Lonely Faces (aka - Roommates)

This is my second story about KibaNaru. I hope you enjoy it. If you haven't read my first story, The Fox and the Hound - Love, Sex and Heartbreak, I strongly recommend that you do. This story takes place in an alternate universe where only the characters are the same. Personalities, places and relationships have been altered. At this stage it is rated (NC-17).
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. This contains some adult material and is not suitable for people under the age of 18.
Description: Kiba is at his first year of university. His gay roommate, Naruto, challenges him at every turn in all aspects of life. KibaNaru some SasuNaru, LeeGaa, SaiSasu, KakaIru
Genre: KibaNaru, Yaoi, Humor, Romance, WAFF
Beta: None

Chapter 23

Six year old Naruto Uzumaki looked out, the wilderness scenery sweeping past the car window as he sat in the back seat of the blue Sedan, the sun flickering through the forest's thick canopy to prick his bright azure spheres. He blinked serenely as the light burned at the back of his eyes and turned to the front of the car where is father manoeuvred the vehicle through the winding back-roads with practised easy.

His medium length spiky blond hair danced gently in the wind flowing through the semi-rolled down window. He sighed quietly as he looked behind him at his son in the back seat, seeming slightly peaceful as he breathed in the cool forest air.

"So, are you excited to see were daddy works?" asked his father, smiling kindly at him.

Naruto nodded emphatically.

"Mhmm. You never lets me know anything about werk." said the boy excitedly, clasping his hands between his thighs and swinging his legs up and down reflexively.

"Well, Dad's in a bit of a bind right now, so there's no way around it." said the man, looking back at the road, slightly worried.

His face went serious as he glanced at his son in the rear-view mirror.

"You know you aren't allowed to tell anyone about what goes on here. It's very important. Even your mother can't know."

"I knows daddy. Even doe Mommy is worries about what you do, I'ms is not allowed to tell anyone." said Naruto, putting his hand clumsily over his chest and raising his other in the air.

His father gave a small chuckle. "I know; your mother does worry quite a bit. But I'm not supposed to tell anyone."

Naruto continued to sway his legs impatiently over the edge of the seat, hitting the back of his heals on the cushioning below.

"When is we going to be ther'. We been driving fer HOURS." said the boy, putting particular emphasis on the last word.

The man issued another chuckle.

"We'll be there shortly, Naruto. You can see the building in the distance." he replied amusedly, pointing through the windshield at a small group of huddled structures in the distance.

Naruto face broke into a wide smile as he gave a small hoot of excitement, crawling enthusiastically over to the window to get a better look, his seat-belt tightening around his shoulder as he did so.

The boy watched avidly as the buildings grew nearer and nearer. The forest gave way to well-kept sprawling lawns and many trimmed and shaped hedges. As the road drew closer the front, Naruto was better able to distinguish the complex, twisting architecture of the buildings; it was more of a piece of art than anything else.

The car slowed to a stop as his father pulled into one of the parking spaces near the entrance, the Sedan's lights spilling over the concrete walkway in the pale morning glow before extinguishing sharply.

His father pulled the keys out of the ignition as the car's engine died out, and put them in his pocket while he turned to his son. "Well this is it, ma' boy."

Naruto gave another broad smile and removed his seat-belt inelegantly before shifting to the door. His father laughed lightly and exited the car, stepping out onto the paved parkway and moving to the back to let his son out.

The boy hopped down from the car and landed on his feet awkwardly, stumbling a little so that his dad had to reach out his hand to the boy's chest to prevent him from falling over.

Naruto gave an embraced half smile of appreciation and ran to the curb to jump up eagerly. His father went to the back of the car and retrieved a white lab coat from the trunk. He pulled it over his dress shirt, buttoning up a few pins before straightening the Identification card hanging from a clip on his pocket and heading to where Naruto keenly waited. He smiled at the toddler and motioned for him to follow as he walked steadily to the front door.

Two tall men in green camouflage uniforms stood sentry on either side of the sliding glass entryway. They were both armed with heavy looking guns that they carried under one arm, pointing upwards.

The men watched them as they approached and saluted in unison when they were about a meter away.

"Dr. Namikaze, Sir!" they said in tandem, saluting ostentatiously.

Naruto released a small giggle and the two men looked down at him in mild surprise.

"Private Morris, Private Tack." replied his father, nodding to each of them in turn.

"This is my son, Naruto." he said, inclining his head with a smile to the diminutive boy beside him. "His school was cancelled today due to some arson incident, and I got an urgent page. My wife is away at her parent's house and nobody is available to look after him, so I had to bring him in. I hope you understand."

