Lonely Faces (aka - Roommates)

This is my second story about KibaNaru. I hope you enjoy it. If you haven't read my first story, The Fox and the Hound - Love, Sex and Heartbreak, I strongly recommend that you do. This story takes place in an alternate universe where only the characters are the same. Personalities, places and relationships have been altered. At this stage it is rated (PG-15) for language and mild suggestions of sexuality.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. This contains some adult material and is not suitable for people under the age of 15.
Description: Kiba is at his first year of university. His gay roommate, Naruto, challenges him at every turn in all aspects of life.
Genre: KibaNaru, Yaoi, Humor, Romance, WAFF.

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It has come to my attention that a story by this name has been written. Therefore its new title is Lonely Faces. I have posted it on other sites as such.

Chapter 01

Kiba began to unpack his things, today was his first day at the University. Kiba didn't know why he bothered going at all; he was told by his parents that an education was everything these days, but he still didn't know what he wanted to do in life.

Once he had unpacked his things, he laid back on his bed, deep in thought. The room in which he resided was on the university campus, a double dorm room having identical pairs of beds, dressers, nightstands and desks on either side of the room. He was wondering distantly what his roommate would be like, hopefully someone quiet, someone who kept to themselves, someone like him.

He sat up and ran his fingers though his hair, looking out the window over the wide expanse of sports fields, forests and parking lots, illuminated in the pale morning sun. Would he really fit in here, he didn't like school much, though his marks where outstanding enough to earn him a full scholarship, but he always felt his dreams lay outside that of academic pursuit.

He was roused from his thoughts by a knocking at the door. It was probably his roommate. Getting up, he strode to the door and turned the brass knob. He found on the other side, a boy around his age. He had a lean figure, spiky blond hair; bunched up by the tie die bandana on his forehead, whisker like markings on his face, wore loose fitting clothing, carried a large blue duffle bag, and grinned from ear to ear. But the thing that captured Kiba's attention the most was his piercing blue eyes.

"Hi!" said the boy, reaching out a hand for him to shake. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I guess I'll be your roommate!"

Kiba groaned inwardly, he certainly wasn't the quiet type.

"Uh … Hi, I'm Kiba, Kiba Inuzuka." he said, grasping his outreached hand and shaking.

"Kiba huh, I like that name." said Naruto, moving into the room.

"There's something I need to tell you before we become roomies." he said, turning to face Kiba, a look of ferocity in his gaze that caught him off guard. "I'm gay! If you have a problem with that you better tell me now!"

"Oh … Uh no, I really don't mind." replied Kiba, taken aback by his sudden outburst.

Naruto glared at him a moment longer before the smile returned to his face. "In that case, I think we'll be good friends!"

He turned around and shot his bag onto the bed unoccupied by Kiba's stuff.

"What's up with those weird markings on your face?" asked Naruto, spotting the red lines on either cheek.

"These? Just tribal tattoos. What about you?"

"I dunno, I've had them ever since I can remember. They're scars I think."

"When is orientation supposed to start?" asked Naruto, sitting on a chair by his bed.

"In half an hour I think." said Kiba, glancing at his watch.

"Well, we'd better get down there!" he said, looking slightly alarmed.

"Yeah." conceded Kiba with a glum expression.

"Cheer up!" said Naruto. "Should be fun! It's not like classes start today, there just showing us around the school."

Kiba's appearance didn't brighten, it was still looking at the many places that he would be bored out of his mind in.

"Come on, we need to look around the university, we don't want to not know where we are going when classes start." said Naruto, getting up and heading towards the door.

Kiba unwillingly followed him out the door and closed it behind them.


The orientation took the better half of a day. They went to the various wings, and their guide would tell them of different things that they would be doing in them. Naruto asked many questions, which annoyed Kiba slightly as it meant that they would have to stay longer while it was answered.

When they reached the cafeteria at noon, they stopped to eat. The eatery was filled with all kinds of generic food chains. Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Starbucks, all the types of food one could ever want was here. Kiba didn't much approve of all the fast food places, their food was good enough, but it was like he was being forced to give his money to these people. In the end he decided to go to the universities own stand and get a sandwich, milk and an apple.

