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Let's Jump!

Chapter One: Home

"Just because you have closed one deal, doesn't mean you have any idea what you're doing, Logan…"

Logan had been sitting there listening to his father lecture him about the business world and what it took to be successful for the passed hour. By this time, any words of wisdom had gone in one ear and out the other for Logan. He had completely zoned out, not that that was anything new. He was just too frustrated to listen anymore. It wasn't that he expected a warm handshake and a 'well done son' to go with the pat on the back he deserved for closing this deal, but it would've been nice, seeing as it was the first major client he had brought to the company. He couldn't win. He had jumped through all of Mitchum's hoops. He had gone to London and worked his ass off and for what? So that he could listen to another diatribe about how useless he was.

As Mitchum continued rambling on and on, Logan's mind wandered back to those last 26 hours he had spent with his Ace. God, he missed her. He loved being able to reach out and hold her. The feel of her skin on his and her soft, wonderful lips kissing a path over his body made his spine tingle just thinking about it. Seeing her again had just emphasised how much he missed her. Seeing how jealous she was of Bobbi had only made him love her even more. She loved him just as much as he loved her and it felt nice. It felt nice to be loved. A smile grew on his face as his father continued berating him for his naiveté. He wasn't paying any attention to his father now, he just thought about Rory and how happy she made him. He really had hit the jackpot with his Ace. She was one of a kind and the most amazing person he knew. She was his home, where he felt safest, where he felt loved and having grown up in a world of shallow, harsh, manipulative, cold people, he felt so relieved and incredibly lucky to have fallen in love with someone like Rory Gilmore and to have her love him back the same.

"Are you even listening to a word I am saying?" The sound of Mitchum's angry voice brought him out of his daze and he frowned as he realised that he was still here with his father and not curled up beside his Ace like he so desperately wanted to be. He looked up at his fathers face and sighed. It seemed no matter what he did, nothing would ever be good enough for this man.

At that, he pulled himself up, out of his chair and headed for the door, not speaking a word. He didn't even look at his father's face, he didn't have to. He knew how mad he would be. But, quite simply, he didn't care. So, he kept on walking, ignoring his father's calls for him to return immediately. He got onto the elevator and rode it down to the lobby. He then pulled out his cell phone and hit speed dial No. 1.



She smiled brightly for the first time that day as she looked at the name on her caller id. It was Logan. She missed him already and it had only been several hours since he'd left.

Standing in the middle of the kitchen in the big, lonely apartment they had shared together, staring at the big, lonely bed they had become reacquainted in, Rory let her busy mind float back to the day before. He had been there; close enough to touch, to kiss. They had made love and fallen so easily back into their old routine. And then he was gone; back to London. Back to a life she wasn't a part of. She had spent the whole of his visit feeling sad and unhappy at the fact that he would be leaving her again, unable to fully enjoy and appreciate their brief time together.

I can't just be happy and act like a fruit fly? Mayfly.

However, as they had stood on the sidewalk, sharing their last kiss for a while, she had felt something shift between them. There was a new trust and understanding formed as they said their goodbyes. The bond between them had strengthened and a new level of closeness developed as their love for one another grew ever deeper.

Rory flipped open her cell phone and answered the call; her smile shining brightly as she spoke to the man she loved with all her heart.

"Hello!" she greeted him.

"Hey, Ace!"

his tone was warm and full of love as he spoke. "What's going on?"

"Nothing to report here." she paused, "I miss you." she said simply. Logan sighed into the phone.

"I miss you too, Ace. You have no idea."

"Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything's fine. Just Mitchum…"

he didn't have to speak another word as she understood implicitly.

"I'm sorry." she said, her voice full of genuine concern.

"Yeah, well you can't help who you're related to, right?


"You know, when I was a kid I always had this thought that I was switched at birth. That maybe my real father was Al from 'Married with Children', that would've been cool."

Rory laughed and shook her head. "Logan, Al was a drunk and a bum, not to mention, he was a completely fictional character."

"Well, that's better than a narcissistic jackass like Mitchum. I swear to god, it's a basic impossibility for that man to just say 'hey Logan, good job.' He could never admit that maybe he was wrong and I'm not the complete failure he had me pegged as."

Rory's heart broke for Logan as she heard the anger in his tone. She wanted to reach out and hug him, to comfort him and reassure him that he wasn't a failure and never would be. But obviously she couldn't.

"Logan, forget about Mitchum. And you have never been a failure, Mitchum doesn't think that. He's just too set in his own ways to realise that he has an incredibly talented and intelligent son who could run that company with his eyes closed." she told him firmly, fully believing everything she had said.

"Ace, you'll make me cry."

He was touched by her kind words. She believed in him. Sighing to himself, he felt a wave of calm wash over him as he realised that as long as he had her in his life, nothing else mattered. And he wanted to have her in his life forever.

"I mean it, Logan." she said breaking the silence, "I'm so proud of you. Everything that you've accomplished…you did it because your good, no, amazing at what you do and don't let Mitchum or anyone else make you feel otherwise. You should be incredibly proud of yourself-"

"I love you, Rory."

He cut her off as she continued to give him a pep talk. "I love you more than you'll ever know."

Rory felt a lump grow in her throat as a stray tear escaped. She smiled brightly and closed her eyes taking a deep breath, wishing he was right in front of her so she could reach out and wrap her arms around him.

"I love you too, Logan." Her reply was met with silence as Logan let her words sink in. Hearing her say 'I love you' never failed to warm his heart and make him feel like he was capable of taking on the world, as long as he had her by his side.

His feelings for Rory had grown deeper and more determined over the years he had known her. He now was at the point where he was pretty sure she was the one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with. She was his home. He just hoped she felt the same way.