He flashed them a glittering smile as they looked at one another.

"I'm sorry sir, but members of the general public are not allowed to enter the building. It violates the non-disclosure agreement." said Private Morris, a regretful frown on his face.

"He's only a boy of 6, and anyway, we won't be going into any of the labs today, we're merely going to go to my office." he said, a pleading edge to his voice.

"I don't know ..." replied the man, scratching his chin pensively.

"C'mon Jim, cut him some slack." said the Private Tack, nudging him lightly in the side with the butt of his rifle. "Remember the time he caught us sleeping out back and brought us some coffee? Besides, he's right, it's just a kid, and he's in a tight spot right now."

Private Morris issued a short sigh.

"Ok, ok then. Just don't tell the boss I let you do this." he said, side stepping so that he revealed a wall mounted card slot near the doors.

Minato walked forwards and removed the identification card from the clip on his pocket, and inserted it into the receptacle. The red light to the left of the device flashed twice before turning a solid green and issuing a low buzzing noise as the doors slid open.

He slipped the card back in its clip and waved at the guards as he walked in, Naruto on his heels.

"Thanks boys, I'll remember this!" he said pleasantly as the doors closed behind him.

Naruto looked around at his new surroundings. The walls were a perfect white, there didn't seem to be a blemish on them. The floors were marble, white like the walls, with black spidery cracks running along it's surface. A desk was a few meters in front of them, also white, with a computer and an empty chair behind it. The place seemed overly sterile, much like a hospital.

Naruto followed his father past the desk and down a hallway that seemed to mirror the building's overall sense of colour and cleanliness. The harsh white walls seemed to burn his eyes slightly, and he tried to keep staring at his father's back as they continued to walk down several corridors.

Minato stopped suddenly as they reached a door, and, not expecting the abrupt halt, Naruto crashed animatedly into the back of his legs. His father looked back with an amused grin.

"Owie!" said Naruto, rubbing his head gently.

"Oh, I'm sorry son." replied Minato, bending over to pull Naruto up into his arms and kissing his forehead lightly.

"All better?" he asked, tilting his head slightly to one side.

"Mhmm." said Naruto, smiling brightly.

Minato returned the smile and hugged his son to his chest with one arm as he placed a key into the knob and opened the door.

The office had a great deal more character than the rest of the building Naruto had seen so far. The writing table and floor were littered with bits of crumpled paper, the filing cabinets overflowed with a plethora of folders and documents, the desk was besieged with an assortment on knickknacks and pictures.

Minato put his son down on the brown shaggy carpet as he stepped in and strode over to the desk, pulling the chair out and taking a seat. He took one of the knickknacks from off his desk; a fuzzy poseable fox, and handed it to Naruto to play with.

The boy smiled brightly at his father before plopping himself down on the cushy rug and delving into the world of his vast imagination, making the fox into a misunderstood demon that terrorized the nearby villagers for their prejudice and hate.

Minato smirked at the boy and turned back to his desk. He reached over to the polished black phone, pressing a button on the phone's pad as he lifted the receiver to his ear.

A ringing filled his ear as he waited for the recipient to pick up. The sound ceased as a heated male, slightly serpentine voice now bellowed into the other end.

"It's about time you got here Namikaze! I did tell you it was urgent, didn't I!?" shouted the voice, making Minato pull the earpiece away from his head slightly as he cringed.

"Yeah, I know, I'm here now aren't I?" he replied in a somewhat placating tone. "Now what's all the commotion about?"

"I have to speak with you immediately! The phones aren't safe; I'm coming to your office!" replied the voice, before abruptly slamming the phone down.

A buzzing emanated from the receiver as Minato replaced it on the hook, an exasperated expression sagging his visage.

"That guy ... he's always so paranoid and melodramatic." he sighed, wheeling his chair back to face his son, who was now making violent howling noises as he marched the fox across the carpeting.

"What are you doing son?" he asked, his passively amused smile back in place.

Naruto looked up from the the little figurine with an expression like he was going to relay the accounts of a grand adventure.

"These villagers were being mean to dis fox and now fox is getting his revenge with his fire-breath!" said Naruto, bouncing his rear off the floor in excited impatience. "The villagers are not nice and the daemon fox needs to teach 'em a lesson!"

Minato frowned slightly. "Well, that's not very nice of the fox either; an eye for and eye leaves the whole world blind."

Naruto tilted his head in mild confusion.