He sat at an empty table and began to enjoy his food when Naruto joined him, his tray laden with all different kinds of food from what looked like all of the different restaurants.

"I'm starving!" he said, looking at his food with a tortured appearance.

"Think you've got enough!?" said Kiba, laughing.

"Think you've got too much!?" asked Naruto, looking at Kiba's meager meal. "You've got to eat more!"

They ate their meal, Naruto blabbing away about the places they had just been to, his mouth full of food. Naruto continually offered Kiba some, to which he promptly refused due to his sudden loss of appetite.

Naruto paused for a moment while taking a sip from his pop, when a kid about their own age approached them. He had jet black hair and eyes to match, his slim build gave way to his slender features as he smirked sardonically at them. Naruto didn't look at all pleased to see him.

"Hello Naruto." he said, his tone was high and condescending. "Chatting up another boy?"

"Get lost Sasuke!" said Naruto, anger in his voice, glaring with the same ferocity as Kiba witnessed earlier.

"Come now, there's no need to be rude. What's this one's name?" he asked, glancing at Kiba.

"I'm Kiba Inuzuka, Naruto's roommate." he said, sensing that it was probably better that he answer.

"Oh, his roommate, I see. I'd keep your eye on him if I were you; he can be a real 'pain in the butt'." he said, putting a delicate inflection on the last four words.

"Get the fuck lost Uchiha!" bellowed Naruto.

Sasuke chuckled as he walked away, waving at them as he went.

"What was that about?" asked Kiba, shocked at the confrontation.

"That was Sasuke, my ex. He's a real jerk and I don't want to talk about him." said Naruto, still looking slightly mad.

Kiba could strangely relate to Naruto, his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him with one of his supposed friends a few days before he came here, the bitch. He too would rather not talk about it.

They ate the rest of their meal in silence. Kiba noticed a small amount of moisture pool at the boy's eyes and decided to pretend he didn't see it.


They continued their tour of the school, going faster without the exited questions from Naruto, who still looked shaken up, and finished as they were brought to the common room, filled with televisions, pool tables, comfortable looking couches, a fireplace; most likely for the winter, and a small coffee dispenser in a corner.

The crowd dispersed, some going up to the dormitories, others sitting sleepily on one of the couches. Kiba was among those heading to the dormitories, Naruto in toe, still looking morose.

Kiba turned on the laptop on his desk and wheeled a chair closer, Naruto began to unpack his stuff unenthusiastically. He logged on and opened a text message from his mom.

M◊M: 'Hello son, how was your first day at university? Did you learn anything new?'

KїѢα: 'Lessons don't start till tomorrow.'

M◊M: 'OIC. Are you feeling any better?'

KїѢα: 'I'm fine mom, I don't want to talk about it.'

M◊M: 'Ok, ok. Do you need anything, Money?'

KїѢα: 'I'm fine, stop worrying about me.'

M◊M: 'Ok, as long as your sure you're fine.'

KїѢα: 'Yes mom, I'm sure I'm fine.'

M◊M: 'Ok then, I'll talk to you tomorrow, your father sends his love, bye!'

KїѢα: 'Bye!'

"What-cha doing?" asked Naruto.

Kiba looked from around his screen. Naruto had finished unpacking his stuff and was now sprawled out on his bed, starring up at the sealing.

"Just chatting with my mom, she gets so worried sometimes." he replied, closing the lid to his laptop.

"Oh, I see." said Naruto monotonously.

"Bet your mom's the same huh?" said Kiba, laughing slightly.

"No, she's dead." said Naruto simply.

"Oh, god. I'm sorry!" stammered Kiba, mortified that he had just laughed at the topic.

"You don't need to be, it was a long time ago. I was six when my parents died in a car crash. I can't really remember them." he said, rolling over so that he faced the wall. "I've been from foster home to foster home ever since."

Kiba sensed the pain beyond the boy's voice and decided to not speak of the subject again.

Looking at the boy, he determined that there was more to him that meets the eye, and that he was probably in for a rough ride. Still, he could understand at least some of his hardship, and was sure that nobody could be better as his roommate.