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"Care to tell them Draco?" Narcissa tittered. "Or would you prefer Anthony?" she added with a smirk.

"Draco please," the boy said coldly. "I may have been born Anthony Potter, but I was not raised as him." Harry was staring at his... brother? Suddenly Draco's words from earlier made sense. Draco was Anthony, the Anthony of his world.

"I thought that you had died?" Harry asked quietly. Lily looked away from where she was kneeling on the floor. It pained her that her eldest child was not looking at her, he was just ignoring her. "Well, I thought that Anthony had died."

"Your mother was with me when I was going through labour. Then we got attacked," Narcissa said harshly. "An attack at a linguistics convention, who could believe it! But, I had my child, and he was dead. And it was all her fault." Harry turned slowly and his eyes locked on to his mothers with something unreadable in them.

"I told you Narcissa, it was your own dabbling in the Dark Arts that lead to you loosing the baby. It was no fault of mine." Narcissa snarled, something inhumane and dark. Harry wondered briefly, what had happened in the pregnancy for this woman's mind to break.

"It was your fault. I lost my children, and then a mere month later you had not one healthy boy. But two!" she screamed at the thinner woman. "So, I did what was fair. You took my child, and I took yours." James' eyes flew back and forth between the two women and the two boys. Amethyst and Azurite stood apart from them, near Lucius, Severus and Peter. "Little Anthony became Draco, he was my son. Mine!"

"He was never yours, I always knew," Lily said coldly to the other woman. "Peter had warned me about the attack, he told me that he could find somewhere safe for me if I needed it."

"Why, why did you leave me?" Harry asked quietly. Lily turned back to her son and for the first time he noticed that there were tears in her eyes. They dripped down her cheek slowly as she looked on with grief.

"I tried to take you, my darling. I honestly did. But when the curse rebounded off you, it meant that I couldn't touch you! I tried, and I nearly lost you sisters. I figured that Sirius would be able to take you, but before I could talk to him to tell him, your magic kept getting stronger and stronger, forcing me out of the house. I had to leave, I knew that Peter set me up with a place at the Malfoy home if anything happened. So I went there. I was a nurse for Draco until I worked out that he was my son, my Anthony. From then onwards, it was all careful planning."

"What about Sirius?" he yelled suddenly, the shock wearing off. "You just let him rot in Azkaban for so long because you were too scared to face him after your husband died?"

"No, never!" Lily said with a gasp. "By the time I had found out that Sirius had been put in jail, I had been declared dead, they didn't like Sirius. Even if I had gone up and told them what was going on, I would be under scrutiny, your sisters would have been and someone would have tried to kill Sirius. He was safest inside the bars."

"But you should have told him something!" Harry said fiercely. "You shouldn't have abandoned him." Lily was about to respond when she leant over and coughed harshly. James Potter was watching them all with a shocked expression on his face. Eventually, he snapped out his confusion and said what was possibly the most mature thing he ever said.

"Harry, let your mother be. We'll talk about it at the castle." The words seemed to force themselves out of his throat. He didn't have any clue about what was going on, he was just pretending so that he wouldn't go into shock or anything.

"I don't think so, sweetheart," Narcissa said harshly. "Your wife isn't going with you. Isn't she boys?" She turned to face Severus, Lucius and Peter. They all looked at her with unreadable expressions on their faces. "I'm right," she reiterated. They all exchanged nervous glances.

"This has gone on too long, Cissy," Lucius said softly. "I think it's time that you just gave up. It has been years since we lost Draco, eighteen. You didn't even want this Draco once he turned five. Just let it go."

"No!" shrieked Narcissa. "I will have my revenge. She killed my baby!" Severus just looked at the woman sadly and reached over to touch her forehead. When his fingers made contact the woman collapsed into a heap on the floor.

"I'm so sorry," Lucius said quietly to Lily. "I hope things will go better for you now." And with that Severus and Lucius left the room, leaving the family of Potters alone with Peter.

"I can not ask for forgiveness for what I have done," he started. "I can only hope that one day you can accept me as a friend once more. But there are bigger things at hand, it is likely that everyone that came with us will join with You-Know-Who, the one of this world. You have to be prepared."

"What are you talking about?" James asked. Lily sat up properly and winced as the blood rushed around her body.

"James, Anthony is not the Chosen One, Harry is," she said softly. "We need to get out of here, back to the school."

"I can't stay," Peter immediately said. "I can't face Sirius just yet. I'll help from inside." Lily nodded and he left with a patter of small feet across the floor.

"Come on," Azurite said as the family got up. She ran over to her mother and helped her to her feet. "We need to get her to Poppy, fast. She's very dehydrated."

"Don't refer to your mother as a her or she," James immediately chided. The girls were momentarily shocked at how well he slipped into being their father. But still, Harry hung back as they all headed back up to the school.

This was his family right? But why did he feel like he didn't belong. He didn't really know anyone in the family in front of him, and they didn't know him. Sure, they knew his story. But they would never understand what he had gone through, both at the Dursleys and at Hogwarts. He noticed that Draco's hair receded back to it's 'natural' blond colour. He didn't know who Draco, Anthony, was. He didn't know a thing about his younger sisters, his father wasn't really his father and his mother... his mother was dead. This woman was not the woman that he had fought for, the woman that he had been told died for him. It was all different.

He had walked in deep thought for so long that he barely noticed that they had entered the school. Sirius was waiting at the gates and gasped when he saw the fragile woman that was leaning against his best friend. He saw Harry trailing behind and the lost looks in some of their eyes, and then he pieced it all together.

"What is going on?" he asked shakily.

"I can't explain Padfoot," James said tiredly."I don't even know what is going on myself."

"Why?" he asked. The question was directed at Lily, he looked up with dim eyes and the words that came out of her mouth was not what anyone expected.

"Because I love you, brother." James looked at his, sort of, wife in confusion as she finally collapsed from the exhaustion and neglect that she had been put through.

As they got neared to the school people began to add on to their group. Hermione joined, a delicate hand on her stomach as she walked silently next to Draco. She knew that he would explain in time. Ron gripped on to Azurite's hand tightly, with an ashen expression on his face as she told him her story. And finally, Ginny. Ginny walked next to Azurite before she noticed that her boyfriend was dragging himself along, a few meters behind them all.

"Harry!" she said with a gasp. She slowed down and ran up to him with a concerned expression on her face. Her hands were cool against his warm cheeks as she stared into his eyes. "Harry, what's going on?"

"I think, I think that my family never died. And they didn't tell me for seventeen years." The girl gasped. "My, my real name is Harry James Potter. I'm Anthony's, Draco's. I don't know whose!" he yelled. "I'm their twin brother. I'm sorry I lied to you." Ginny just nodded slowly.

"Why is Professor Potter unconscious if she's doing Charms tuts with the second years?" she asked.

"Because, because we're from a different world, universe, something! And Mu- Lily has come over to this world from our old one." Ginny ran her fingers through his hair to try and calm him down. "Merde!" he cursed in French, for some reason. "WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST TELL ME!" The rest of the group didn't hear him as he sunk to his knees with tears falling down his face. "Why am I crying?" he whispered to himself. Ginny bobbed down and looked at the boy in his eyes.

"Because you are happy that they are still alive," she whispered. "Truly, deeply happy that you have your family again."

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