"It means that two wrongs don't make a right." said Minato, patting the boy's head and beaming gently.

At that moment, the door burst open and a man in a white lab coat rushed through. The man was tall and lanky, he had snowy-white skin and jet-black shoulder length hair that hung around his sallow, angular face in straight curtains.

Minato made to get up from his seat when the man darted across the room and grabbed him by the collar.

"MINATO! Is there something you do not understand about the word URGENT!?" the man hissed, glaring daggers into his face.

"Calm down, Orochimaru!" replied Minato, removing the man's hands from his person and standing. "You would call a broken nail urgent so how should I tell when you actually mean it?"

"Minato, this is no time for jesting! We have a serious problem!" said Orochimaru, threading his fingers through is hair aggressively and pacing the length of the room, his face looking stressed and fearful.

"What is the problem?" asked Minato finally, rolling his eyes as he crossed his arms.

"It's Experiment number 754 of the Jinchuuriki project!" he replied, gesturing emphatically as his eyes grew wide and terrified.

Minato's face went serious at once and his arms fell to his sides. "Experiment 754!? What about it? Was it a success!?"

Orochimaru shook his head frantically, his spitting voice cracking slightly. "No, it was a failure, a complete and utter failure! Minato ... we've lost another one!"

Minato stood at rigid attention, his face draining of colour.

"No ..." he whispered.

"Yes!" cried Orochimaru. "You know what they said would happen if our next round of testing did not yield results. They're going to shut us down! They're not going to want evidence of having sullied their hands in this kind of research! They'll kill us!"

His face was panicked and a light sheen of sweat coated his pale skin.

"They aren't going to kill us." said Minato, patronizingly.

"This is the Military we are talking about! There is nothing they won't do and can't get away with!" he said desperately, seeming to cower at the mere thought.

Minato seemed to be slightly shaken and rubbed his forehead pensively. "I told you we should not have gone through with live human trials yet ..."

Orochimaru turned indignantly towards him, speaking lividly. "All the research pointed to the fact that it would work, the only problem was that they didn't approve it's testing on younger subjects. The Bijou serum needs to be administered at an early stage so that it can have the maximum effect on the developing brain!"

"That's completely immoral, of-course they didn't approve it! You can't just go around turning children into super-soldiers!" said Minato, all grace leaving his features.

"They would have given us the green light on administering it to younger subjects if you hadn't stepped in and told them that my theory was just a theory and 'held little water'!" yelled Orochimaru, continuing to pace, half furiously, half skittishly, across the room.

"Daddy. Can I have some water?" asked Naruto, who had until now been sitting quietly beside Minato's desk, watching the two men's flagrant display.

"Not now Naruto." he replied patiently, running his fingers through his hair.

Orochimaru seemed startled for a moment as he looked down at the boy, noticing him for the first time.

"Is that your son? What is he doing here?" asked Orochimaru perplexedly.

"The school was closed and I had nobody to take him." he replied, turning to his desk and looking through some papers distractedly.

Orochimaru's eyes widened for a second as the fear seemed to leave his face slightly.

"How old is he?" he asked, tilting his head to examine the boy curiously.

Minato continued searching his desk and drawers for a document. "He just turned six last month."

"I see ..." said Orochimaru, the words forming a slow, ominous hiss as he bent down, using his fingers to pry open the boy's eyes further and peered into them intrusively.

"... he's everything I thought he'd be ..." he mumbled to himself, surveying the boy in-front of him as though he were a cut of particularly prime, lean meat.

Minato turned back to Orochimaru, registering the look on his face and guessing what Orochimaru was planning.

"Don't even think about using my son for the experiment!" he roared, pulling Orochimaru away from Naruto by the back of his coat.

The raven fought free from the blond's grip and turned to him angrily. "It's the only way Minato! He'll be killed anyway when they find out! Along with you and your wife!"

"No, I'll never let you use my son!" he said, placing himself in-front of the boy.

"Then you leave me no choice ..." hissed Orochimaru, dangerously.

He made a quick movement towards his pocket and extracted a syringe filled with a clear liquid.

He brought the syringe down on the man's neck as Minato put up his arms as a shield. It was too late; Orochimaru's hand passed between his arms before they closed together and plunged the sharp needle into his jugular.

Orochimaru pressed hard, down on the plunger and injected the concoction into Minato's blood-stream.

"Daddy!" cried Naruto, his eyes watering as Orochimaru backed away, leaving the needle where he punctured the skin.

