The Last Night Of The World

DISCLAIMER: I wish I own these characters but...pouts...I'm just borrowing!

THEME: This is an AU story that I started writing agessssss ago! It involves all of the Charmed characters in their past lives, and was inspired entirely by the lyrics of Miss it's kind of a crossover fic as well. The pictures and a lot of the situations are also from Miss Saigon.

SUMMARY: 100 years after the Salam witch hunt, chaos strikes again!! The characters we know and love are there to save the day...or die...or both...I might rewrite this summary sometime when I am not buzzing on Red bull!!
Take Two!: Beautiful wiccan Piper is orphaned at 17 during an epic war of humans vs. magicks. With all magical beings fighting a losing battle, Piper struggles to survive in a time of hatred and descrimination. She believes, deep down that she alone has a destiny that could save her people. But with every written prophesy saying otherwise, is Piper's belief, and her trust in the broken fighters she meets along the way enough for her to survive Witch Hunt II?? Past life fic!!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I miss Prue! That's about it, hah hah! Peace! xx

RATING: TLNOTW explores a lot of adult themes and contains pretty bad-ish language. If I were younger than 13 and read this, I would probably be if you are nice, young or innocent, please don't read anymore. Otherwise...welcome to the last night of the eh eh!!


There was a time when the prophesised 'Charmed Ones' promised the wiccan world it's only hope of salvation.
A time of tragedy. Where not even passion or hope would prevail.
It was a time never told.

Where the only demons were man.

In a realm different to our own...

It was 1705 - exactly 13 years after the infamous Salam Witch Trials - when the terror was reborn. Commander Victor Wilde was sworn in as Sergeant Major of the American Armed Forces, with an unusual agenda in mind: To once again spread fear of witches over the land. Wiccans who had fled the damned town of Salam 13 years earlier, were attacked and exiled by neighbouring civilians and forced to return to their old town for the support of fellow witches. Unsatisfied and afraid, mortals continued to publicly hunt and destroy all witches. Pagans lived in fear for their lives. A magical allegiance was formed by all immortals to protect those witches in danger, and to win back their homes and freedom. But a stronger allegiance was being formed over the world, and mortal men & woman of every age and race, flocked to join the American WH Armed Forces. With Salam destined to fall, magical beings were forced to seek out reinforcements from a different realm. Mortals from the armed forces in a future time were called in to fight alongside the wiccans. Disguised as WH soldiers, these mortal rebels were able to successfully deter many who sort to harm witches. However, with the mortal side growing in numbers everyday, it seemed that the destiny of Salam was indeed to fall. Doomed Wiccans prayed that they would escape to the ideal realm of the rebels, where mortals and witches lived as one.
Where Magicks didn't have to feel shame.

Dubbed WHII (witch hunt two), the great war drew to an end, and the semi-deserted town where all nightmares had begun would become the final great battlefield.

And so the story really begins;

At the end.