The Dramatic Reveal

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It was a sunny afternoon when Naruto received the news that he had a new mission. Another fruitless mission with no point and no purpose to his life at all. His mission was to calm down a series of riots that had been reported in their own village.
"Well at least this mission doesn't need me to leave home" he thought unhappily. He sat up in his bed and yawned widely before getting up and changing into his clothes for the mission.
He waited at the meeting point for the mission, wondering who his partner for the mission would be.
He waited for several minutes until a figure appeared at the end of the road. He peered at the figure cautiously until he realized that it was Sasuke. "Naruto", Sasuke said as he walked past Naruto, leaving him with a feeling of relief that he was not his mission partner. "um... naruto kun...". Naruto jumped as he heard his name spoken from right beside him. He turned quickly to discover that the source of his fright was a certain young woman with short blue hair and lavender eyes. "Hinata, damn that scared me!!". "S-s-sorry N-N-naruto kun", She stuttered apologetically. "I-i-im just here to receive a new mission". Unknown to Naruto, Hinata had always held a special spot in her heart for the blonde, hyperactive ninja. Unfortunately, as far as she was concerned, he didnt even know that she existed. Strangely enough, unknown to Hinata, Naruto had noticed him far more than she would ever have realized. Both of them had always been in love with the other, but unfortunately this was unknown to both of them. It was funny in a way that Hinata dealt with it by becoming better and by being shy and drawn into herself but Naruto dealt with his feeling by hiding them behind a wall of energy, training and happiness.
Naruto was still looking at Hinata, hiding the feelings he longed to release. "So", he said,"your going to be my partner"? Naruto immediately realized that what he said could easily be interpreted in several ways and quickly turned red. Hinata realized almost as soon as Naruto and also went faint at the imagination of them both as a married couple. There was an awkward silence as both of them slowly regained their composure and their dignity. "So", your going to be...helping me on this mission"? Naruto was still imagining how much he wanted to confess his feelings to Hinata. "Yes, Naruto kun". There was another moment of awkwardness before Hinata mentioned since they were going to be on the outskirts of town they would have to camp in a tent. "WHAT!!", screamed Naruto, "WHY CANT WE JUST GO BACK TO OUR HOUSES AT NIGHT!!". "Because if you travel back and forward every night, you'll only get 3 hours of sleep every night, and thats assuming that you even wake up on time". "Kurenai sensei!" exclaimed Hinata and Naruto in unison. Kurenai looked at Naruto in surprize. "So Tsunade sama chose these 2...I wonder why she chose...maybe this mission is the one that will finally bring these two closer together...never mind, I should explain the mission to these two. "Okay you two, listen up, we're going to the very outskirts of town today, we're going to break up every riot that we see, thats probably why you two were chosen, Naruto with your Kage Bunshin, and Hinata is a very skilled at incapacitating people without killing them. That pretty much sums up our entire mission, this is a c rank mission but has been bumped up to a b rank mission due to the fact that only 2 genin are going with a jounin.
She turned around and started walking towards the outskirts of town, hearing the footsteps of the two genin walking behind her. "Sounds like they're walking surprisingly close together...",thought Kurenai,"maybe this time they really will start something". Strengthened by this realization, She maintained a brisk pace towards the outskirts. By nightfall they had reached their destination and had already set up their tent. Just after sunset Kurenai began to leave and was stopped by Naruto.
"Where are you going now"?, asked Naruto.
"Oh, I didnt tell you? I was able to secure a spot at an old friends house, but they refused to take any others.
I dont know why, but they just seem to dislike shinobi in general.
Sorry, but nothing I can do about that". Naruto gave in grudgingly and unwillingly walked back to the tent, where he took off his shirt to change into his sleeping clothes. When he had finished putting his shirt in he realized that Hinata was also getting changed and didnt have any clothes on except for her shirt that was in the process of being taken off. He stared in surprise for a second before averting his eyes and saying "Sorry Hinata I...I didn't realize...I'm sorry...I'll leave now.
"Wait Naruto, don't leave. That was my fault, I should have warned you that I was getting changed. It was my fault." Naruto paused before replying,"even so, I'm still sorry that I intruded, can you forgive me"? "Naruto, theres nothing to ask, if you want me to forgive you, consider yourself forgiven. Thank you Hinata, I owe you.
Naruto turned around to find Hinata fully clothed and he reached over and pulled her into a hug. She thought about resisting but submitted and hugged Naruto back happily. "We should probably go to sleep now", said Naruto tiredly. They both yawned and pulled up their sheets to go to sleep.
They both lay awake, both thinking that the other was asleep.
For almost an hour, both of them lay, not moving, Naruto imagining the happiness he would feel if they were sharing a bed, Hinata imagining them being married. Naruto realised that he coundnt take it any more, that he couldn't supress his emotions. He sat up quietly, not unaware that Hinata was also lying awake.
He leaned over and stopped, his face only millimetres from from hers. He hesitated, then bent down and pressed his lips gently against hers. She opened her eyes wide and saw Naruto, eyes closed, looking happier than she had ever seen him.
She was filled with a sudden overwhelming happiness and raised her hands to hold his body to hers. He jumped when he felt her hands on his back, and realized that she was awake. He misunderstood her hand and thought she was pushing him away. "Sorry Hinata, I wanted to show my feelings for you instead of waiting my life without knowing how you felt about me. I just wanted to kiss you once, I'm sor...", Naruto was cut off as Hinata threw herself onto him, kissing him and willing him to kiss her back. They stayed there, locked in their embrace for several minutes before they broke apart and this time settled down to sleep under the same sheets. Several hours later Kurenai opened the door to the tent to discover the two of them, in each others arms, both looking incredibly peaceful and happier than she had ever seen them before.
She thought "Pity that I'm the one who has to break up this happy time", she sighed. "WHAT DO YOU TWO THINK YOURE DOING". Naruto woke immediately when Kurenai shouted into their tent but Hinata only came halfway back to world of conciousness, finding herself in the arms of the man she had always loved, while Naruto found himself holding the woman of his dream. Naruto tightened his hold and Hinata buried her face into his chest. Kurenai hesitated for a second before saying "I'll give you ten minutes, then i'm coming back in, got it"? She walked out, leaving Hinata and Naruto together.
"I love you so much Hinata", Naruto sat up, still holding Hinata. Hinata realized where she was and sleepily replied "I love you too Naruto". He kissed her hair gently and lifted her head up to kiss her. She submitted without any resistance and then buried her head again into his chest. Hinata sighed with happiness before they both had to stand up and change. Several minutes later they both left the tent together.
Kurenai was sitting on a wooden stump, about a metre high, waiting for them, reasing flirting paradise. As soon as she she realized she was not alone she quickly shoved the book into her kunai pouch and turned bright red, spouting excuses. " Kakashi gave it to me...I thought it would be rude not to...I couldn't...come on lets go", she said with annoyance. Naruto and Hinata laughed together, sounding happier then they ever had before. Kurenai saw something in Hinata that she had not seen in a long time. A wide smile that seemed to cover her whole face broke over Hinatas small face. Kurenai realised that the only way that Hinata and Naruto would ever be happy was if they were together. The day after the mission, Naruto left for two and a half years, to train with Jiraiya.

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