Minato stumbled into his desk, blood pitter-pattering onto the polished wood surface as the syringe quivering gruesomely out of his neck, and collapsed over it.

"Naruto ..." said his father weakly, turning his head to face the boy, his visage drawing paler by the second. "... Run Naruto, get out of here ..."

"DADDY!" yelled Naruto, rushing towards his father.

"I don't think so." said Orochimaru amusedly, grabbing the boy around the waist and stowing him under one arm.

Naruto began flailing and screaming loudly, but the man's cold, thin grip was deceptively tight.

"DADDY!! DADDY!!!" he shrieked, struggling desperately in the direction of his father, his legs kicking uselessly above the ground as Orochimaru carried him towards the door.

"Your daddy can't help you now boy ..." he said, exiting the office.

Naruto got one last fleeting glimpse of his father, doubled over his own desk, his eyes fading into unconsciousness, before the massive door slammed closed behind them.

"Let me go! I want my daddy!!!" bellowed Naruto, punching every part of the man's back he could reach.

"Calm down you insolent little brat!" he hissed, carrying the blond boy through several hallways.

"NO, NO! I want my daddy!" Naruto shouted again, giving Orochimaru a particularly hard elbow to the kidney.

The raven's face twitched slightly in pain, but he continued his march down the corridors. "You should feel lucky you pestilent little whelp! You're going to be the first successful Jinchuuriki, a marvel of human ingenuity. You'll be just like your favourite super hero."

"I don't wanna! I just want my daddy!" cried Naruto, tears spilling down his face.

"Well that's not your decision!" said Orochimaru.

They stopped at an imposing looking heavy metal door at the end of a hallway. Orochimaru took his identification card from his pocket and popped it into the slot beside the entrance. It buzzed loudly as the door slid open and he stepped though, Naruto still screaming and flailing under his arm.

The room was large and sterile looking with a high roof. Lining the walls was a vast array of machines and devices for surgical procedures and biological testing. The wall across the room had a shining silvery table with three inlayed glass containers filled with a sickly green fluid and complicated looking brass metal piping protruding out. Along another wall stood a large wooden desk with several monitors flicking through what seemed to be many live camera feeds from throughout the building. The room was fairly dark and gloomy, the security displays casting long lines of eerie luminescence over the lurid dispensary.

Orochimaru strode into the lab, Naruto struggling to get free from his unyielding clutch. He approached a large steal examination table with thick, black, polyester restraints in the centre of the room and deposited the small boy onto it.

Naruto sat up and tried to make a bid for freedom but Orochimaru's forearm caught him in the chest and shoved him back down, knocking the wind out of him as his head bounced off the hard slab.

"I want my daddy!" Naruto shrieked again, struggling feudally.

"Yes, yes, I know." he replied, adjusting the buckles for the boy's smaller stature and strapping him down.

After he had finished chastising Naruto's arms and legs, Orochimaru made his way to one of the chrome desks, on which stood a tray with a various medical equipment.

He let his ghostly fingers trail lazily over several utensils and instruments before stopping on a considerably large hypodermic needle. The needle was made mostly of metal with two large hoops on either side of the clean glass syringe for fingers.

He lifted the hypodermic from it's dish and carried it over to the table with the large containers of green liquid. Placing the needle in a small receptacle on the side, the syringe filled with the emerald serum as Orochimaru smiled sinisterly through the murky fluid at Naruto, who was still fighting his binds and sniffing noisily.

"Let me go!" shouted Naruto, trying to look stubborn as the tears continued to streak down his face.

"Now, now. Just take your injection like a big boy." he replied banefully, removing the needle as it finished filling and bringing the tip in front of his eye.

Orochimaru squirted a small amount out and onto the floor to be sure that no air bubbles were trapped within and approached the table.

There was a ominously menacing look on his face as he drew nearer, the needle held upright in his hand, and Naruto pulled himself as far away from him as his restraints would let him, no longer crying but trembling in fear.

There was an abrupt shrieking alarm behind them that echoed and reverberated off the cavernous walls, making Orochimaru stop in his tracks and turn rapidly to towards the monitors on the wooden desk.

"What now!?" he squawked, his eyes narrowing.

Faded lines streaked down the old cathode ray screen as he saw several men in camouflage uniforms storm the door at the front of the building.

Orochimaru's pale sallow skin seemed to draw even paler.

"Damn! I have to do this quickly!" he said, pressing a button near one of the monitors so that the shrieking alarm dimmed to a whining tone.

