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Almighty Tallest Red and Purple sat back in their comfy chairs in their comfy control room, watching the annoyingly small Zim "report" to them. Why they had never severed his ship's communication contact with the Irken home world was beyond him, as they had to listen to him rant every now and again.

He was babbling on about something called "snow" when Almighty Tallest Purple held a hand up.

"Mm, yeah, that's great, look, Zim, the Counsel wants to take you to trial for.. y'know, almost destroying Irk and stuff," he said nonchalantly.

On screen, Zim's large, demented red eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Trial? I have no time for a trial, I'm trying to concquer this pathetic planet and its meaty inhabitants! Tell the counsel to wait!" he demanded.

Red pushed a button that brought up a second screen behind them with a fourth Irken face on it, the face of one of the counsel on Irk. He looked pissed.

"Zim, you have been summoned here for a trial over your very life! Do you or do you not want to come back to Irk for it?!"


And with that, Invader Zim severed all communications. Red was actually thankful he had. That boy's voice really grated his nerves.

But it was bothersome. Now someone would have to go to this place called Earth and get Zim by force. On the down side, it might mean one of them would have to do it, since Zim rarely listened to anyone at all, much less a common Irk. On the plus side, they could sample all that earth food that GIR constantly went on about!

Purple seemed to be reading his mind, although this wasn't physically possible. The Irken race was not a telepathic one. Unfortunately.

"I don't want to go," said the counsel member on screen, looking shifty.

Red looked at Purple. Purple looked at Red.

"Flip for it?"


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