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How do you eat yours?

Oh how he loathed chocolate. Its sweet, rich taste... it made him shudder with disgust. "I'll pass," He muttered bitterly as he and his team stopped outside a sweet shop, shoving his hands in his pockets and leaning against the wall outside as the other two members went inside.

It wasn't long before they emerged with whatever treat they had chosen. Sasuke didn't really pay attention, nor did he really care. All he wanted to do was get on with reporting their mission to Tsunade and then going home for some well needed rest.

His eyes fell on the blonde who by the looks of it had chosen a cream egg. It was beyond Sasuke to think why Naruto had chosen that, since it wasn't any where near Easter.

Though that wasn't what had caught Sasuke's attention in the first place. It wasn't the actual thing Naruto was eating, but rather how he was eating it. Naruto struck Sasuke as they type of person to just shove it in his mouth and eat it in the messiest way possible. But no, the way the blonde was eating this was anything but messy.

First his pink tongue would dart out and lick the chocolate round the tip, his eyes fluttering slightly. An image of what else that tongue could be used for flashed through Sasuke's mind briefly and he shook his head to rid himself of the mental image before anyone noticed the slight colour in his cheeks.

How the hell could Sasuke find someone eating chocolate this... erotic? He hated chocolate! But the way the blonde's tongue worked around the hard shell of the chocolate made Sasuke want to try it as well.

Finally the hard, chocolate shell caved in under Naruto's warm tongue and the pink muscle dived into the pool of white, licking around the rim to collect any white liquid hat may have over flowed.

Sasuke's eyebrow visibly twitched as he watched the blonde's tongue disappear back into his mouth, swallowing the thick liquid with an audible gulp. The raven then realized that this was having a devistating efect on his lower half, and he tried to avert his eyes and focus on something else, but it was useless. His eyes kept finding the blonde and landing on his mouth, watching in fascination as Naruto's tongue licked the hard chocolate shell out clean.

Some of the white dribbled down the blonde's chin, and Sasuke's mouth hung open slightly as his eyes followed Naruto's finger wiping it up, then popping it into his mouth and sucking on the digit with his eyes closed.

That must have dine it for the Uchiha, because the next minute he had grabbed Naruto's arm, narrowing his eyes with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Sasuke, wha-" Naruto never got to finish his question, as he was dragged off towards the Uchiha Compound but the Uchiha himself.

Sasuke never really got to find out if the blonde had done that on purpose, but needless to say it was a good thing that Sasuke didn't have neighbours.


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