The arrival of a Sister

It was the year 1801 and American spy Jack Stiles woke up to the sound of Emilia Rothschild, his English partner, making noise in her lab/his room.

"Aww, come on Em, it's so early." Jack said, putting his head under his pillow.

"Jack, its 2 in the afternoon. You're lucky we have off today." Emilia said, fiddling with one of her new inventions, a device used to send messages.

"Yeah, well I was out all night at the Drunken Pig." Jack said, his head peaking out of the pillow.

"Oh and what were you doing there? Handling the new tavern maid again?" Emilia said in a sarcastic tone.

"No, that was last week. Actually one of Jean-Claude's girlfriends broke his heart so I was trying to raise his spirits." Jack said, getting out of bed to stretch.

"Well anyway, stay in bed all day if you want. No missions today." Emilia said, her nose now in a book.

"Good, I will." Jack said, getting back into bed before Emilia changed her mind.

Just as Jack lay back down, Jean-Claude flew in with a letter in his beak.

"Oh no Jean-Claude, it's too late. Whatever it is it's gonna have to wait till tomorrow or something." Said Jack, annoyed that they had just been assigned a mission at 2 o-clock in the afternoon.

"Actually Jack, this is not an assignment, but a letter for Madame Emilia." Jean-Claude said in his French accent.

"A letter from who?" Emilia asked, taking the letter, as Jean-Claude flew off.
As Emilia opened the letter, Jack quickly got up from bed and being nosey looked over his partner's shoulder. Emilia caught him and moved away to read her letter in privacy.

"Aw, come on Em. Who would send you a letter via Jean-Claude?" Jack asked, getting himself an apple. Only one word came out of Emilia's mouth "Emily."

"Who's Emily? And is she single?" Jack asked with a grin on his face.

"Emily is my younger sister, and like I'd ever let you near her."Emilia told him.

Oh I see what's going on. You're keeping me all for yourself." Jack said, taking a bite of his apple.

Emilia just rolled her eyes at Jack. Then she started to tell Jack about Emily, although to Emilia it was more of a warning. Emily was two years younger than Emilia and although her parents thought she was proper English lady, she was in fact not. Throughout the years growing up Emily had had many boyfriends, even some her parents did not know about. One time when Emily was 15 and Emilia was 17, Emilia had caught Emily sneaking back into her room in the middle of the night. Emily had begged Emilia not to tell and like any sister, she didn't. To Emilia, Emily was trouble.

"So let me get this straight. Emily is the exact opposite of you." Jack said, laughing and having very dirty thoughts at the same time.

"Well, yes I guess you can say that, but if she is coming its because she wants something. And wipe that smile off your face Jack Stiles." Emilia said, going back to her work and wondering exactly what her sister wanted.

Later that day Emilia was waiting by the docks for her sister to arrive. While she was waiting, one of Captain Brogard's soldiers were making trouble when all of a sudden the Daring Dragoon or Jack, sprung into action. To the towns people this was entertainment, because they knew that the Dragoon always won. However, to Emilia this was an annoyance. She was glad that Jack was trying to help, but did it have to be on the day that Emily was suppose to arrive.