Chapter Eleven: Wedded Bliss

The Cat King blinked.

"Of course I do! It's… um, Chicky!"

Muta made a sound like a bad buzzer.

"Wrong; that's my name for her! Try again!"

The king started hyperventilating.

"Um, Babe?"

Baron pointedly raised the tip to the king's heart.

"Kindly never refer to my wife like that again. I can't believe you went through all this trouble, and you never even bothered to find out her name. It doesn't matter anymore; I should have done this when I first came to the Cat Kingdom." With one swift motion, Baron swiped his sword, making Haru gasp and bury her face in Muta's fur, not wishing to witness the death, still having a tender heart, underneath it all. She heard a heavy thud as the king's head fell to the floor, and his body follow a second afterward.

She felt her husband's gloved fingers touch her bare shoulder.

"Haru, are you certain that Prince Lune is mentally stable enough to handle the throne?"

"Very. You know he's the one that told me to run for it."

Baron smiled grimly, and tossed his red-stained sword to the side. He nodded cordially at the prince, who had just come back into the room. The dark cat stopped at the entrance, his mismatched eyes widening as he saw the two separate pieces of his father's body. His eyes saddened as he looked up at Baron.

"I know I should be grateful for your deed. My father was a terrible cat."

Baron tipped his hat at the new king as Muta waddled to the large window and jumped out, Toto clearly seen to be catching him with his claws.

"He may have been your father, but he had a number of things to answer for. If you feel this was a little harsh, feel free to look me up."

Lune shook his head, not accepting the subtle challenge.

"I'll look you up, but not over my father. This needed to happen."

Baron nodded sadly as he picked up his bride, with some difficulty, with the large hoop in the skirt. Haru frowned, since the hoop was exposing everything, and used her power to get rid of it. Her skirt fell in a manner similar to a popped balloon, making her giggle slightly as her husband started charging the same window Muta had jumped through. Before Haru could think to protest, Baron was already sailing past the window frame and soaring to the ground. She tightened her grip on his neck as Toto seemingly came out of nowhere to catch the newlyweds on his back, and return home. Haru's heart froze, remembering all that flight meant. Baron rubbed her back comfortingly.

"Not flying has been your way of mourning. Both of your parents would have understood that, I think. But there is a time to mourn, and a time to laugh. You've been mourning for too long."

Haru nodded, remembering the rest of the saying.

"A time to dance…"


Haru went straight up, through the cloud. She knew it was safe, since it had none of the darkness of a storm cloud. It was cool, and refreshing inside there. She burst from the other side of the cloud, laughing happily.

Married life suited the brunette wonderfully. Instead of the long black dress that had graced her slender form for years, there was instead a long black skirt, which complimented her lavender button-up blouse wonderfully, giving her a polished look that the old dress couldn't compare with.

Toto flew over the cloud and grinned at her.

"Last one home's a rotten worm!" He made a dive toward the moving house as Haru followed suit, gripping her newly made broomstick happily.

"Yeah, and the first one's going to eat it!"

Toto laughed while pressing the outside button, making half of the roof open up so they could land inside. Seeing her husband waiting for them, she flew just over where he was and let go of the power that held her suspended in the air. Knowing what his wife was doing, Baron grinned and held out his arms just in time to catch her. She laughed and made her broom walk itself into the corner so she could make out with her husband again.

Muta came into the room with Baron and Haru's tea, but humphed at seeing them being lovey-dovey again. Knowing better then to interrupt them, he set the tea on the little table between the sofas and headed back into the kitchen as Toto flew up to the special nest Haru had made for him, after arriving at the Cat Kingdom.

Reluctantly, Baron pulled his lips away from Haru's.

"Lune dropped us a line a few minutes ago."

Haru smiled and stole one more kiss.

"Oh? What did he say?"

"He wants us to be the new rulers of the Cat Kingdom."

Haru left off kissing him.

"Excuse me?"

"He's scared that he'll grow into his father's insanity. There hasn't been a sane ruler in the royal family for five centuries. He's also ashamed of himself for not taking care of his father himself, and for not coming to your aid on our wedding day. He thinks we'd do a better job of it, all things considered."

Haru thought about it as her husband kept talking.

"Although all of his subjects seem to like him just fine, they're wild about the idea of us on the throne. Personally, I'm not very enthusiastic over the idea, but Lune did raise a few very good points over us ruling the Cat Kingdom; one being that insanity has little chance of entering our line."

Haru giggled.

"We can only hope that's true. Um, speaking of lines, how do you feel about starting one?" She smiled mischievously, making her husband instantly connect the dots, and start kissing her hard again.


In the end, electing King Baron and Queen Haru to the cat throne proved to be a happy decision for the kingdom. Lune was kept on as an advisor, upon the condition that he would be dismissed if any of his father's eccentricities started to show. The main reason the couple had accepted the responsibility was the reasoning that they could better serve the people in this fashion than by traveling around.

And through the ages, Lune had been proven right; for although insanity would show up frequently in his line, it never did in the new royal family's.


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