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I lost everything that night, my family, my friends, my love, my life yet I am alive

I lost everything that night, my family, my friends, my love, my life yet I am alive. Their lives were lost and now I am left in this world, a wandering soul. No one knows me as me now that they are gone; they see what they hope to see a hero. But I don't want that I just want to be with them, I would give anything to back with them. Harry thought as he stumbled away from the battlefield, he passed the reinstated Minister of Magic before he collapsed into nothingness.

Harry gasped as he felt as if he had dived into the lake, he turned to see Fawkes.

"Fawkes?" he croaked to the phoenix, Fawkes seemed to nod before he transformed into a man who looked about 30 with hair that could rival the Weasley's.

"Harry." He stated.

"Where are we?" Harry asked his voice slowly getting clearer.

"In your sub-conscience, you fainted after you won."

"It wasn't a win, it was a victory."


"To me a win is when you can celebrate with friends and loved ones, a victory can just be a term used for defeat although I defeated Voldemort I lost everything else."

"I can give you back to them. But at a cost."

"Fine, take them to me."

"Don't you want to hear the cost?"

"Just take me to my friends."

"Very well, but you need to know this. Your life is different because your twin brother Anthony is seen as the Boy-Who-Lived. Your parents and friends are all alive and you have a twin brother. You know them but they don't know you. And the Dursley's are kind."

"What do you mean?"

"Enough now, you have made your decision, I hope you fair well. Goodbye Harry Potter."

"How do I leave?"

"Just wake up."

Harry opened his eyes and sat up groaning he blinked as he looked straight into the eyes of Dudley Dursley.

"Harry, Mum and Dad want to take us to the use to the zoo or something, you coming?" Dudley asked hopefully.

"Sure." Harry answered asked shocked, Dudley smiled before heading downstairs. He got out of bed to change, surprised to find muggle clothes that actually fit him. Shrugging it off he changed and headed downstairs to find the Dursley's around a table, he felt there was something different about them.

"Happy Birthday Harry." Vernon said with a smile handing Harry a small package with a card. Harry opened the card to read:

Dear Harry

Happy 17th Birthday.

Remember we always love you.

Love from Mum, Dad and Dudley.

He gasped before reigning in his emotions when he realized that Mum and Dad were Petunia and Vernon, but what about Lily and James? Harry pondered over it and opened the present to find a photo of the Dursley's and him smiling at the camera with his hand around Dudley's shoulder, he smiled at his family.

"Thank you." He said.

"Now, to the zoo!" Petunia exclaimed happily. "Harry, can I talk to you privately?" She added, whispering to her nephew.

Harry sat on his bed and faced his Aunt.

"Harry, are you going to go to Hogwarts this year?" she asked, Harry jumped slightly.

"I dunno, why?"

"I know you have been home-schooled by Mrs. Longbottom with Neville since you were eleven but I really think that the two of you should go to Hogwarts to complete your NEWT's. Mrs. Longbottom agrees with me, Neville has already said yes, what do you think?"

"Maybe, but I was fine with my OWL's wasn't I?" Harry said gesturing to the results he had stuck on his bedroom wall for some reason.

"You have to face the Potter's one day honey, and I want you to have a good wizarding education."

"Fine, I will go to Hogwarts." He said with a sigh, Harry realized how much he needed to learn about this world.

"Great; now get ready Neville and his grandmother will be here in 5 minutes." She said with a smile as she left the room. Harry slumped over; he could already tell how different this world was from his.


Harry wandered around the zoo with his family and the Longbottoms; they reached the point where the path split one path towards the reptiles and one path towards the café, the group paused.

"Harry, do you and Neville want to look at the reptiles?" Mrs. Longbottom asked.

"Sure." Harry said with a smile, leading his friend to the Reptile House.

"Harry I don't know if you've noticed but you've hardened since last week, I wouldn't have been able to spot it if it wasn't that you told me that I did the same thing a few years ago." Neville exclaimed to Harry.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't ya remember?" Harry shook his head. "Oh jeez the great Harry Dursley can't even remember when I moved universes!"

"What did you say?"

"You seriously can't remember? I am from an alternate universe. This Neville was an absolute bastard, then I came and changed all that then we became friends."

"Tell me about this alternate universe."

"Harry, something is really wrong here! I told at the beginning I would not tell you." Neville stared at Harry trying to work out what was wrong when Harry gasped at the sight of a snake. It was a boa, exactly like the one he had seen years ago in his own universe. He quietly hissed before walking back toward the café. Neville stared at his friend before following him.

Harry sat on his bed stewing in his thoughts when Neville came in.

"Harry! Tell me what's wrong, I need to know!" Neville exclaimed.

"You died Neville, I watched you die. I saw your eyes lose its light as you faded away. I was so mad at her. I killed her Neville; she was so evil that I just killed her. She was my first murder."

"Who are you talking about? What are you talking about?"

"Bellatrix Lestrange, I killed her and showed no mercy.

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