"The effects with a younger subject should be far more accelerated; results should be evident almost immediately. They'll have to recognize that my research is valid!" he said, trying madly to convince himself.

Orochimaru rushed back to the table and Naruto tried again in vain to get away from him.

"It's useless boy!" he said, prepping his arm for injection.

"NO! Please! I don't wanna!" yelled Naruto, new tears pouring down his face as he tried furiously to pull his arm from the strap holding it down.

"You're going to feel a small prick ..." said Orochimaru in a voice of forced calm as he tried to restrict the boys movements and place the needle, poised above his flexing skin. "... Then a tremendous amount of pain!"

Orochimaru jabbed the tip of the hypodermic needle deep into his flesh and drove down on the syringe.

Naruto shouted and struggled wildly against his braces as every last drop of the serum was injected into him.

Orochimaru ripped out the needle and stepped back, watching his new subject avidly like a toddler igniting ants with a magnifying glass for the first time, a sadistic smile playing across his features.

Naruto began to convulse and shake violently as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His buckles stretched, his back arching off the table as he screamed louder than he had ever creamed before, an ear splitting screech that filled the room with the excruciating pain now burning it's way across Naruto's entire form. His body bounced up and down on the thick slab, shaking his head back and forth as he let out guttural screams of torture.

The frenzied reaction lasted for about thirty seconds before he stopped suddenly, his stiff twisting body going slowly limp and dropping to the cold steal table beneath him.

Orochimaru's pleased expression quickly soured.

"No! That's not right! It should have worked!" he said frantically, running back towards the examination table and bringing his fists together to hammer several times on the boy's chest.

Naruto's sagging form bounced feebly with each strike.

"Wake up damn you!" he said, continuing to pound his hands into the boy's rib-cage. "Wake up you fucking brat! You are not going to ruin me!"

At that moment, the door behind him slid open and ten heavily armed soldiers clad in thick dark camouflage entered the room, their fasces obscured by bulky helmets with visors and their large rifles pointed directly at Orochimaru.

"Step back from the boy!" shouted one of the soldiers as they closed in on him.

"I said wake up damn you!!" shouted Orochimaru again, beating his fist relentlessly into Naruto's upper-body.

The man who had shouted stepped forwards and rammed the butt of his rifle into the base of Orochimaru's skull. His furious face went strangely blank and he fell instantly to the floor in a crumpled heap.

One of the men went back to the door way and shouted into the hall. "General, sir. All clear."

A tall burley man came into view of the doorway and entered the room. He was dressed in a smart green army uniform and his hair was cropped to exact regulations. Pinned to his lapel was several stripes giving evidence to his experience at many assignments, and on each shoulder gleamed three shining stars.

The man looked around to asses the situation.

"Is this ?" he asked, his deep voice full of commanding authority.

"Yes sir, here's his I.D." said one of the soldiers, ripping the tag off the unconcious man's coat lab coat and handing it to the general.

"I see ..." he said, reading over the Identification.

"What's the boy's condition?" he snapped suddenly, looking directly at Naruto, who was still laying completely still on the slab.

One of the men rushed forwards immediately and put two fingers to Naruto's neck to test for a pulse.

He shook his head.

"That's a shame ..." said the general, his deep voice going slightly gruff as he looked away.

"Wait! I feel something!" said the man, his fingers still on the boy's neck. "It's week, but it's getting stronger ... fast!"

Another one of the men stepped forwards to feel Naruto's pulse. "Yeah! I feel it too! It's getting real strong! And his body temperature is-"

Naruto began to twitch suddenly, ever growing tremors rattled through his body as the men stepped back.

"What's wrong with him!?" asked the man to the general's right.

Naruto's eyes flew open to reveal deep crimson slits as he let out a rasping snarl. He sat up and ripped off the restraints as though they were nothing more than mere paper weights, the sharp inch-long black claws now protruding from his fingers gleaming sinisterly in the light spilling over him from the monitors.

"What the hell is that thing!?"

The men began backing away, a few of them raising their rifles. Naruto growled deeply at the back of his throat, and leapt off the table, speeding through the air in a blur to sink his claws through the and straight into the closest man's Kevlar vest. Blood gushed from the wound and spattered Naruto's face as he snarled again, using his feet to ram into the man's stomach and flip backwards onto the examination table.

"KILL IT!" one of the soldiers shouted fearfully.

The men began opening fire with their rifles, spitting bullets in Naruto's direction.

Naruto was gone in a flash, a blond, black and crimson blur skittering across various surfaces in the lab, dodging the bullets that tried to follow him clumsily and sending equipment flying.

