditch and now the coach of the Tornadoes.

The train sounded its whistle and Alexis sucked in a breath.

"Come on, time for you to get on the train," said Rose with Scorpius coming to attention and pulling Alexis' trunk along behind him.

"Trust me Lexi, you will love it at Hogwarts," said Scorpius reassuringly, "It's the best place in the world."

Alexis looked at her father doubtfully, her blue eyes flickering with a brown tinge.

"Oh look – there's Joe!" cried Peter excitedly spotting Joe on the train.

Alexis scowled as she spotted him and stepped onto the train with Scorpius handing her trunk to her. Rose hugged Alexis before Scorpius gave her a hug.

"Remember to write!" said Rose as Scorpius shut the door and pulled Rose to step back with the three remaining children.

Alexis gave a wave before she turned and headed along the corridor. The train's whistle blew again as it began to pull out of the station. Rose clutched onto Scorpius' hand tightly and sucked in a deep breath with a nod.

"She will be fine," said Scorpius kissing Rose on the forehead, "She is smart like her mother and sly like her father."

Rose smiled and hugged Scorpius as the train moved from view, "I'm sure she will be. Come on guys. Let's go visit Ma and Pa Weasley. I think Ma is making us some of her waffles."

"Oh yum!" cried Jace dancing around Scorpius and Rose as they headed to the exit. His dark hair made his grey eyes stand out, "Can we have whipped cream, Mum? Can we?"

"Please Mum?" begged Jayne bouncing around with Jace now with her straight, dark hair and grey eyes also.

"Pllleeeaaassseee?" added Peter, all blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Okay," laughed Rose.

"You are a good mother," chuckled Scorpius kissing her again, "Love you."

"Love you forever."


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