"Hold your fire!" boomed the deep voice of the general.

The shooting died down, the blond, black and crimson blur slowed and skidded to a halt in a corner of the room. Naruto's crimson eyes surveyed them wearily as he held a hunched, defencive stance, growling warningly.

"Well ... it seems 's Bijuu formula does work ..." said the general, approaching the feral boy carefully.

"Sir!" said one of the men, warning him to keep his distance.

The general nodded in the man's direction, indication that he knew the danger. He took a few more steps closer and Naruto's growl became slightly louder and his body more tensed.

The general stopped his progression and crouched down so that he was on the same level as Naruto.

"My name is General Saft." he said,smiling kindly.

Naruto's eyes narrowed.

"It's ok son, we're not going to hurt you." said the general encouragingly. "No, no. You're far too valuable to do that ... You're coming with me son ..."


"Remember ..." said the deep rasping voice, echoing as though in a large cave. "You must remember where you came from, what you are ... what your purpose is ..."

"Where am I ... ?" asked Naruto, his consciousness seemingly suspended in a void of nothingness, unable to take on a physical form and experience his senses, the images that had just played out fresh on his mind, where-ever that was ...

"Kit, soon is the time of your awakening! You must stop suppressing it!" said the Kyuubi, anger edging his voice.

"I don't know what you are talking about! That never happened!"

Though, even as he thought it, it felt like that wasn't entirely true ... it had all seemed so real, if he had a body, he was sure he'd be crying.

"Kit, this isn't a choice, you have your orders!"

"No! I don't know what you are talking about! I don't remember that! It makes no sense! Just go away! Go away!"


Naruto's eyes opened slowly and he squinted slightly at the rays of white light pricking through his eye-lids. He rubbed his face and groaned as he sat up, feeling a comforter slide down his bare chest and to his waist-line.

Opening his eyes wider, he found that he was back in his dorm room, the intimate mix of his and Kiba's odours filling his nose and putting his nerves at ease.

He looked around at his familiar surroundings. The afternoon sun poured though the open window as the calm spring wind rustled back the blue, cloth drapes. He glanced over to a corner of the room where the couch that he and Kiba often shared stood, and where his loving boyfriend sat now, flipping through some papers in the black, canvas book-bag at his feet, wearing his usual type of clothing; a pair of torn blue jeans with a band t-shirt, and seeming pleasant about something.

Naruto shifted his weight to the edge of the bed and Kiba looked up at the noise, noticing that he was now awake.

"Oh, sorry Naruto, did I wake you?" he asked, stowing his bag to the side of the couch and getting to his feet. "You looked so adorably peaceful and I just didn't want to wake you."

"No, it's ok." said Naruto, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and noticing that he was completely naked.

He didn't seem to care much at the moment and stretched his arms luxuriously behind his back.

"I was probably snoring anyway ..." yawned Naruto, dropping his arms beside him lazily.

Kiba laughed brightly. "It's part of what made you so cute looking."

Naruto glowered at him and Kiba chuckled again.

"See, Adorable!"

The blond huffed loudly and draped the blanket from his bed around him; Kiba wasn't getting a free show after that.

"Aww, are you sulking?" asked Kiba, walking up behind Naruto as he hobbled over to the dresser and wrapping his arms around the blond's midsection.

Kiba buried his face into the gap between the blanket and the back of Naruto's neck. His nose grazed through Naruto's soft, golden hair and he inhaled the boy's intoxicating sent deeply, smiling contentedly and nuzzling into the gap further. Naruto giggled slightly as he struggled to put on his underwear beneath Kiba's warm embrace.

There was a sharp knocking at the door and Kiba let out an disappointed sigh.

"I'll get it." said Kiba, removing his arms reluctantly from around Naruto's waist as he began to pull on a pair of tight, faded black jeans. Kiba strode towards the door and turned the brass knob.

Framed in the doorway was a tall, lean man with medium length spiky blond hair. The large bags under his eyes made his face look drawn and the ruptured blood-vessels on his nose payed tribute to years of drinking. Though the man's face portrayed him an alcoholic, his clothing painted a different picture. He wore a crisp, black pinstripe suit, complete with a tie and polished black boots, making him look slightly bizarre.

"Umm, hello." said the man, his voice surprisingly smooth. "May I speak with Naruto?"

Kiba raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Who are you?"

The man gave a startlingly charming smile.

"My Name is Minato Namikaze; I'm Naruto's father."

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